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Video || Al Sharpton vs. his Teleprompter

Our favorite Obama shill sometimes has trouble getting the message out.

H/T Washington Free Beacon, which happily has labeled this “Volume One.”

14 Responses to Video || Al Sharpton vs. his Teleprompter

  1. Shame on you, picking on this poor guy because of his colorful speech.

    Careful, you might get a brawley started. Who’d tawana do that?

  2. Poor Al “Rev of No Church” Sharpton; the 21st century’s answer to whatever happened to Leo Gorcey, out there for all 500 viewers to see.

  3. OMG! Swore I would never watch this cretin under any circumstances. Just violated by own oath, lol. It’s not the teleprompter – the bulbous-headed race baiter CAN’T READ!
    Oh well, at least we don’t have to worry about him running for President, or do we?

  4. While I am not a neurologist, I do have some familiarity with neurological problems, and it sounds as if the Reverend may have some neurological problems beyond being a liberal shill.

    The speech problems may indicate some kind of damage to varied parts of the brain. Granted there is already damage due to liberalism, but I am speaking more of a localized damage to the left frontal lobe or the left temporal lobe, leading to varied forms of aphasia.

    Perhaps the good Reverend needs to go in for a PET scan, and see what parts of his brain have been damaged, and then retire for treatment.

    • You are way too kind to the Rev of No Church’s mauling of the written word.
      IMO, as an urban eubonic speaker for most of his life, the transition to speaking words he’s never come across or used before has him befuddled. The events in Latvia, or the effects of sequestration are probably not discussed in social salons in Harlem, so he speaks the language or patois of “his” people.

      • Out in Los Angeles, Tim Conway, Jr. (son of Tim Conway of the Carol Burnett show) has what he calls the longest running radio game show: “What the he** did Jesse Jackson say?” — where he plays a clip and callers attempt to translate.

        Maybe there’s room for a spinoff for “you cannot call me Al”.

  5. My favorite was Chipfillay.

    I don’t think any of us learned anything we didn’t already know. But, as I am in the privacy of my home office. I laughed my head off at a lot of them. Now who is that new Supreme Court Justice? Soto who?