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Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 8, 2014

9:30 am || Participates in a DNC fundraiser; The Beverly Hilton
11:10 am || Departs Los Angeles
11:50 am || Arrives San Diego
1:15 pm || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser for congressional Democrats; private residence
2:30 pm || Departs San Diego
3:50 pm || Arrives San Jose
4:15 pm || Participates in a DNC fundraiser; private residence
6:30 pm || Speaks at a DNC fundraiser; Fairmont San Jose

All times Pacific

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  1. (re-posting this ‘update’ from downthread)


    Went outside @ 3:30 to set up table, chairs and posters to greet Obama upon his arrival to our fair city.
    Instead, I was greeted with yellow crime tape stretched across my driveway, dozens of LAPD officers patroling the deserted street, police squad cars everywhere, and sharpshooters on rooftops.

    I was immediately accosted by several police officers and questioned about my poster – YOU LIED! FOUR BRAVE AMERICANS DIED.
    i had to go back inside the house to get ID to show the officers. Thought I was going to be arrested! Instead, I was told to take my poster to a designated ‘protester area’ which is several blocks away, far from Obama’s route. I decided against it – why bother. Obama won’t see it.

    It is now 5:35 and the motorcade is expected momentarily. Unfortunately, the yellow crime tape won’t be removed until 11:00 p.m. Hubby is going to have to park his car several blocks away and walk home, along with all the other residents in the area. We are all captives.
    The postman was not even allowed to drive his vehicle through the neighborhood today! No mail!
    This is the first time the homes on my block have been sealed with yellow tape. Normally, there are barriers at the corner and residents have to show ID to pass through. This is a quiet residential area, which makes it even more bizarre. Methinks there must be serious threats against the Prez.
    Will give it another try tomorrow when Obama is on his way out of the city

    • One would think you could do anything you want on your property — i.e., protest. What law says you need to use a “designated protester area”? Obummer and his buds (law enforcement officers, in this case) are out of control.

    • Thanks for the update. It’s good to have the word from one of our own. I don’t know about unprecedented because I’ve heard or read similar stories before, but it certainly is fascist. The whole country supposed to be a free speech zone!

    • Good try. Who woulda’ thunk you can’t hold a sign in on your own property? I am wondering if you could have stood in your yard or within the confines of your property lines and given a big thumbs down? Ok, a cross armed stance with a scowl? Go outside?

      That said, could you leave your home between 5 and whenever the event was over and the city streets were returned to use by the commoners?

    • Curious to know if the pro Obama sign holders and well wishers had to show ID. I mean, not every one has ID in the United States. That’s why we can’t ask for it when we vote. Because it is so hard to get. ID.

      I wonder if they would have arrested you if you did not have ID.

      The rules for the new police state are also so poorly declared.

      • I doubt they could have arrested me if I didn’t have ID, gracepmc.
        I think they were just overly zealous in their duty to protect Obama from ‘right wing extremists’, lol. Probably a little paranoid, also.

    • I just read your post to my husband. We are both Libertarian & he was pissed! Me too. How wrong is it to protest on your own property? Designated protester areas? Like on Bundy’s situation in Nevada. Giving ID is not so bad, but this is your home, you have rights to your opinion. You can display your opinions. Our rights have been taken away. Obott has fear & uses his position to stifle our constitutional rights.

    • Girly thank for the update.
      As Just-saying mentioned: What law says you need to use a “designated protester aea”?
      I thought I could walk around all day with a sign on my own property if I wanted to.
      Girly sorry your husband and neighbors had to walk home.
      You would think that the mailman could have run his mail. Remember: Through rain, snow, cold, heat, etc the mailman always delivers.

    • How cool is that, a Prezzy motorcade passing your house !

      I think those signs just make Obama grumpy so I’m sure the “no signs” order has gone out through his minions. I would have flung dog poo at his car ;) Not really, BO’s not worth going to jail for.

      As far as threats go, I asked my son (he’s privvy to this) just how serious they were since Obama is either the most threatened President ever, or the most paranoid. He told me, same as GWB. So there ya go !

  2. All Democrat fundraising. Are the Dems paying for the use of AF1 and all the accompanying expenses for these flights?

    • So they tried to force you into a “1st Amendment Area”.
      Dirty rotten b#&+@$*s. Under this regime America will become a “Constitution Free Area.
      At least you tried Girly1, love your spirit and moxie.
      You’ll get ’em next time.

      • Hindsight is always 20/20, CiscoKid. I should have made an “I LOVE OBAMA” poster to place on top of my other posters…and then switched them as the motorcade raced by.
        Next time!

        • LOL
          Make sure you have a friend or relative with those google glasses on filming the event. That way if they give you a hard time for switching the posters, you will have on film.

        • ha.. yes, a “love” poster would have drawn less attention! We do appreciate your efforts and the updates. Of course, now that they know your leanings, and have seen your ID, and know where you live… well, you have led them right to us! bwahh haahh haahh…. Attn NSA, we mean no harm here. We are a peaceful people….. Go bother someone else!

      • I used to live in the LA area. 28 year ago the traffic into the city was at a standstill from 7-9 am. It would take me 2 hours to go 20 miles. I don’t want to think of the horrors he causes with his presence

    • Other way around–DC is three hours AHEAD of California, so 9:30 on the Left Coast is 12:30 PM in DC.

      That said, since it’s an overnight, that is an awfully early-up for the guy, time change or not. Doing his, you know, job, can wait until mid-morning. But tell him he’s got a morning fundraiser, and he’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed before the sun comes up.


  3. OT. I have a feeling that things are not going to go well in the attempt to rescue those Nigerian school girls. Either for them for for us. Not what I would like to see, but these guys are pretty brutal and don’t care about the US and the “awesome” world community. Syria, Libya, Iran and Ukraine –lessons learned.

    • If those poor wretched girls are ever recovered, I’ll be very surprised. The only good thing about the situation is the world-wide outcry, which may open a few more eyes to the reality of the “religion of peace”.

      • I really wish that were true, but in the land of the leftists, none of these events are ever related. All of them are chalked up to a few radicals and the vast majority are “peaceful” souls.