As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – May 6, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. I’m in. Sitting in the next to last row, wearing a suit from Goodwill, and sporting a fake goatee. Some security flunkie with a clipboard is flipping papers and checking off something.
    I’m stepping out until the fun starts.

  2. Jay Carney a/k/a Chicken Little will announce: The sky is falling, due to climate apocalypse. To be followed by resnarks from Obama, later in the day, that we must stop the sky from falling, because failure to do so won’t create shovel-ready jobs in time for the summer.

      • I can’t get audio. I’ll have to depend on the rest of you for hi/lo lights.
        Owen, some start their day with a bowl of cereal – others with serial lies, right out of the box.

        • I can’t get the audio or the video Sadie.
          Moderation is in effect, and I can hear the door slamming behind me.
          No0pe, this time it was,…..

          Blood pressure medicine, STAT !!!

          • Maybe it’s not WHD that has you in moderation. Maybe it’s, you know, um,… the … (other side). shhhh. The NSA is testing a new program and you are the guinea pig. We are all next…

          • I thought I was the only one that considered that thought. Well maybe not the only one.

            Since they listen to all of our phone calls, since we have cameras aimed at us at all times:
            I feel we should have the right to listen to all of their phone calls, and have cameras on them at all times

      • Speaking of lapdogs, take a look at Michelle Obama’s Mirror today. She was at the MET yesterday, also a couple of fundraisers in the Big Apple, that went barely reported.

  3. First question: climate change Is this report meant to “scare” Americans.
    Answer: meant to inform Americans so they can understand what climate change means to the US. blah, blah. Comprehensive report, carbon raising, decreased air quality, and the sea is RISING!
    Blah, blah. The Carney talks like he’s an expert.
    There it is: “investing” in new energy- as if we haven’t lost enough money already on this faux business and enriched enough of the Dems cronies..
    Next: Russia? more dissembling on the Ukraine issue. Nothing new here, he questions Russia’s “credibility”, oh brother.

    Back to weather changes and the new regulations to curtail all current energy sources and cost us a fortune or learn to sit in the dark. oops, he’s calling it “climate change”.
    oh, oh…calls for the resignation of the VA Secretary. Oh, great, they’re going to “investigate”, and the Pres has confidence in the Sec.
    Why won’t the Sec of the VA speak publically? dunno.
    SecKerry called Nigerian authorities and will provide assitance to help with the Boko Nutso kidnappers. The US going to send troops? we’re sending a “team”, whatever that means. No “military resources”.

    Back to carbon/climate issues, why not do this five years ago?
    Congress didn’t do anything, so he’s moving forward with E.O.

    Nigeria refusing help? Not so much, but they’re not asking for much.
    OK another question: sifting through the spin; Nigeria doesn’t want us there, they thank us, but no thanks.
    Ukraine: a briefing update to Congress about trying to “steer” Russia to the right path. Really, the WH thinks they can “steer” Putin somewhere.
    Is the carbon tax “dead”? Yes.
    Back to “climate change”, a dead in the water issue until the draconian regulations take effect.
    Is the Pres pandering to an elite group that makes a “giant carbon footprint”, but lectures everyone else?….ha ha..
    MsRice is heading to Israel this week. To discuss bi-lateral issues, and there will be many meetings to discuss our intense security pact with Israel. Iran, nuclear issue, too.
    Asking about an appointment of a Federal judge, why he’s from Haaavard and a wonderful person.
    (do they give some of these reporters crib sheets with suggested questions?)
    No Benghazi.
    is the Pres seeking a meeting with Putin; no.
    oops, clipboard flunkie wagging his finger at me. time to go.

    • Thx full the summary of “It’snot News” – and that’s no typo. Can’t wait to hear what the cost of the new national carbon tax will be. I’ll have to wait for a Friday dump and an EO.

      • Might El Presidente and Evita stop taking so many trips and stop hurting the earth? Can you say War on Mother Nature? If they truly wanted to fight global warming… er, climate change… er, climate disruption, they would make this sacrifice…

      • Sure, you’re welcome.
        After some thought, (not a lot of it, but some), it seems that aside from these briefings being a tradtion, or something to do to show the boss they’re actually working, it’s a waste of time.
        For the most part, there’s never anything new or noteworthy that couldn’t be published in a handout or e-mail to all of chair-sitters and the journalists.

        With a little more thought, almost everything MrO does as shown by his daily schedule is more wasting of time, and of little importance to the US. Really, his constant meet & greet with this group, or that winning team, or whatever is just time-wasting.

    • Thanks for your service srdem65. And I must say that GW suit is lovely.

      As to your question whether the WH press corpse receives suggested questions. That would be a big Affirmative.

      The Climate Change Cacophany kicks off today! And throughout the land will be heard the proclamations of Obamobot propagandists and alarmists and “scientists” . And the “people” we must not forget the green people. And the children, oh the children!

      And so it goes in the Rain of the Gutter Grifter. ( a little weather license)

  4. Back to Benghazi. The WaPo is really spinning today in favor of the Obama administration. Jennifer Rubin is even postulating that Hillary Clinto may profit by another look at Benghazi.