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Video || Best of Obama, McHale at WHCA Dinner

Saturday night was, in terms of humor, just about the worst White House Correspondents’ Association dinner I’ve seen. President Obama wasn’t funny, and neither was the hired help, Joel McHale. I actually fell asleep watching at home during McHale’s routine.

So, no, I didn’t go this year. And, sorry, not because of some principled stand against Washington narcissism and corruption, but because of a mixup with my tickets. I wanted to go because, yes, it’s fun, because it’s great for building relationships and sources that I need for this website, and because I would have gotten you some great photos and a few good anecdotes.  Anyway, it’s okay, staying home saved me a pile of dough.

Politico has conveniently culled the best lines by Obama and McHale. It must have taken some work.

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  1. I understand you’re doing us all a public service here by exposing just how arrogant and partisan Obama BUT I must confess, I shall not be watching the videos.
    Morning Joe had enough clips of Dear Leader and that failure of a comedian to last me till the end of my days.
    BUT, I do understand that you’re only the messenger. :)

    • I second Geoff. I will not be watching the clips. I too saw enough on Morning Joe to need to wash my eyes out with soap.

      You can TELL Obama hates this event – the mere thought that he has to even consider being self-deprecating pains him. Not only was he not funny, he was hurtful. Yuck.

  2. Politico did this, huh. It’s hard to imagine there was a call from their readers to find something good from the Preezy’s mean and demeaning attempt at comedy, or that anyone would want to listen to the POTUS find humor in a mysterious missing plane full of civiians now presumed to be dead, but there it is.

    The WHCD grand dinner, the pre-brunches, the apre-coctail parties all seem to be part of our American tradition of like-minded or same-professional people gathering to meet each other, commiserate their sorry lot in life, or to celebrate the good stuff.
    The detractors and sourpusses who think the event isn’t a good thing seem to miss the point, and are miffed that they weren’t invited or featured as they believe their status implies.
    It seems to be mostly good fun, a gesture of friendliness, and even though the main speakers didn’t understand the difference between a good joke and a mean swipe, I look forward to watching MrO’s attempt at something to smile about in 2015.

  3. I won’t watch either. I know, I know (said in my Shrillary voice) that it gathers scholarship money for journalism students, but that doesn’t override the fact that they take serious issues we are all deeply concerned and worried about, like Obamacare or the IRS, and make it all into a joke. They even make jokes about issues and events in which people have died. I’m thinking of GWB looking for the weapons of mass destruction under the dinner table. Funny, not.

  4. I have to comment on the pre-taped bits that were shown at the dinner (Biden, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michelle Obama). I do appreciate that the goal is to entertain, and also that a lot of work goes into making these videos (which appear to be more and more the norm for this administration). So kudos to the hard work of the behind-the-scenes people who work hard to entertain. BUT, along the lines of what is concerning us real “folks” out here in the real world, seeing Just Joe tooling around in an expensive Corvette, and seeing Michelle in yet another video, all of them yucking it up while this country is so worried about so many things is just disturbing to me. It did not make me laugh. It just makes me realize that when we don’t see these public servants doing anything meaningful, it’s probably because their film schedule has them too busy to attend to the country’s business. I know that is not fair to say because I don’t now what they really do most of the time, but it sure seems that Michelle spends more and more time in front of the camera than doing her job.

  5. This is a tradition that needs to go away. I don’t want a president that’s better at comedy than he is in running the country.

  6. OT, but Obama’s brother-in-law, Craig Robinson, the head basketball coach at Oregon State University, was fired. This is a good sign because maybe Obama and the Mooch are losing power and no one is afraid to challenge them anymore. He still is getting the remainder of his salary, 4 million bucks, and Oregon State may be getting a lot of federal grants cancelled all of a sudden.

  7. The Mooch forced to withdraw from Topeka high school graduation, Eric Holder turned down by the Oklahoma police, and now people daring to call the most brilliant man in the world a dud. The scales are falling from people’s eyes. I wonder who was the boy who first cried out that the emperor has no clothes.

    • I do believe that could have been Republican Congressman “Joe” Wilson with his “You lie” during the Chief Grifter’s Obamacare speech to Congress in 09.

      Both he and Gowdy are from SC. Must be something in the water.

  8. No one is allowed to have fun at Obama’s expense, even though everyone paid a pretty penny to watch him self-deprecate. Adding insult to injury was the stand-up comic who had to read all of his jokes from a crib sheet. I would have demanded a refund!

  9. To be fair, speaking aloud in any room where Barack Obama is could summon some very unwarranted attention from various agencies and personnel working on behalf of the Great Grifter.

  10. You are right,Keith. It’s nap time.
    I think OBO thinks he is a whole lot more clever than he is. We should tell him:”Dude you are just not funny”

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