As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || April 30, 2014

GOP: Benghazi email proves coverup . . . Newsmax
Krauthammer: It’s the “smoking document”
 . . . Fox News
Inhofe: EPA delaying reg until after election . . . Examiner
Sebelius now refusing to testify . . . Daily Caller
Massive new costs . . . Washington Times
Boehner rolls back immigration remark
. . . Bloomberg
Kerry is in a bad spot . . . Politico
Israeli: Kerry threatenling Israel . . . Politico Magazine
Critics: WH sex assault push flawed . . . Daily Caller
Biden: “Kick the living crap” out of attackers . . . Examiner
Minimum wage bill set to die . . . The Hill
Rick Perry can make a comeback . . . Dick Morris
Hillary leads Jeb in poll . . . The Hill
Ralph Nader: Impeach Obama . . . The Hill

13 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 30, 2014

      • The Nader article proves your point of yesterday that the libertarians are nothing but another form of lefties. Nader calls for libertarians and progressives to unite!

        That’s an aside, Kimbly: I think you’re dead right about the voter fraud of 2012.

        • Yes I saw that Julie.

          It’s kind of emblematic of where we are. So many are afraid to take a strong stand to get us right. The weak, the cowardly, the indecisive hide behind libertarianism, resulting in no meaningful action. But they own self righteous.

    • No doubt about it. He has perfected the art of stealing elections… with impunity.
      Some of Obama’s key strategists are now working on Granny Shrillary’s campaign. We can expect a stellar performance. /sarc/

    • My husband and I think you just might see the other owners voting to force the sale of the team because, even though their votes will supposedly be secret, they will be afraid that somehow they will be outed. I also predict that this will be a big legal mess because CA is a common property state, and Sterling’s wife owns half the team.


    „The American Chatolic Chruch started a two week long protesting action againts the Obamacare ( reducing the price of artificial birth control), because some elements of the draft proposal are seriously harm the freedom of religion, some religious leaders said. This measure causes serious reduction in population of the traditional american christian society within the next 20 years, meanwhile the musulman population is increasing permanently.”