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Video || Insurers: The Website’s Not Fixed

The White House has been indicating that is basically fixed. But is it possible that we’d get inaccurate information out of the White House. The People’s House?

Well, as readers of this website know, the answer is . . . all the time!

I’ve already let you know about’s continuing woes. The payment system is all screwed up, among other things.

I recently spoke with a source who used to run teams of IT geeks. This person told me these issues on the “back end”¬†are almost impossible to fix, remarking that officials are probably at this point manually – that’s right, one at a time – performing functions.

It’s the insurers – looking to get paid, to figure out who signed up, and so forth – who have to deal with these continuing issues. And here they are at a congressional hearing today, acknowledging, sheepishly, since they don’t want to anger their masters in the federal government, that the website is NOT FIXED.

10 Responses to Video || Insurers: The Website’s Not Fixed

  1. Had to sign a form at doctors office today acknowledging that I understand they will not accept all Obama Care plans and I would be responsible for any services or treatment not covered.

  2. The way it was explained to me by my betters (real IT geeks), it’s like you took your Mercedes to the VW dealer to be fixed, he called in the GM mechanics, they used a fixer-upper manual for Mack trucks, and ordered parts meant for a Jaguar.from an after-market supplier in Sri Lanka.

  3. Come on..what do these guys know?

    If Obama says the website is fixed, then it’s fixed, by golly.

    Well, maybe a couple of minor glitches, but nobody’s perfect.