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Obama Enlists Weather Forecasters to do His Global Warming PR

Today, President Obama is using the most journalistically challenged faction of the profession, weather dudes and gals, to hype the new White House report asserting that climate change is going to smite humankind – and other kinds – unless we radically cut back on emissions.

Note the excitement this morning among the weather idiots, who could barely contain themselves.

From NewsBusters:

Will any of these awe-struck characters ask President Obama why the earth hasn’t warmed in 15 years? Or about this, from the White House report:


Oh really?

The most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the banner organization of the global warming crowd, is alarmist about temperature but acknowledges there is little evidence that global warming has caused an increase in other types of severe weather events. Or that such events are even increasing.

That’s right, you can enjoy your next hurricane guilt-free.

But there’s a lot of evidence the White House wants to use gullible journalists to build its case for unilaterally, by executive action, regulating emissions and raising the cost to the middle class¬†Obama supposedly adores of just about everything.

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    • Thanks for the link.
      I live down south. We had the coldest and longest winter since I was a child. I have not bought a coat in decades. This past winter I had to dress in layers for the first time in my life.
      We had snow twice in one year 4 to 5 years ago, and we built a snowman 5 ft tall. So proud.
      Before that I snow 1 quarter of an inch in the 80’s and same amount when I was a child.

    • Janice Dean was right on, down to the fear mongering. Funny she noted her invite must have been lost in the mail or something to that effect.

    • Thanks, pianogirl, for the link. It was excellent and did you notice the title, “Climate Change Hot Air”?

      I wonder if the younger generation is more susceptible to the propaganda. There have been extremes of weather and weather catastrophes all my life and in the 1930s one of worst droughts in history right here in America.

      It’s not just politically profitable (the liberals think) but there’s big bucks in that issue for someone. Think of how wealthy Al Gore has become when really he’s just a snake oil salesman, or think of the corporations which have hit pay dirt and will continue to do so. And of course the bureaucracy.

  1. It genuinely, really is propaganda. The WH issues the policy proclamation. The media, brooking no opposition, delivers it straight up to the media.

    I heard a bit of it in the dentist office, via CNN. Pure on script with a little “drama” delivery based on the individual weather wonk.

    You know it’s happening, the propaganda. But not until they brought the weather into service and took it to this level — responding like little lapdogs on the day — that it is so painfully obvious, and embarrassing and frightening.

  2. Looking at historical charts and records, isn’t Climate Change cyclic ? I’m not sure I’m convinced of the doom and gloom gang and their need for constant funding.

    There’s more damage and deaths from bad storms because we are a more populated world now. Too many people live too close to the beaches, rivers and tidal waters. Neighborhoods have been growing in Tornado Alley for a century. 24/7 news channels just give them something to talk about …. like snow in Chicago in the winter ! Stay tuned !

    • I agree. However years ago same amount of people live near the beaches, lakes etc.
      The difference back than people had cheaper homes. Well made, etc. but basic. By the lakes people built camps sitting high above the water. The could be rebulit very easy, and the interior had basics, not all the extravgant things people had today.

      • LOL.

        Our part of the state is at sea level so very prone to flooding and storm surges. Over the years, forests have been clean cut to build homes, now the flooding is getting worse in a lot of those neighborhoods. Funny those areas never flooded when trees were there. So heavy storms “seem” heavier now, OMG FLOODED STREETS !

  3. Obama, like a evil Pied Piper of Hamlin plays a tune and the lemmings scurry to be first in line to jump of the cliff.

  4. Obama has given them a ‘wet dream’ to pander. These are same “folks” you know, who rush into tornado alley almost gleefully to do a body and injury count and almost seem disappointed if there’s not enough damage to life and property. The entire ‘Lot of them biblically speaking, sit around and wait for the next Sodom and Gomorrah to report. It’s not really about the ‘climate’ it’s more about the ‘climax’ for these clowns as they screw around.

  5. Few of the weather readers are actual forecasters, let alone degreed meteorologists. Most assuredly not the leader of the Obama sheeple, Al Roker. He knows as much as I do. All he does is go on the air and read what he’s read from a national weather website. How can he, and all the others like him, be taken in any other way than a total joke when the WH asks them to spew forth this climate rot?

    End of rant.

    • Check piano girl’s link to the janice dean interview if you haven’t already. It’s short. And she is sane. And knowledgeable.

  6. I blame the whole global warming stuff on all of the illegal aliens from Mexico sneaking into the US. They added all that extra weight on our landscape and probably sank our elevation a few feet causing a rise in temperature. Not only that, they brought those hot peppers with them that they love so much, and they’re hot, hot.

    If we get any more illegals moving here, the whole of the US will be like Death Valley; below sea level and it’s really hot there. Who knows what will happen to California with all those illegals, it’s liable to break off the mainland and sink into the Pacific.
    IMO, anyway.

  7. IMHO, it would be a lot more beneficial to say to Americans: “Look folks, climate change is real. Here is the scientifically predicted outcome….sea levels rising, draughts in these areas, more intense tornadoes in this belt, etc. In order to mitigate human and property losses, we are implementing the following cautionary rules, if you decide to build, farm or relocate into these outlined zones.”
    Then state what the rules are, with a “you’re on your own” caveat, and let the individual people make their decisions. Case closed.

  8. A guy on TV pointed out the next round of climate change regulations will be all cost and no benefit. China, India and the other industrial countries are not doing anything about it. The regulations make the USA just that much more uncompetitive.

  9. I’m reading a book on exploration to the North Pole right now. The author keeps mentioning global warming and how the North Pole will be free of ice, experts predict, by 2013.

    Uh huh.