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Live Stream || Obama at the WH Correspondents Dinner

49 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama at the WH Correspondents Dinner”

  1. Can this guy go ANYWHERE without his presidential podium?

    Is the taking it to Beverly Hills for his pair of One Percenter fundraisers?

    (Or could somebody who cares about the dignity of the office maybe hide it from him occasionally?)

  2. Keith,

    Help me out dude! I know this is so, like 15 minutes ago, but did Steve Thomma of McClatchy actually sit down before Obama did? Isn’t that like a total sign of disrespect? I thought protocol was that you waited until POTUS was seated before sitting. And Obama looks so freaking confused up there. Was it being surrounded by the uniforms of the Marine band that was freaking him out?

    1. He may be confused. Talking about the uprising in the Ukraine, he sounded like a Republican concerning Benghazi. (Paraphrased)
      ” the notion that this is some spontaneous uprising is belied by all the evidence and weaponry”.

      Isn’t that the same argument demonstrating that the video excuse in Benghazi was a bunch of malarkey? (h/t Joe Biden)

    2. IMO, there’s a reason he looks confused and befuddled; the missus looks hammered; dress hanging off of one shoulder, hair messed and hanging in her face, and what looks like 5 o’clock shadow on her cheeks. ??
      Good grief, is it makeup gone bad or did she forget to shave?

      Watchin c-Span red carpet;
      wow, young, beautiful C-listers and grizzled, ancient journalists. We saw TimTebow, one of the Dynasty fellows, young somethings from TV series, and “Ducky” from “NCIS”. Lots more, but it’s hard to name them all. The bad guy from “Scandal”, some basketball former greats and of course, all the star journalos from cable and network TV.


    If you missed Judge Jeanine’s opening statement, make SURE you pick up the rebroadcast. It is GOLDEN.

      1. It’s happened repeatedly on on my computer. The sound has dropped out, while other sites are fine. I’ve had to listen to a couple of Obama’s late speeches on a feed from Fox News because there was no sound on the White House stream.

    1. I think you were talking about the video about the C-Span 35th anniversary. I saw part of it where he guy was talking about how the comedian was picked. He didn’t want partisan against one party, wanted someone who was fair. Said Joel M. fit the bill. After seeing the comedy part, I don’t think Joel fit the bill at all. I understand it is a “roast” of sorts, but I do get tired of the bashing that is so one-sided. Don’t like Christie, but am also tired of the constant bashing on his weight.

  4. Good grief….what’s wrong with Obama tonite? He hasn’t stopped chewing gum since he took the dais, and he is in a foul mood. He has that ‘look’ on his face – the one he usually reserves for Repubs. Maybe he is just ticked off at the entire press corps in general.

    Michelle looks like an unmade bed in her latest fashion disaster – a piece of white chiffon draped over one shoulder. Venus de Milo, she ain’t.
    And what the heck is going on with her teeth? I freeze-framed a close up of her face while she was hunkered down with the comedian sitting next to her. Wow! She has a gap between her two front teeth, and the rest of her teeth are all jagged and uneven. I’d say she needs a new orthodontist, dressmaker, and hairdresser.

    1. I saw a few pics elsewhere. The Mooch’s dress was described as “gold”. Looks white to me, but maybe that’s not politically correct. John McCain was with some fat blond in purple, his daughter I guess, and it looked like Arianna Huffington had White-out painted around her eyes.

      1. I call sharky veneers the Suze Orman look. I forgot this sniff-fest was last nite and turned on MTP–the “jokes” they played were pretty thin gruel. I am losing faith in writers.

  5. Obama’s shtick was the most partisan piece of sh!t! The idea is to be self-deprecating, and not take shots at the other party, nor to much of a shot at the press itself.

  6. Okay, that was three plus hours wasted. McHale has got to go down as one of the worst acts they have had, and if this is the caliber of comedic talent that is coming up in this country, we are in for a long, depressive future.

    1. I got distracted by a piece of lint on the carpet so I missed the Preezy’s whole routine.
      I did notice at the end some polite applause and then some reluctant standing/ clapping.
      Seems like I missed not much at all.

      1. I like McHale–but I think he needs horrible reality show outtakes to play off of. I guess maybe we have those in this admin, though–OK, don’t know what McHale’s prob was.

      1. Yes men can be anexoric – but we have seen him stuff so much junk food into that mouth of his. He is too skinny though…

  7. I would say the losers of the evening was CNN. There were a several shots taken at them (deservedly so). A couple of the jokes aimed at CSpan were funny. Especially about their new reality show,” So, you think you can remain conscious”.

    I am getting tired of the weight jokes aimed at Chris Christie. They seemed to be politically correct especially aimed at a Republican. I did find the Presidents Joke about wasn’t the only one that goes on TV with two potted plants and they show the cast of Fox and Friends with Elizabeth Hasselback between Kilmeade and Doocy. Fox was the main target of the President, no surprise there.

    To me the sickening part of the evening was the overwhelming support of the ACA by the audience. This so called informed objective insider audience supports this joke of a program.

    1. The Christie issue is getting old. THEY need to give it a rest.
      There is the disgusting LONG LIST of things, and scandels that have happen in the last several years. That she be BLASTED on every MSM, show, gathering, meeting.

      1. Christie had all his innards scrambled–what more do they want? Everyone knows–or should–that this surg does not make you lose all the amt you are overweight. The body compensates.

  8. I can’t find a list of the invited nor their hosts. I’m interested because I’ve read that Ted Cruz sat at the same table as Kathleen Sibelius. Al Sharpton was invited to the affair. It all just seems such a farce. I’m wonder if Jeb Bush was there. HRC was not there at least. She was in Illinois receiving the Lincoln Award. A separate farce.

    (Sorry, I’m always in a bad mood after these affairs, even when the incumbent is a Republican.) What an incestuous place is Washington, D.C.

  9. One amusing moment: Susan Rice standing next to Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) in the crowded ballroom — scrambling to borrow a pen to obtain his autograph. She finally succeeded, beaming from ear to ear.

    Thumbs down for Joel McHale who stood there reading one-liners from his crib sheet. How annoying…and unprofessional! Seems to be a trait with DEMS. I miss Don Rickles!

  10. McHale’s reference to “the NEW Oprah Clippers” really made my BP go off the scale. Who’s the bigger racist? Sterling or OPRAH?

    “How well does Obamacare have to work before you don’t want to repeal it? What if everybody’s cholesterol drops to 120? What if your yearly checkup came with tickets to a Clippers game? Not the old, Donald Sterling Clippers – the new Oprah Clippers. Would that be good enough? What if they gave Mitch McConnell a pulse? What is it going to take?”

    1. I always feel as if they’re thumbing their noses at the American people and then expecting them to lap it up. Maybe this is the truth.

      1. I am pretty much not interested. There is nothing admirable or interesting about any of these people. Lipstick on pigs IMO — although as you noted in the case of Arianna Huffington white concealer. That was funny.

        Superficial as I am –give me the pre selfie, the days of Pamela Harrington.

        Anyhoo — it is what it is. I am not big on parades.

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