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McCain: Carney has “Destroyed his Own Reputation”

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Monday night that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has “destroyed his own reputation” with the fatuous claim that the White House email prepping Susan Rice for her post-Benghazi appearance on the Sunday talk shows had nothing to do with Benghazi.

McCain seems a little shocked at the behavior of Carney, whom he and everyone else around town knew, as McCain describes it, as a “pretty straightforward journalist.” Also a pretty good one.

What McCain and many others in Washington don’t get is that Carney is a true believer. He has slogged it out as press secretary for three years now because he is devoted to the cause. True belief is difficult for many in Washington understand.

They figure he’s just being crafty, like everyone else. Well, he is crafty, but he also believes.

Carney may may be so drunk on the elixir of Obamaism that he has convinced himself his patently false claim, which would have melted him into tears of laughter when he was a reporter, is the truth.

McCAIN: I have never seen anything like, after nineteen months, the emails concerning their priorities, and the president’s spokesperson saying it had nothing to do with Benghazi. Now that has reached a new point.

VAN SUSTEREN: You’re talking about Press Secretary Jay Carney

McCAIN: I’m talking about Jay Carney. Now Jay Carney, I knew him for years. I knew him as a pretty straightforward journalist. He has destroyed his own reputation by that statement, that what was clearly was the talking points – that had nothing to do but (with) Benghazi – saying it had nothing to do with Benghazi. That, to me, is an all time low for a presidential spokesperson.

66 Responses to McCain: Carney has “Destroyed his Own Reputation”

  1. McCain is has been on the job too long. He gives the benefit of the doubt to everyone as long as they aren’t conservatives.
    Term LIMITS for all politicians! 2 Terms Max for Senate. Get these career politicians out.

    • Only a true left wing apparatchik could call McCain a “conservative,” McCain is a classic liberal RINO Republican.

      McCain has cozied up to far left Democrats like Ted Kennedy and Russ Feingold to try to shove liberal legislation down our throats. McCain repeatedly gives his own constituents the finger by partnering with Obama to legalize 15 million illegal aliens at a time when 21 million AMERICANS are struggling to find enough work to feed their families.

      McCain believes in “reaching across the aisle”, which is liberal code for “giving in” to the Democrats.

      McCain a conservative? *ROFL*

      • Ooops, my bad… said “as long as they are NOT conservatives.” I should read twice before I post. ;)

    • TERM LIMITS!!!
      …for all these Idiots, Liars & Criminals that make up this ‘US Senate’ & ‘US House’.


  2. He’s also involved. Carney, that is. Who was that lawyer whom the WH hired a few weeks ago? He’s probably advising the lot of them.

  3. I respect MCCain for his years past. However he should have stood up and spoke out loudly a long time ago.
    Been there, done that, He of all people should have ranted and raved a long time ago regarding this Benghazi issue.

  4. Of all the nerve, for this fork-tongued, lying, two-faced, liberal-loving, high-spending, elitist to chastise someone else for being less than truthful.
    What about that border fence, Senator, are you working to get it finished yet?
    . What is your take on the VA hospital scandal, what are you going to do to help other veterans?
    This self-serving, self-important, selfish and clueless man has taken every ounce of good-will, every salute from his appreciative constituents, and used it against them.
    His opinion on anything counts for nothing with most of Arizona, and we would advise the rest of the country to beware of a liberal-progressive cloaked in Repub clothing.

      • Works for me. You can’t take that away. And he has spent his life in the trenches–I respect that even if he hasn’t said everything you guys would want him to.

    • Now that I have vented and ranted, let me explain: SenMcCain’s attack on a spokesman, on someone who is paid to repeat the WhiteHouse line is disingenuously clever. MrCarney doesn’t make policy, wasn’t on call on 9/11, didn’t make the decision to lie about an obscure video, didn’t hide e-mails or talking papers, or do anything other than parrot what he’s told to say.
      Did SenMcCain chastise the WhiteHouse for hiding the e-mails from Congress, did he call out MrsClinton for her failing to protect the Benghazi Americans, has he said that our military leaders were amiss in not sending forces to help the Americans under attack? NO, he didn’t, and he won’t.

      He attacks the messenger, not the players and that is where he shows his true colors.

      • srdem – I was trying to get a word in edgewise at the same moment you summed it up perfectly! Bravo on double rant!
        (Had to start all over again).

        The interjection from Greta was the tell and confirmed to me that even Fox covers his ass.

        VAN SUSTEREN: You’re talking about Press Secretary Jay Carney.

    • You see plenty of him in AZ during election time. He is here spouting off on all the great stuff he’s done for our state. He promised that he would have a wall built to keep out illegal immigrant’s …now he has secret town hall meetings (invitation only) that we only hear about AFTER the fact! He is a shameful disgrace.

  5. Speaking of ‘destroying one’s reputation’, John McCain’s reputation was destroyed 25 years ago with his involvement in the Keating Five S & L scandal. He weaseled out of his precarious postion and received the lightest reprimand, but was labeled the ‘most reprehensible’ of the five Senators by a writer from the AZ Republic.

    I have zero respect for this man on many unrelated issues. He is a ‘fallen (POW) hero’, In my opinion.

  6. Sounds to me like he’s angling to get a cushy job in the next Clinton administration. Going after the messenger, no matter how pathetic he is, instead of the main players speaks volumes to me of his behind the scene intentions.

  7. The dictionary defines carny or carney as a “worker for a carnival”. Very fitting, he stands up in front of newsmen and extolls the virtues (?) of the Lyin’ Kenyan, the fat lady and the rest of the assorted and corrupt weirdos hanging around in DC. “C’mon in ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the biggest BS show in the world……”

  8. Carney has proven that he has partaken of Obama’s Kool-Aid. We all know that Carney is far from honest and has no problem lying to the public when he has to protect His boss. Having said that, McCain’s motives behind his slamming of Carney is only to get publicity for himself. There is no other intrinsic value in his statements.

    It’s a shame that we have to listen to either mans rhetoric!

  9. Who cares what John McCain thinks … he is a RINO and has thrown his fellow veterans under the bus on several occasions. He is one of the “Republicans” that needs to leave Congress, turning it over to Constitutionalists. As far as Scottso comment, McCain is not a conservative, he has broken ranks and forgot why he was elected. He has gone against his own state on immigration issues and problems with the border and infiltration of drug cartel. Look at his voting record in Congress. Look at his co-sponsored Campaign Finance Bill that passed, in conjunction with Democrat agenda. Although I like his VP running mate, he has even turned against the Tea Party (blamed them for him not winning election), I wouldn’t trust McCain’s word for nothing. “Moderates” are nothing but seekers of the middle ground, even if it means not abiding by their oath or constitutional law. I guess Haywood agrees and knows what McCain is all about. I never chose him in the primaries, and if I lived in his district in Arizona, would ensure he never got reelected years ago.

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