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U.S. Economy Slows Dramatically

Well, we’ve turned the corner! And we’re headed backward. Again.

The U.S. economy was all but in recession during the first quarter of 2014, growing at a rate of only 0.1 percent, the Commerce Department announced this morning.

Economists and Wall Street had expected growth of just over one percent.

The economy had shown signs of life during the second half of 2013, expanding at over 3 percent. But alas, another summer of recovery has fizzled out. The cold weather certainly played a role in the slowdown, but the latest figure points to another year of sub-par growth by historical standards.

But not by Obama standards. Growth has averaged only about two percent since the recession supposedly ended.

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  1. Saved by ObamaCare !

    (Zero Hedge)
    Here is a shocker: for all the damnation Obamacare, which according to poll after poll is loathed by a majority of the US population, has gotten if it wasn’t for the (government-mandated) spending surge resulting from Obamacare, which resulted in the biggest jump in Healthcare Services spending in the past quarter in history and added 1.1% to GDP …

    • (continued from Zero Hedge)

      real Q1 GDP, which rose only $4.3 billion sequentially to $15,947 billion, would have been negative 1%.

    • I can hardly wait to hear his “take” on the Benghazi e-mails from “fiction writer wanna-be” Ben Rhodes, whose brother is a big shot a CBS.

  2. Sorry, but IMO the cold weather did NOT play a role in the slowdown. We’re in the age of internet shopping, and people still bought Christmas gifts, that new washing machine, or just anything at all even when there was a foot of snow outside the door.
    The special snowflake government workers in DC might not have gone to work when snow was expected, but the rest of America lucky enough to have a job just plowed ahead, so to speak. Of course, we didn’t see any snow at all in the southwest and west other than on the mountain peaks, and things were slow here too

    The economy isn’t growing because no one is getting ahead of the game, jobs have disappeared for millions of former workers, and things aren’t looking too good for the future of our economy. The only thing that is going gung-ho is the money flowing into the federal coffers with one new tax after another.

  3. Obama’s numbers in the dumpster, another funky apology tour just over (apparently a couple of gabby mossbacks make us a racist country), no cutting edge pipeline bringing some jobs, the continuing grind of an ill-thought out health gambit–happy spring!

    • Oh as long as Obama is president there will be no good news on the economy as far as the people posting here are concerned. Any good numbers are the product of some conspiracy to manipulate the data or are discarded in favor of other data that don’t show as rosy a picture. No data, no matter how compelling, will make any difference to most of the people here. They don’t care about facts or reality, only ideology.


      Most Criticisms Against Obama Is Racist … No dobut about it. Hatred of Obama does come from racism, and YOU are proof of that!

      “He has to be doing it because he hates America.”

      No, that’d be you and your RecessiCon friends in all those money-sucking Red states.

      Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim. He is not holding office illegally as it has been proven that he was born in Hawaii which has released official documentation proving his birth (but can’t say that for all of the Congress members). Hawaii is in the United States. He is not a traitor to America as he is facing staunch opposition by the House Republicans who have met secretly and have vowed not to support Obama’s efforts to establish jobs and improve America and they have also shamelessly altered documentations, made excessive embassy security budget cuts and blamed it on Obama, wasted millions of dollars on unfounded investigations and withheld the truth of the investigations of no fault from the public; have moved voting districts in their favor by gerrymandering; have participated in unlawful voting practices; and have filibustered more against Obama than any President in our entire history.

      Obama is not destroying America, Congress is because this is the worst Congress in our entire history with the lowest in life approval rating and they are bound and determined to punish those who voted for Obama and to punish Obama for winning his re-election. He is not homosexual, a Marxist, Socialist, nor does he hate America. The lead investigator, Issa, who was appointed to investigate Obama has a vast criminal background more vast than anyone he has investigated (including suspected arson to obtain insurance money, auto thefts, gun charges, etc.) and was livid when a Committee member revealed that there was no targeting by IRS and no illegalities performed by Obama. And. . .he is not a racist being that his mother was White and his father was African; he was raised by his White grandparents and he is bi-racial. Evidently, your information is coming from false sources. Also, think about it, it was some House Republicans (Cruz, and Rand Paul, etc.) who shut down the government and voted not to fund food stamps for our pregnant women, our honorable Veterans, our disabled, and our children through WIC during the shutdown. These are the people who hate America and their carless and callous actions indicate they are not of the people and for all people–they are only for themselves and should not be re-elected.

      Oh, for Christ’s sake, this “the president is anti-American” just makes
      your side look more like the clowns you are. Criticizing ones country is
      hardly a sign of dislike; it’s the opposite. And you fake patriots are
      an embarrassment when held up to whatever warped antiquated view you
      have of what this country was decades ago.

      If you query people on racism, they’ll deny it. Of course I’m not a
      racist! On the Daily Show, they even had a news clip of a couple of
      robe wearing KKK members who denied they were racists. Heck, some of
      their best friends are black!

      Racism is always couched in
      various issues. The absolutely ridiculous charges that Obama was not a
      U.S. citizen and that he was born in Kenya despite all facts to the
      contrary. Would these charges be made against a White candidate? Why did
      they go on for months. Racism? Nope, merely questioning whether a
      particular person has the right to be president.

      I don’t know if Republicans are necessarily more racist than Democrats. I
      suspect that they are more free to express their negative attitudes
      towards race because they can hide it as merely opposition to the

      Literally, No doubt in my mind Obama-haters are racists that just won’t admit it!!er

  4. Re. the economy. A snippet from WSJ editorial board person on Stuart Varney.

    We have French style policies and a French style economy.
    John Kerry, our chief Francophile, will be pleased.

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