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Politico: Gowdy to Head Benghazi Committee

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) will chair the House special committee tasked to investigate Benghazi, according to Politico.

Gowdy, 49, a former federal prosecutor who is in only his second term in Congress, has proven himself one of the toughest cross examiners on the House Oversight Committee, which has been looking into a variety of scandals surrounding President Obama.

According to another report, the rest of the panel could be named as early as today. Gowdy and all Republican panel members will be appointed directly by House Speaker Boehner, according to Politico. It’s not clear whether Democrats will join the committee or decide to boycott it.

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  1. Hopefully, Mr Gowdy will be able to extract a timeline for the President on Sep 11, 2012. It will no doubt take industrial strength extractors to do the job.

  2. Exactly who is best suited for this job. The Benghazi debacle is a shameful black mark on the Obama administration and on America. Obama and Clinton need to be brought before the American public and be charge with either their negligence or their criminality and their coverup of this whole affair.
    Everyone keeps comparing this to Watergate and Nixon, but Watergate was kindergarten stuff compared to Benghazi.

    • exactly. Gowdy is the best person for the job. He’s a southern pitbull.

      I just hope Gowdy is ready to be called a racist, an exploiter, a woman hater, and just about every other vicious name in the book for heading this up.

      • There’s no doubt the Democrats, the liberal press and other protectors of Obama will set their attack dogs on Gowdy. He certainly knows that. They’ll dig into his tax records, his relationships, his student days (all the way back to high school), his record as a prosecutor. They’ll dig into his bank account, his emails, and will very closely examine the lives of his wife and children. What these political hacks will not do is allow Obama bizarre actions re Benghazi to be publicly exposed and discussed.

  3. I sure hope and pray that this is not a setup by the democrats along with the state run media. Mr Gowdy will do an excellent job here but he will be up against the Obama regime of mob thugs of Chicago politics which do NOT like to be called out or held responsible for ANYTHING. They will go all out and use ALL means to turn this back on the republicans. Sadly the way things work is that those who control the media control the masses. I just hope that the half of the country who did not vote for this corrupt administration stands firm and the TRUTH WILL SET US FREE. I pray this is so!! GO TREY GOWDY WE STAND WITH YOU!

  4. Why in the world would Dems even think about boycotting a hearing about “nothing” or a “faux scandal”? As they insist there is no scandal there, nothing to learn, no criminal issue or dereliction of duty by anyone, they should be clamoring to be seated on this committee to bring this “nothingburger” to it’s final demise.

    We all know why the Dems are closing ranks on this issue, or why they are insisting there’s nothing there-there; they’re not so worried about MrO as they are about the future of MrsClinton and the whole Dem regime being painted as cold-blooded political machines more interested in their own lives than in the lives of the people who died in Benghazi.

  5. I’ve heard Trey Gowdy describe himself as a “back bencher” who would have to serve years and years before getting a committee chairmanship under the seniority system. It would be a shame to bury a man of his talent and integrity for so long so I am pleased that he will head the Benghazi committee. He can jump to the head of the line and become a great influence for the good on American politics.

  6. On August 17, 1998 Bill Clinton was compelled to testify before the grand jury investigating him for a variety of illegal and questionable things that had been going on during his tenure as POTUS. It was this testimony that gave us the famous line, “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

    If Gowdy cannot get the answers to what was really going on at the WH on Sept. 11th, will he and the committee attempt to compel Obama to testify before Congress? There is somewhat of a precedent since Clinton was compelled to testify before the Starr grand jury.

    As a political animal, and one that actually enjoys watching the battles between the parties, it will be fascinating to see how all this unfolds.
    Stay tune kids, and don’t change that channel, the fun may be just be getting started.

  7. I hope and pray that it will be Trey Gowdy, but I have read this morning that Boehner prefers a “go along to get along” establishment person.
    If he does to that way instead of Gowdy, he could and should lose his speakership.

  8. Great! Trey Gowdy has the background to handle the complexity of the issues in this scandal. The Citizens of the US deserve a full account of the events that occurred that night. More importantly, the family of the four people that died there deserve to know how they died.

    Will this lead to any impeachment procedures against the President ? Not sure about that. It will cast a spotlight onto the ineptness, inexperience and indifference of the entire administration including President Obama. If the President, Secreteary of State and Secreteary of Defense were asleep at the wheel or did not make a decision is that considered a high crime or misdemeanor ? Does misleading us regarding the Susan Rice talking points? I Doubt it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Obama, HC and Panetta actions were horrible. I believe the President is incapable of making a decision because he may be held accountable.

    Informed Citizens understand that nothing was more important to the Obama Administration in Sep-2012 than Re-Election. This is pretty much out there now. Perhaps, HRC’s actions that night will have an effect on her 2016 run.

  9. While I’m loathe to listen to Mika (and often Joe too) on Morning Joe, they did a long segment on the Benghazi hearings, led by Politico’s Mike Allen who called the R’s right wing nut jobs. Nice talk eh? They went on to say that they felt it would NOT hurt Hillary when she runs, that the Rs will take all the heat for being crazy and Hillary will come out smelling like a Rose. How ironic that she worked for the Rose law firm back in the day.

    On the Sunday pol talk shows, every Dem I heard said NO WAY would they participate in an select committee, so this will end up being the Rs sole purpose. That could be good or bad.

    • Everything depends on the way the Repubs conduct themselves. I don’t like to see things like Jason Chaffitz (sp) ‘popping off’ – it’s unprofessional. Would love to see someone like former FED Prosecutor, Andrew McCarthy, lead the questioning of witnesses.

    • It won’t matter what they do. The voters, by and large, have moved on. Not one point change in Rasmussen since the lastest on Benghazi came out. They’ve already won the narrative. It IS old news to to LoFos and nothing is going to convince them it’s not.

  10. I wonder why S of the H JB from OH (hope that gets by the censors) appointed the committee finally. Could it be that he is polling under 50% in his district?

    • Ya’ think. I don’t care as long as TG heads the committee and at some point JB is no longer SOTH and better still no longer in the HOR.

      It’s 5 oclock somewhere and there is a barfly waiting for him.

    • julie –too funny. you slipped in. i tried to respond. but got caught. getting tougher and tougher. i am hoping the use of lower case (i now fear initials and acronyms) might allow me to sneak in. we’ll see. perhaps some haiku is in order.

  11. Here is a link to a post entitled why Benghazi Matters. It is from a somewhat controversorial blog but if you used critically it is useful.

    For me, it was very useful in discussing the the critical non activation of FEST (Foreign Emergency Support Team) and the role of FEST in the past. Secondly it discusses the collection and shipment of weapons from Libya to Syrian Islamic extremist rebels as part of a covert operation no

    Friday, August 9, 1974
    Richard Milhous Nixon announced last night that he will resign as the 37th President of the United States at noon today.

    Friday, August 8, 2014
    Barack “Milhous” Obama announced last night that he will resign as
    the 44th President of the United States at noon today.

  13. Krauthammer’s sage advice to Repubs:

    (Special Report 5/2/14)

    “…I think Trey Gowdy ought to be the Chairman. He is a prosecutor. He is a terrific, smart Congressman from SC. They ought to choose the members of this committee, or at least the Repub members, those who pledge never to make a speech and never to make a declarative statement – only to ask questions.. And they should have a trained Prosecutor, as in the Watergate committee, to lead all of the witnesses through the questions, and not a round robin of Congressional interrogation speeches and popping off. That’s what has been wrong with all these previous hearings. If it is a targeted hearing, just with questions so that it is a clean inquiry, it will have to be respected even by the MSM.”

    • You know who I could do without ever hearing again: That Harmon woman–the former representative whose late husband owned Newsweek for a few months. Why does she have any currency and pop up on these shows? Or does Fox pay her along with other questionable “authorities” (Carville, cough, Carville).

      • Krauthammer is referring to trial conduct. I agree with him, there should be no ‘grandstanding’ if anyone is to take it seriously.

        • Gowdy would keep the reins on the Republicans, and if the Democrats boycott the committee, there definitely would be no grandstanding. Bye-bye, Elijah.

      • Me too. Jane Harman is so smug and so arrogant. I understand that she and her husband are billionaires….maybe they pay her way onto the shows.
        Brit did a good job taking her down.

          • I was ready to bitch slap her (this is when interactive tv would really come in handy). I caught a few minutes of her yesterday and Brit Hume actually had a major eye roll after she spewed some incredibly dumb remarks as opposed to the usual stupid ones.