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Obama: “Wrongheaded” Americans Must Trust Government More

President Obama today said Americans had developed the “wrongheaded” view that Washington won’t look out for them, a fallacy he said was stoked by conservatives and their philosophy that says people are “on their own.”

Obama spoke at a fundraiser for congressional Democrats in La Jolla, California:

And part of what contributes to that is the sense that nobody in Washington cares about them; or what people in Washington care about is their own jobs, their own positions, their own perks, squabbling between the two parties.

And so not only have we seen in Congress, in particular, over the last three to four years an utter failure to address the concerns of ordinary middle-class families, but that reinforces, then, people’s sense that there’s no point in us getting involved at all, and increases apathy or a lack of confidence in our government . . .

The truth of the matter is, is that the reason that we have not seen Washington address the core concerns of too many working families around the country is that you have a party that has been captive to an ideology, to a theory of economics, that says those folks, they’re on their own and government doesn’t have an appropriate role to play.

And our goal and our task in this midterm has to be to break that grip, that particular view, that particular wrongheaded vision this country has so that we can get back to the business of investing in the American people and investing in America’s future.

Yes, Americans have been tricked by wily Republicans into thinking their government hates them. Stupid Americans. We’ve got to reprogram them so they will accept more federal spending and help Obama build beautiful piles of debt for our children to pay off.

Obama went on to explain that Democrats don’t vote in midterm elections because they’re busy, while Republicans seem to have time on their hands and can get to the polls.

The Democrats have a congenital disease — we get really excited about presidential elections and then during midterms we fall asleep.

And partly it’s the nature of our voters.  We’re disproportionately young, disproportionately minority, disproportionately working-class.  Folks are busy.  They’ve got a lot of stuff going on.  And so we tend to drop off during midterms.  That’s what happened in 2010.

Yes, Republicans are rich and lazy, having stolen money from poor Democrats, who are scrambling to earn some of it back. It’s just the system we have.

Everyone knows that Republicans vote more in midterms because they’re hiring Democrats to drive them to the polling stations. And the Democrats are being forced to keep the engine running so the Republicans stay warm, and so they don’t get to go vote too.

How could Obama have missed this?

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  1. I guess he leaves the Koch Bros. rants to Harry.

    “The Democrats have a congenital disease … ” I hope it’s fatal during the mid-terms.

  2. I thought the Dems, being made up of so many nonwhites, didn’t vote because the conservatives attackef their right to vote (ad many times as they want) by pushing voter ID.

  3. Adolf Hitler went around Germany insisting he was building up the country for the German people, while what he was actually building was his wicked war machine.

    He too was ‘investing’ in the German Volk, and in their future – in his mangled head, of course.

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  5. I loathe that Kenyan imposter. It will take a long time to recover, if ever, from his disastrous reign of despair.

  6. My ex husband left me and my 5 year old daughter in 1977, and went to work for the NSA, and never came back. And when prosecutors tried to garnish is Federal wages, the NSA told them to take a hike. NSA swindled me out of 12 years of child suport, and when I complained, FBI came over and told me to shut up about it. And the White House knows about it. I wouldn’t trust the government to walk my dog.

  7. It’s hard to believe that the POTUS talks like that to his supporters who by definition of a wealthy donor should be intelligent, educated and somewhat savvy about current events.
    He lies to them, spins a story of young people, minorities and people with jobs being too busy doing “stuff” (whatever that means) to cast a vote on a certain day.
    What the sam-hill is wrong with him, has he slipped into some other-world of reality?

    1. Wow ! We are being hit with a daily exposure of the madness living in this twisted man’s brain. Does anyone doubt ubama is working with less-than a full deck? Yes srdem, ubama is far from the reality of our exceptional country… What can you expect from a “pot head” racist who NEVER worked a real job? A poster child of what smoking dope will do to you. ( to put it nicely :)

  8. So Obama peddles the old, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” meme. Tell that to the families who lost their loved ones in Benghazi.

    1. Re Bengazi, abc ‘news’ mentioned the committee to investigate. Quote by pelousi “I’ve heard from these families & they just want to move on & not bring this back up.”
      Really? Who? When? Why?

      1. The family members we’ve all heard interviewed on TV are demanding a full investigation. Pelosi is doing what she does best–lying.

  9. ” Bigger government is the solution, bigger government is the problem.”
    President Ronald Reagan.
    Using my memory, not Google, hope I quoted him correctly.

  10. The man never tires of Himself and never tires of shifting the blame and declaring that whoever or whatever is in disagreement with his never ending words, lofty utopian goals, etc. is wrongheaded.

    Good god Man — why not just shoot us and be done without it.

    Oh yeah, anti gun. Oh well, too bad for you. Guess you’re stuck with us.

    1. He’s really not anti-gun, he’s just anti you having a gun. The government can have all the guns and ammo it wants. This way, he thinks, that when it is time the American people can’t shoot back.

      I really wonder if he truly believes that the American military will attack its own citizens at the orders of this man.

      1. No one discusses on the MSM why billions of trickets are being stored.
        If they were storing billions of Twinkies the MSM would be all over that curious bit of news.

      2. You’re on it there wrt to anti gun. There are so many things he is against us having…like freedom.

        To your second point, I still look for the catalyst event that will spark something irreversible. There is a lot of pressure on the world economy right now: Venezuela, Argentina, Africa et al, South China Sea and even here in the major cities. He has sponsored so much vitriol and division, it might be only a matter of time before the “true believers” take action.

        If you have the time, The Book Thief is a poignant film out on Redbox.

  11. THE biggest liar the nation has EVER known and after he has covered up everything in his life….he wants us to “trust the government”…..has now become the most deluded man in the world!!!

  12. “Folks…..stuff….folks, folks folks….stuff. stuff, stuff….”
    I wish this silver-tongued, smartest man in the room, great orator would stick his folks and stuff where the sun don’t shine.

  13. Oh yeah. Government is going to “watch our backs” as Barry likes to say?
    Is that kind of like the way Barry and that demon seed Hillary watched the backs of the 4 Americans killed in Benghazi?
    If it’s all the same to him, I’d rather watch my own back, thanks very much.

  14. So that’s why those people who founded our county came – so they could find a government who would really take care of them? They were tired of having to find their own way to express themselves religiously and needed a state church for a change? They were tired of working for themselves and forging a new life for their families and wanted to know they could just show up and collect a paycheck? They couldn’t stand thinking for themselves and hoped that someone would look out for them?

  15. Dump the Kenyan now. Theodore Roosevelt stated: “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

  16. Distrust of government is what allows America to be America.

    Blind trust of government is what allows tyrants to be tyrants.

  17. utter failure to address the concerns of ordinary middle-class families

    Evidence that this is from the Dems, not the Reps…More businesses folding than being created, people losing health insurance, wasting of money on pretty inexpensive things like birth control that people can get for themselves, endless straw men (women?) about how bad Reps treat women–heck, I heard some ARE women, even middle-class ones. The people in the middle are afraid, have deep dread, can’t sell their houses, can’t move, can’t do anything they could before.

  18. No you two faced moron Obama, it is YOU PERSONALLY that we do not want in our lives! Nothing wrong with the way we feel. Obama is the most lawless resident in US History! The worst of the worst! From his stand on marriage to the illegals! We already have LAWS that cover everything from A to Z in our law books, try following them you worthless pile of monkey $hit!

  19. We have this info last year but good to be reminded and reinforce.
    Many understood what was happening but could not and still can not get legislators to read, listen and learn in order to do the right thing.

  20. Coming from a known muslim islamic that placates islamic causes and jihad against us and the free world, this scumbag Obamamonkey isn’t fit to even stand in front of the public! His lies, abuse of office, coverups and socialist dictates have been in the public eye for years! There are no “wrong headed Americans!” There is a lying traitorous dicktator in the WH that won’t hesitate to sell America down the drain to foreign threats.

  21. He is talking about ideology? He is the most idelogical president in the history of the country. Totally wrong ideology that thinks government is supposed to control everything we do or think. Shades of Marx and Lenin and Hitler.

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  23. Yes, I’m a dead beat Republican working full time and trying to live on what the government leaves me of the pay check I earn after they steal my “fair share” from me and give it to one of their dead beat democratic non-workers to buy their vote. I get to the poles to vote cause I’m not glued to my couch all day watching my flat screen tv I bought with someone elses money.

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  25. He is right in saying “nobody in Washington cares about them; or what people in Washington care about is their own jobs, their own positions, their own perks, squabbling between the two parties.” All I want is to see every person in Washington DC removed from office and replace with a whole new bunch of people that would start remembering why they are there; from the President on down……throw them ALL out!


  27. Obama is so delusional and narcissistic. WE are not wrong headed, Obama is the one with the problems. It is difficult to trust a govt. that NEVER tells the truth yet thinks we are not smart enough to see through his smoke and mirrors. Someone needs to reign him in before he completely destroys the country with his telephone and his pen.

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  29. We should trust them more? Is he seriously thinking? Washington is a cesspool of corruption and everyone is looking out for themselves period. This fellow lies even when the truth might be better, and he thinks we should trust him and his cronies (and I include quite a few republicans in that comment). They need to wall in the whole place, cut off the money, cut off all communication, make all their actions null and void, and make sure none of them escape and then, maybe the rest of us can repair some of the massive damage they have caused while they were all looking out for number 1……………..

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