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Obama Schedule || Friday, May 2, 2014

9:55 am || Begins bilateral meeting with German Chancellor Merkel
11:40 am || Holds a joint press conference with Merkel; Rose Garden
12:45 pm || Holds a working lunch with Merkel; Cabinet Room
3:50 pm || Meets with Asian American Business and Faith Leaders to discuss immigration reform; Roosevelt Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of press conference at 11:40 am

18 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, May 2, 2014

  1. Ok, what is “commonsense” immigration reform. Seriously? So sick of this administration’s condescending attitude. Just because they say doesn’t make it so.

    • Commonsense immigration reform is mass deportation . Load up the buses and put the employers up front . And no , I’m not trolling : get them all out of here . Yesterday

    • A shrewd term, and one that’s a little sharp.

      By calling your proposal “common sense”, the implication is that any other proposal is “nonsense,” and thus unworthy of consideration.

      It’s a very sneaky, but lofty-sounding way of saying “My way or the highway.”

    • I was thinking the same thing (no state dinner?) but I’m sure Merkel does not want to spend one extra minute with him.

  2. There is nothing “commonsense” about Obama and his administration. His idea of immigration reform is to give amnesty to people who have already committed a crime by entering our country illegally.

  3. Alright, what exactly is “commonsense” immigration change. Really? So that sick of that this administration’s condescending attitude. Because that they say doesn’t allow it to be so that.

  4. This caught my eye on Twitter, but I can’t get past the paywall on the WSJ …. Poor Obama, just can’t seem to make anyone happy ;) Enjoy that lunch!

    Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ 34m
    Merkel is carrying a clear message from Germany’s business lobby to the White House: No more sanctions against Russia