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Video || John Oliver Roasts Obamacare Oregon

As some of you may know, after spending about $250 million, Oregon last week decided to junk its Obamacare website and go with the federal instead.

The fix, it seems would run through another $78 million – and that’s before before cost run-ups. So for the bargain basement price tag of $4-$6 million, they can join, which of course doesn’t work either, but nobody’s talking about that.

John Oliver, the brilliant – but alas, of course, leftwing – comedian who successfully subbed over the summer on The Daily Show for Jon Stewart and who now has his own program on HBO, sunk his teeth into Oregon’s screw up anyway, his sense of horror in this case overwhelming his liberalism.

One note – he’s mistaken in suggesting the $250 million is Oregon money. Actually, it was federal assistance. It’s YOUR money.

A little crude in parts, apologies to those who don’t like.

H/T to one of our readers, who goes by Guillermo Grande.

12 Responses to Video || John Oliver Roasts Obamacare Oregon

  1. It was over $300 million. The Republicans have not put up a strong candidate against Dem. governor, John Kitzhaber, and I am afraid he will not be held accountable.

  2. PLEASE tell me that when the Yellowstone Caldera does finally blow, it will take out the crazy liberals/progressives that live in Oregon, Washington, California, and other western areas.

  3. There is some serious fraud taking place with this website business. These IT companies must be howling with laughter all the way to the bank.


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