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The Obama Morning News || May 1, 2014

Benghazi email prompts call for panel . . . Fox News
Boehner “appalled” over email
. . . Daily Caller 
Obama stands behind “aparthied Kerry” 
. . . Politico
New tax: Obama seeks tolls on federal highways . . . Breitbart
EPA tried to kill mine project pre-review . . . Washington Times
Obama blasts GOP on minimum wage . . . Examiner
Few workers 30 and above get minimum wage . . . CNS News
Celebrities hit DC for WH correspondents’ party . . . The Hill
Burwell to face Obamacare grilling
. . . Newsmax
Bill Clinton under attack from left . . . New York Times
Christie taxies around in pricey chopper . . . Bloomberg
Jeb has a tougher road than George . . . Wall Street Journal
What is Hillary afraid of? . . . Politico

7 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 1, 2014

  1. Tolls across the interstates!!!
    Weren”t these paid for a long time ago?
    I have a better idea! He should be taxed millions of dollars for all the free rides that he has/will be taking. That includes his family crew.
    Charge tax to all the car rides, plane rides etc.

    Better yet charge as well for everywhere he walks, while he is working FOR US.

  2. Regarding Jeb has a Tougher Road than George…………

    The sad thing about Jeb is if head a different last name he would be the leading candidate overall. A two term Governor from Florida with a very solid if not great overall experience. Liked by Republicans, Democrats and Independents and he would be easily be re-elected Governor again if he could do so. He would be great attracting the Hispanic vote because of his record as Governor not just because he is married to Hispanic woman. He would be a better President than both his father and brother. Unfortunately, we don’t elect Presidents based on experience and abilities.

    On a side note……..I still don’t understand how Hillary continues to be so high in the polls.

  3. Border Security. Below is a link to a border clash in Spain. Pre Obama I would have paid it no mind and said it couldn’t happen here. But now I know many things are happening here that I never thought possible as America is trashed from within.

    Perhaps the only difference in this situation in Spain and here might be that Jeb Bush would be there to tear down the fence and welcome them with love. And John Boehner would have a little get your citizenship stamp here desk.;_ylt=Av_Oz76uWnVrXBj.7CDcgijQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTBsNWFkOTNlBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMyBHNlYwNzcg–


    The secta Subud is a special mixture of Java mysticism, magic and the Dharma (originated from India), which is controlled from above, by a theocratic, authoritarian system: The teaching can be interpreted only by the main leader. The Dharma is about the circulation of our world, where the destruction is a natural part of the system, so that is why Shiva can be one of the most important, central God in their religion.
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    For an example, they new HQ of the Subud was planned to be built in Jakarta. It would have a special „boat” shape with a huge chimney.


    President Obama does not go to church, neither his family. Although he says he is a true Christian and he prays in every morning and every evening.
    He never stated that to which Confession he belongs, however he attended in numerous confession’s church.
    His father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was a Musulman, born in Kenya, Africa, so along the rules of the Islam Obama Jr. is a Musulman too.
    Obama says he has a Christian faith, but the religions doesn’t play serious role in his life.
    He always mentioned this state during the election campaign.
    Formally he is a member of the United Church of Christ Confession, but he never attends to worship and doesn’t participate in the church life