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Yes, We’re Playing Golf

Well, not me. I mean the royal “we.” Obama certainly wouldn’t take me along, unless it would be to stand in for the flag.

From the pool report:

POTUS motorcade departed WH at about 11:40 am and arrived at Fort Belvoir, Va. at 12:06 p.m., at which point motorcade pulled off from pool van. Pool did not see president.

Per White House, POTUS is playing golf with Marvin Nicholson, Joe Paulsen and Michael Brush.

Those three he’s playing with are, BTW, all relatively junior White House aides and regular Obama golf companions who won’t annoy the president with policy discussions while he’s trying to relax on the greens.

It’s Obama’s 11th round of the year and the 168th since Inauguration Day 2009.

23 thoughts on “Yes, We’re Playing Golf”

  1. After some surfing around the inter-tubes for information on Presidential golfing, information popped up the PresEisenhower played 800+rounds of golf during his two terms. The info claimed that he wasn’t the greatest player, but loved the game so much he had a putting green installed on the WhiteHouse lawn, and a small course at Camp David.

    The differences are great between MrEisenhower and MrObama’s playing; MrE played mostly at country club greens, and MrO plays at military bases. MrE’s golfing partners were giants of industry, movers and shakers in finance, and political gurus, while MrO seems to prefer lowly staffers with nothing better to do than follow him around the greens.

    1. MrO does not want his game destroyed by people of intelligence or anybody that would have the audacity to confront him on any issue.
      It might cause him to hook it.

    2. Eisenhower also commanded and fought wars. He deserved to play some golf. Anyway, it was a different time.Bush quit playing out of respect for the military fighting for us abroad.

      What has Obama done? Gone to Vegas after failing to give an order to try and save 4 Americans from a terrorist attack.

    3. Eisenhower wasn’t goofing off during the time he wasn’t playing golf. Nor running to some fundraiser every other day.

  2. Now whar policies would those be that he knows something about? He only knows what he reads in the papers—er so he said.

    1. I believe Mr. Vietor is now in the PR business with his the other frat boy friend Favreau (?). This of course does not prevent him from being the limo driver at his new place of employment as well.

        1. They both are — and I hear there are more of “them”. I think Psaki represents the female members of the tribe.

  3. Water seeks its own level. Obama and his ‘dudes’ fall into the category of ‘errand boys’ and ‘flunkies’. The joke’s on us!

  4. Well, it’s been a busy day for the POTUS. Golf, followed by the correspondents’ dinner rubbing elbows with his buds from Hollywood – and then, you can be sure, he’ll be playing cards with Reggie once he gets back to the house. Nice life, huh?

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