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Why Was this Obama’s First Time in Arkansas?

There seems to be a mystery afoot. Why did President Obama travel to Arkansas for the first time just yesterday?

Beats Jay Carney:

Q    There are folks in Arkansas who are wondering why it took the President so long to come to their state, which he will do this week.  Can you just comment on why it took a long time for President Obama to get there? . . .

MR. CARNEY:  Again, I don’t even know how to respond to that, except to say the President is focused and will be focused when he visits on Wednesday on the families of victims and on the first responders, and on the efforts underway to help Arkansas rebuild.

Well I can help. I know how to respond to that.


Why does everyone dance around things in the briefing room? Both Carney and the reporter who asked the question know damn well why Obama hasn’t been to Arkansas once – and to Ohio about 50 times. But neither will reference the reason.

It took a tornado that killed 16 people, including a baby, for Obama to finally acknowledge that Arkansas is part of the union.

After tornado, Obama puts politics on pause in Arkansas, headlined a New York Times piece on the visit.

Really? I don’t think so.

Arkansas’ sitting Senator, David Pryor, is one of the red-state Democrats up for reelection and endangered this year, and he’s been distancing himself from Obama. But I wonder if Obama really would have stopped in Arkansas for the three hours he did if he thought it would hurt Pryor.

After all, the Times itself notes a recent poll putting Pryor up by ten points over his opponent, GOP Rep. Tom Cotton.

And Pryor, who appeared with Obama, got to play the role of the man who shepherded the president to the state bearing tons of federal aid.

Said the president:

The people of Vilonia and all the other towns devastated by the storm understand there’s a lot of work that remains to be done, but I’m here to remind them that they’re not doing this work alone. Your country’s going to be here for you. We’re going to support you every step of the way.

Politics informs everything Obama does. Because power informs everything he does. Because power is what he needs to achieve his agenda. And his agenda is paramount, because that’s whats going to make life better for everyone in the long run, he believes.

It’s typical lefty reasoning. The ends justify the means. And nothing can interfere.

12 Responses to Why Was this Obama’s First Time in Arkansas?

  1. It’s questions like this that drive us nuts out here in fly-over country. No one expects an honest answer, or one that even hints at the truth, so why bother asking.
    The questioner didn’t expect to get a headline screaming “President hates Arkansas”, or “President uses tragedy to help fellow Dem”.

    Why not ask who’s paying for all the expense incurred by the President, his entourage, and sundry to go to partisan fund-raisers in California?

    • Because the obvious response would be “Well Bush and other Presidents did this too at your expense” .

      I’ve never liked Presidents doing all this fundraising and campaigning . Why not make the President non-political, let his/her VP do the chicken dinner circuit.

      Oh, and one 6 year term. That’s about all they “work” anyhow since the first term is mostly campaigning and fundraising for the second term ;)

  2. Your country’s going to be here for you. We’re going to support you every step of the way.

    Sounds so familiar…don’t tell me…Oh-New Jersey, the other tornado places, just about anyplace that has a disaster…

  3. ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ is a RACIST and he does not like white people in Arkansas.

    -Why can NO ONE in the “WH press corps” figure that out…???

    • Speaking of O not liking Arkansas. Well he should just say he does not like his Country. This is our right, to be a part of the party or none at all as we choose.

  4. As an Arkansan I deeply resent his using my state to attempt to help Mark Pryor who is headed for defeat if persons in my area have their way. Obama and Pryor are both unpopular here.
    Hypocrisy makes me ill. Pryor and Obama personify that trait.

  5. My husband has been saying forever that Obama lies and lies.
    Today after he heard yet another speech by Obama, he changed his
    mind. Now he has decided that Obama is just delusional.

  6. It took a tornado that killed 16 people, including a baby, for Obama to finally acknowledge that Arkansas is part of the union.

    Favor to Hillary

  7. Probably the same reason why Obama has never attended a traditional D-Day Memorial for our troops who lie buried in France. The French pay more respect for the fallen who died freeing them and keeping the Nazi from their agenda of world domination.