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43 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || May 4, 2014

  1. Democrat Adam Schiff, congressman from California, stated on Fox News Sunday that Democrats should boycott the Select Committee to investigate Benghazi-Gate.
    That proves that he knows that there IS something there that he does not want brought out.
    He is just like Bob Beckel of The Five Friday. Beckel admits to a Cover-up and then says “So what?”.
    A very high percentage of American people, near 70%, want to know the answer as to why four brave Americans died and where Dear Leader was at the time….DUDE, Congressman Schiff!!

    • I am sorry–those stupid, dated jokes about Bundy etc did not cut it as distractions. We deserve better. In the last 72 hrs, I had one cat not wake up from a nap, a friend of a friend commit suicide (shot himself–just like in our books–only REAL), I also learned I am now the sort of person who has an inhaler, there was a big story in WAPO on how inadequate some hospice programs are–they should have checked with me…etc. One could become quite glum.

  2. Keith Koffler,…..
    Your website is informative and very important to many people coast to coast and border to border.
    We do want it to work more effectively, and less frustratingly, as I know you do.
    The moderation vault is especially frustrating after you have formulated a comment or a response to someone that is hidden from the conversation, not knowing when it will re-appear.
    The posting too fast is not that big of an issue, as the work around is to hit the back button on the browser and add #PTF to the comment.

    Everyone here now knows what that means.

    Keep up the good work Keith, and see if you can get a tune-up on the site.

    • Surprise! A couple of people have told me to do that.
      What back button? The backspace button?

      How do I add #PTF to the comment?
      Do I press #PTF at the end of my comment?

      Picked blackberries this morning. Have not done so since I was a kid. If anyone has an old simple recipe, please share.

      PS I thought I would type something happy before I comment on the things we usually have to keep up with.

      • I do not know what browser you are using.
        I am using firefox, and to the left of the address bar there is an arrow that points to the left.
        IE has the same.
        Click on that arrow and it will take you back to the last page you visited.
        From there, you can edit the message from the field that you originally typed the message in, and add #PTF.
        When you are slammed into the moderation cell, you just have to wait it out.

      • Blackberries are so rare and special, mmm.
        1. Take one toothpick, jab into berry, dip into sugar or honey and eat. mmmmmm.
        2. Pour a bowl of nonsweetened cereal, add milk and sugar. Sprinkle liberally with blackberries. Eat. mmmmmmm
        Lucky you, wild blackberries, I’m jealous.

        • Not in Western Oregon. Unfortunately, I live in the eastern half now, but over the mountains, blackberries grow all alongside the roads and highways, and they’re FREE. (Actually, it’s one of the few things I miss. My kind of people live in the eastern half.)

          • Awww what memories Julie! Lived in the Willamette Valley for 8 years and loved the wild blackberries! And the home brew:)

      • I don’t know how many blackberries you found, but, a blackberry cobbler is easier than a pie.
        (Don’t forget the vanilla ice cream).

      • Lee, I’m sure by now you’ve eaten your blackberries, whether in a pie or cobbler. If you haven’t heard of they have some really great recipes that are submitted by readers/users of the site. I usually try the recipes with the most stars/votes.

  3. Hollywood star and Obama supporter, Ben Affleck, has been banned from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas for (gasp!) ‘card counting’ while playing Blackjack there.
    How petty and pathetic for a casino to eject a player for evening the odds in a rigged game. Every game is rigged to the casino’s advantage and they are the ones who decided to add Blackjack to the mix; a game that can be, um, gamed so to speak.
    A competent player doesn’t have to be a math genius to notice that all of the Aces and X number face cards have been played.

    Speaking of card “cheats”; Phil Ivey rolled several casinos, here and abroad, for millions with his observation of the defect in the official playing cards. Was he cheating, or was he using the advantage he found on the back of the cards?
    Considering how many millions of us have cheerfully lost millions to the casinos knowing that we were doomed to lose, the casinos in question should just suck-it-up and move on.

    • Plus–a movie star going there is good for biz–wouldn’t it even out? My daughter kinda turned over our food money to the Indians out here once–and I was NOT amused. She said what if I DID win, Mom? I said even if you did–once–you have to figure all the times you did not and couldn’t you just tear up the money and throw it in the street in front instead?

      • lol.
        I consider my losses to be “reparations” to the native Americans that the pioneers treated so badly.
        If I win, well, too bad for them.

    • Very inspiring.
      Just as I began typing that. Fox ran a clip of O joking last night about the Koch Brothers.
      I turned the TV off ASAP.
      God Bless America

    • Just the boost I needed AFVet, thank you. As long as there are people in America who will resist and refuse tyranny, cherish liberty and share love of country, America will survive.

  4. One of the news stories is that Eugene Robinson, the first gay Episcopal bishop, is going to divorce his husband. I like someone’s comment: “Gee, you would have thought that they would stick it out at least for the sake of the children. Oh, wait . . . “

    • Making a last minute check on WHD, and your comment JB, will have me laughing till the wee hours.
      In particular the “for the sake of the children”.
      As Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago always says as he spends millions upon millions of dollars on construction projects awarded to his connected/clouted pals, while always lamenting that the city is broke, and this after borrowing a billion, yep, a billion dollars, it’s always “for the children”.