As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – May 1, 2014

The stream, which included the briefing and Obama’s “Teacher of the Year” remarks, has concluded.

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  1. Carney is certainly doubling down on the “those awful Republicans are behind all these lies” talking point today. He’s trying to defend the indefensible, and everybody in the press room knows it. He may as well put on a straw hat and start pitching Dr. Obama’s Magical Elixir– Guaranteed To Fix What Ails You. Sad, sad sad.

    • They are running out of excuses.
      This administration has painted itself into a corner, and the walls are closing in on them.
      IMO, Benghazi is going to take them down.
      They can’t hide from it anymore.
      After that, Fast and Furious.
      After that, IRS scandals.
      They have a lot of weeds to wade through prior to the mid-term elections, but they will continue to lie and cheat and mislead the ignorant to the extent that they think that they can.

      Dead people can’t vote.
      Ignorant people do.

        • They don’t have an ID.
          Yes, they did vote in the last elections.
          We’re trying to fix that.
          That’s why the liberals are so against voter ID.
          If they can’t fix the vote, they lose.

      • I agree with you. There is something underneath Benghazi they are terrified we will discover. Gun running? A flow of money to the bad guys? A relationship with Al Quaida that would destroy the White House if discovered? All of the above?. Whatever it is, it’s mighty big. And destructive for the White House.

  2. Speaking of spontaneity and demonstrators.

    Since when do spontaneous mobs include trained mortar teams, ready to provide “indirect fire” on a pre-sighted target with correct enough elevation and accuracy to only need five rounds to take out the roof top defenders at the CIA compound in Benhgazi?

    That’s about as spontaneous as most trained Marine combat teams get.

  3. “Spontaneous mobs”
    Honey, I’m going over to the American Embassy and protest a videos that insulted islam, but I can’t find my mortar, where is it?
    Which one dear, the 60mm or 81 mm?
    “Well this is spontaneous, so just the 60mm”
    It’s in the basement, next to the RPG’s
    “ok, thank you dear”
    Yep Jay, I’m sure that’s just how it happened.

  4. Oh yea The 30 year old who has been teaching for a whole 8 years receives National Teacher Award — how appropriate that it will be awarded by a shill who received a Nobel Peace Prize.

    That said, I heard that Carney went after Ed Henry in the presser. Hmmm, misplaced anger. Certainly can’t go after Karl (kudos) of ABC — can’t mess with the “base”.

    • …I pray to The Gods for a ‘Obama meltdown’…
      -Serious; a few of us here on WhiteHouseDossier can ask just a few questions to make “Pres.” ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ MELTDOWN.
      We here have the SMARTS & GUTS to ask Obama REAL QUESTIONS… unlike everyone in the “WH press corps” or the “MSM.

  5. Just tuned in for a second. The guy hasn’t looked up from the written page ONCE! He sounds like a fifth grader reading a book report.
    Shouldn’t the President of the United States at least be able to present an award and speak from the heart….without reading a crib sheet? Heck the teacher who received the award is a better speaker.