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Obama to go on Fundraising Tear this Week

President Obama, whose main role these days seems to be raising money for Democrats, will be jetting out to California Wednesday to lighten the wallets of some of the wealthy Democrats commonly found in the state.

He lands in Los Angeles, where he will participate in a combined fundraising event for House and Senate Democrats. Then on Thursday things get really serious with FOUR fundraisers in a day. The first will be for the Democratic National Committee in Los Angeles, the second in San Diego for House Democrats, and then it’s on to San Jose for two more DNC events.

Two “official” events ensure that taxpayers will be footing much of the bill, one a Wednesday dinner related to the Holocaust and the other an energy-related event in San Jose Friday.

Maybe some new fracking in the The Golden State? A plan to run the Keystone pipeline through California? I’ll keep you posted.

27 thoughts on “Obama to go on Fundraising Tear this Week”

      1. All that spying on people all over the world without their knowledge, that’s promoting human rights? Killing US citizens without habeas corpus? It’s probably all based on gay rights and gay rights alone.

  1. Is he taking his Presidential Podium with him?

    Since California is three hours ahead, will he be on time for a change?

    Glad to see he can leave the middle class behind for some quality time with those One Percenters. Will they be serving “Diet Koch”?

  2. I see Michelle is in New York today, cutting the ribbon on the Met Museum new costume center. Says she, she hopes to bring students to the White House for a fashion workshop. I am SO glad these people are focused like a laser on creating jobs and not doing anything frivolous.

    1. I’m all in for a “fashion workshop” at the White House if they MrsO allows them to weed out her massive closet and throw away all of the hideous, inappropriate garb they find there.

    1. He’s going to be in sunny California for three days.
      Betcha a box of two-day old KrispyKremes that he finds time to golf, maybe more than once.

  3. I, for one, would not be surprised one iota if Russian tanks rolled across the Ukraine border about two minutes after King Barry started one of his fundraising speeches.

    Hope it doesn’t happen, obviously; would not, however, be surprised if it did.

  4. This trip will cost taxpayers millions. I think when the President attends fund raisers for the DNC, that they should repay ALL costs incurred; that of fuel,secret service, lodging, meals, etc, not only for Obama but all staff and clingons.

  5. I didn’t know San Diego had democrats.
    Only thing this waste of time knows how to do is attend parties and TALK,TALK,TALK. Interesting,tastless joke about OBO and Clooney making the waves. I’m sure he will be there He is another of Peggy Noonan’s beautiful airheads and Rosemary Clooney his aunt, was such a lovely woman and talented performer.

    1. Clooney has finally hit the jackpot! A Lebanese fiance whose friends and clients rival Obama’s murky Chicago pals: Amal is now representing Qadaffi’s former right hand man and mastermind of Lockerbie who is an accused war criminal and responsible for the massacre of 1200 Libyan prisoners; an advisor to Kofi (Food for Oil) Annan and former lawyer of Julian Assange when he was accused of sex crimes.
      Strange bedfellows!

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  7. I wonder if the elected fundraiser will stop in Nevada anytime before the 2014 midterms?
    From the LV Journal:
    Local insurance brokers are reporting spikes ranging from 35 percent to 120 percent on policies that renew from July to December. The increases are especially acute among employers with workforces made up of younger, healthier men.

    “It’s like if there were no more safe-driver discounts with State Farm,” said local insurance broker Frank Nolimal of Assurance Ltd. “Everybody has the same rate, whether you have three DUIs, or you’re a (nondrinking) churchgoing Mormon.”

  8. Maybe Obama will make a stop in Rialto CA and talk with the superintendent of schools there about an assignment given to 8th graders about whether the Holocaust was real or not.

    “Interim Superintendent Mohammad Z. Islam would meet with administrators to make sure references to the Holocaust “not occurring” are taken out of current assignments and not included in future assignments.”

    From the Blaze:

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