As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Strean || White House Briefing – April 30, 2014

The briefing has concluded. President Obama’s remarks on immigration all ran here after the briefing.

26 Responses to Live Strean || White House Briefing – April 30, 2014

  1. Nice to see reporters other than from Fox questioning Boy Wonder.
    Now Bill Plante (CBS) is pinning him down. “So you are distancing the white house from the talking points and putting it on the CIA?”
    Boy Wonder: No (interpretation, “yes”)
    Boy Wonder: I’d be happy to answer questions all day about this (interpretation, “quit asking me about this”)
    Boy Wonder: I’ve been clear about this (interpretation, “I will repeat this false information unti you believe it”)

  2. On to question about economy. I smell a contradiction.

    Sorry, srdem65, it WAS the weather, according to Boy Wonder. That made economic growth fall by 1.5%.

    Due to the sparkly fabulous Obamacare, there was much economic growth in healthcare spending. hmmm. There either was growth or there wasn’t. I guess that was caused by the weather too, you know… all those colds and flu.

    Can’t believe I was able to post rapid-fire report on the pressor without note of “posting too fast”. I am not often here during these lately. Just trying to contribute my part. :-)

  3. Well, I missed the video, but according to the comments above, I didn’t miss much.
    Just another episode of a lying bastard that is embedded in this regime.
    The e-mails that JW found were also sent to Jay Carney, so he knew what was going on at the time Rice was out there lying through her teeth to the American People.
    I think that Carney should be put under oath in front of congress and explain what he knew and when he knew it.

    Yeah,…I know, what’s the point ?

    • I doubt the term “under oath” means anything to anyone in this regime. They will either continue to lie, or like Shrillary, fall down and hit their heads so they can’t remember a thing.

  4. Tom Fitton/Judicial Watch is on Fox News now, having done the work that Congress/Boehner and the whole lot of them should have done and didn’t. What! They don’t know how to file for FOIA?!

    So ladies and gentlemen…now that the cat is out of the bag – what are they going to do about it? It’s not enough that we’re outraged, if our elected morons sit and twiddle thumbs. This is when the real pressure from us needs to be applied like a wedgie!

    • This is when the pedal hits the metal and I will bet that McCain and Graham and their girlfriend Kelly think of all kinds of seemingly forward moving back steps.

      Graham and McCain are especially good at taking it right to the time when you really have to act and then fold back into the old buddy system. Most notable was the Clapper nomination and Benghazi. Protesting that they would hold up the nomination and then in the end, voting to approve.

    • Boehner has an ad running in the Cincinnati area that says “Washington needs more Ohio,…”
      No, Washington needs less of you John.
      His primary is coming up in May.
      I hope anybody defeats him.

  5. He cans still say “and most of the low paying jobs are held by women” — all the while with his inequal pay of women to men in the Administration.

    I caught this as I was rushing to get out when he came on.

  6. You can’t tell me that Boehner had no knowledge of the Benghazi affair.
    He is just another snake in the woodpile, and needs to be removed.

  7. Boehner won’t be defeated (((sigh))) The one-minute ad got J.D.Winteregg fired.

    J.D. Winteregg, who’s received outside support from the Tea Party Leadership Fund in his bid for Boehner’s House seat, had been an adjunct professor at Cedarville University, a small Christian college in Cedarville, Ohio, for three years. Last week, Winteregg was told his contract would not be renewed.