In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Video || Maggie Thatcher Addresses Income Inequality

One thing I’ve wondered about the new, Obama-generated income inequality obsession: How do we know? Whatever the statistics say, how do people without much money know how many rich people there are? Or whether they’re five percent richer than they used to be? We all see very wealthy people tooling around in sports cars. Maybe we ride by their mansions. Are you or I suddenly going to

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The White House Press Corps poll

Politico recently published its poll of White House reporters. It’s not scientific – not every White House reporter responded. Anyway, here are the fun facts. The average White House reporter is 48 years old, has been on the White House beat for 12 years, and has been a journalist for about 20-30 years. White House reporters don’t consider the briefings particularly useful, but most of them

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How Reagan Handled Scandal

One of the great ironies of the Obama White House is that it’s filled with the very type of zealots Obama and his aides think inhabit the Tea Party. The viciousness with which they attack Republicans – attacks laced with suggestions of racism, misogyny, and so forth – as well as the lies and the dedication to ruling by fiat all suggest an administration populated

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Obama: “Wrongheaded” Americans Must Trust Government More

President Obama today said Americans had developed the “wrongheaded” view that Washington won’t look out for them, a fallacy he said was stoked by conservatives and their philosophy that says people are “on their own.” Obama spoke at a fundraiser for congressional Democrats in La Jolla, California: And part of what contributes to that is the sense that nobody in Washington cares about them; or what

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The Obama Morning News || May 9, 2014

Obama flies solo on immigration . . . The Hill House approves Benghazi panel . . . Washington Times Seven Dems join GOP in vote . . . CNS News IRS giving up Lerner emails . . . Daily Caller Left’s bloggers doing the Obama’s job . . . National Journal New Obamacare court bid focuses or Reid . . . CS Monitor Science blogger: 2014

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