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The Obama Morning News || May 6, 2014

Gowdy: Benghazi hearings will be fair . . . Newsmax
Boehner was frustrated with WH, process . . . Examiner
Panel to be given strongest power possible . . . Examiner
Probe a risk for both Dems and GOP . . . The Hill
Paul says to subpoena Hillary . . . Newsmax
White House to unveil dire climate warning . . . Reuters
Podesta: Congress can’t stop Obama climate plan . . . Fox News
Massachusetts scraps Romneycare . . . Politico
Poll: Obamacare disapproval at all-time high . . . Newsmax
Benefit managers: ACA will raise costs . . . The Hill
American Legion: Shinseki should resign . . . Stars and Stripes
Santorum dismisses Paul’s prospects . . . Daily Caller
Stop Hillary PAC raises $5 million . . . National Journal

19 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 6, 2014

    • No, but I had FBN on this morning and the reporter was using words like “urgent”. By noon it should be a national emergency. Perhaps by 3pm the National Guard will be put on alert for “deniers”.

    • Lee, I think this is Obama’s latest (I won’t say last) attempt to change the national discussion before the November elections. But I think if the Democrats think this will save them, they’re sadly mistaken. Can a President whom very few people think tells the truth make the American public believe that this is the most urgent and pressing issue they are facing? I doubt it. He doesn’t have the bully pulpit or (as many like to put it) the mojo anymore.

  1. Best news on the investigation is that Gowdy wants each and every COMPLETE document. No more edits or redactions, no blacked out words or sentences. Excellent start.

      • Yes, the government really knows how to destroy hard drives, but in the case of Obama, I think his apparatchiks know the lesson of Watergate and kept him away from anything which would bear his “fingerprints” of any kind. Plausible deniability is his modus operandi.

        On the other hand, in this case I think you could get him on dereliction of duty if his munchkins take full responsibility.

          • Well, I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember the Watergate hearings (I am), but that’s how they started, small fry first. I’m sure good prosecutor that he is, Gowdy will do this: build the case from the ground up.

    • I just want Gowdy to ask a few simple questions:

      1) How did Susan Rice, UN Amb (who NO ONE ever heard of) was on the talks shows ‘explaining’ what happened in Bengazhi?

      2) What was “Pres.” Obama’s schedule the night of Sept. 11? -the Secret Service has a minute-by-minute log/reports of where Obama goes (even in the White House) Where are the logs of the White House situation room…?

      3) Where was Sec.State Clinton the night of Sept. 11? Where are the logs of the State Dept. Situation Room…?

      4) What was going on at the Pentagon during this time-frame? What US Military assests where in the region: N. Africa? (6th Fleet ships & aircraft?, USAF aircraft in Europe?, Special Operations forces…?)

  2. Kerry is apparently telling Issa that he’s not going to appear before the Oversight Committee.

    They need to send the Sergeant At Arms over to Foggy Bottom and frog-march him all the way down Constitution Avenue.

    • John “ask me anything about Benghazi” Kerry? That John Kerry?

      I believe that was to his friends John McCain and Lindsey Graham before they approved his nomination.

  3. Santorum dismisses Rand Paul’s Chances:

    Rick Santorum is a little twit! Appearing on CROSSFIRE, he disses Rand Paul in an exchange with VAN JONES !
    “….the Republican Party is not a libertarian party” – suggesting few GOP voters would be swayed by Paul’s small government message.

    Rand Paul happens to be a top contender, Mr. Santorum. Self-rightous bigots do not have a place in politics! Just go away!

    • Rick Santorum is an example of the kind of candidate Reince Priebus wants to avoid next time. Remember all the sniping during the Republican primary debates? It’s utterly destructive.

  4. Kerry back from his tour Monday of Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Angola after delivering “tough messages” i.e., travel and financial sanctions against the bad guys. In Ethiopia, the bad guys are the Christians. I am sure Boko Harem will now be forced to cancel travel plans to Disneyland. They must be exhausted after their trip errr…incursion into Kenya to kidnap several hundred girls. Kerry was there to promote democracy, so they’re saying. Now that he’s had a couple of days to rest up, I am sure he’ll welcome a subpoena and democracy at home.

    • A little late, but I want to praise your comment on the climate issue last night.

      I was just thinking of “democracy’ and how it can quickly pass into totalitarianism. Weimar. I can’t get excited about that word anymore and think if we just aimed to restore “republic”, we’d all be better off.

      • Thank you for the praise. I had fun with the Weather Interruptus mini series.
        The State Dept. has already issued a “no” he won’t testify statement. Couldn’t agree more about the use of ‘republic’ but it won’t happen – it rings too close the evil ‘republican’ word.