As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Friday, May 9, 2014

9:55 am PT || Delivers remarks on energy; Walmart, Mountain View, California
10:45 am PT || Departs California
6:35 pm ET || Arrives White House

16 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, May 9, 2014

    • To get a job at Walmart you have to fill out a job application… (i.e., -place of birth, -education, -drug use, etc.)
      And since ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ has all his records SEALED!/OFF LIMITS! how can he fill out the application truthfully…

      ~Im still curious how does one have ones “records” “SEALED/OFF LIMITS” when you are a public figure/politician… and no one care

  1. He told a Bel-Aire crowd that public opinion was with him…..

    Did he stop off in Colorado for some “help” before he landed in california?

  2. Walmart? oh boy.
    Yes, there is always some discussion going on at the check-out lines at Walmart about energy, fossil fuels and possible alternatives.
    Why just yesterday, a spirited 5-way conversation on the pros and cons of nuclear energy in the world today was enjoyed by the Greeter, a lovely woman with five children under the age of 5 years, the Manager, and two police officers.

  3. From the podium at the UN, to the Rose Garden and ends up at Walmarts. ” Attention shoppers, a blue light special on men’s underwear in aisle 6, everything half off, and over in aisle 10 is president Obama. “

  4. Mountain View is more known for its tech scene (e.g. Google, Mozilla).

    It’s also–cue the X-Files theme!–home to the SETI Institute.

  5. Maybe while he is burning fuel at an amazing rate he can read this little piece and see what DHS, DOJ lets into the country. Maybe Joe Biden, Jeb Bush, Barack Obama can give these guys hiding in the shadows some love. Or at least food stamps. Although I gotta’ admit these guys don’t look like they vote. But they’d give the BL poll watchers a run for their money.

    You know that money and attention given to the tragic situation in Nigeria with the kidnapped schoolgirls? Maybe we could shine a spotlight and spend some money and law enforcement attention on these guys. The way local law enforcement and government agencies are armed to the teeth and all scary looking you think they could do something about this.

    But then I guess the government agencies are too busy looking for those guys in Benghazi who took out an Ambassador and three other Americans. That must be it.

  6. Just left the San Jose airport there 2 weeks ago…same as that teenager who rode on the wheel well to Maui. Bigger man than our cic..pathetic

  7. So we are going to waste ‘energy’ to blither on to a hand picked mini
    gathering at Walmart? And it’s taking all bloody day?!! Seriously this
    is nearly a crime to waste money like this! Not to mention stupid.