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The Obama Morning News || May 8, 2014

Lois Lerner held in contempt of Congress . . . Washington Post
GOP: Strong step toward accountability . . . Newsmax
GOP: 10% of Tea Party donors audited . . . Washington Times
Gowdy gets Benghazi death threat . . . Newsmax
Pelosi leans toward some kind of boycott . . . Politico
Cruz lists Obama’s 76 lawless actions . . . Newsmax
Report: Obama not aiding persecuted Christians . . . Fox News
Companies may dump sickest on Obamacare . . . Daily Caller
Obama may never get an immigration bill . . . Politico
Michelle tweets for Nigerian girls . . . Washington Times
Obama: Senate must stay Democratic. . . Associated Press
EPA official viewed porn six hours a day . . . Washington Times

19 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 8, 2014

  1. There are two headlines I’d like to add if I may. One, Chicago Teachers Union Joins Opposition to Common Core, and two, Hillary Dropped Ball on Nigerian Girl Kidnappers. The first one is self-explanatory, but the explanation of the second one is that Hillary Clinton’s State Department repeatedly (I repeat, repeatedly) declined to go after Boko Haram and refused to call it a terrorist organization. She is doing so now in hindsight.

    • I wonder what Susan Rice’s position is on this as well — she seems to have an affinity for African dictators. It’s possible her thinking on BH is that they are rather benign.

      • The FBI, the CIA, many Senators and Reps, and I think the Justice Department encouraged her to place Boko Haram on the terrorist list. Kerry finally did when he took over the State Department in 2013. The story is from the Daily Beast, but you can get it from Truth Revolt and elsewhere.

          • Am I mistaken? I thought the Daily Beast was a liberal outlet. It made me think that there must be many Democrats who don’t want to see a vindictive Billary come back to power. I saw something about an MSNBC young black female host who appeared on Morning Joe and said that if you cross the Clintons, a trap door opens in the floor under your feet.

          • Did you happen to read the Tina Brown “Dear Hillary” letter? She is pleading with Shrillary not to run. Very revealing.
            Personally, I don’t think she has any intention of running. It’s gluttony. She is stuffing the Bill, Hillary, Chelsea Foundation with retirement cash. They really are despicable people.

  2. Obama not Aiding persecuted Christians:

    The number of Christians in the Middle East has plunged to just 10 percent of the overall population from more than 25 percent in 2011.
    I certainly hope most of the decline is due to Christians getting the h*ll out of Dodge. I fear that is not the case.

  3. Is it true–right after Gowdy said no fundraising based on Benghazi, the National Rep Congressional Cmte did just that? I did wonder had Obama whined about the mean, Benghazi-obsessed Republicans at his fundraisers in LA–but strangely no one on MoJoe raised this.