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Carney: Email Was Not About Benghazi

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today sought to justify the White House decision to withhold an email describing goals for prepping then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice for the Sunday talk shows after Benghazi, saying the email actually wasn’t about Benghazi.

Carney said:

It was explicitly not about Benghazi. It was about the overall situation in the region, the Muslim world, where you saw protests outside of embassy facilities across the region, including in Cairo, Sanaa, Khartoum and Tunis. And the so-called talking points around Benghazi, as you know because it’s been substantially reported on, were prepared by the CIA.

Well. This is definition #1 of spin. It’s technically true, but it’s not really true. It becomes false for the facts it leaves out.

Carney is right – the email, sent by White House national security spokesman Ben Rhodes, does not specifically say Rice should claim the Benghazi attack was the result of an anti-Muslim video, a claim she made on the shows that turned out to be false. But you don’t need to be Hercule Poirot to ferret out the clear link.

Rhodes lists as one of the “goals” for Rice: “To underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”

Now, if the White House truly believed, as it claims it did, that the Benghazi attack evolved from a protest, then this “goal” includes Benghazi, which was the big issue the shows would be asking Rice about.

In fact, in another section of the email, Rice is prompted to answer a question by saying:

The  currerntly available information suggests that the demonstrations in Benghazi were spontaneously inspired by the protests at the US embassy in Cairo and evolved into a direct assault against the U.S. consulate and subsequently its annex.

So this email is about Benghazi. And the White House withheld it from Congress. And the reason is because it made them look like they were intent on making President Obama look good instead of providing accurate information to the nation about a tragic attack that killed four brave Americans.

Here, in case you’d like to see it, is a heated exchange between Carney and ABC’s Jonathan Karl today about the email.

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49 Responses to Carney: Email Was Not About Benghazi

  1. I want to know why the delay after the attack. HIlla was at some type of function right after the attack having a great time.
    Was O in the WH office that night, pulling his hair out discussing what could be done ASAP for the Americans. Was he discussing this matter with generals, admirals as well? (Before the were let go!)
    Everyone think about The Long List, I feel a child could figure out solutions to most of the things that have gone wrong.
    Off Topic: My thoughts and prayers to everyone in Pensicola.

  2. I’ll admit: Arguing with JayJay is like arguing with a 300 pound gorilla, butI dont understand my WH reporter allow themselves to be interrupted by JayJay all the time…..Can they insist on being allowed to finish their question first?

    What’s the penalty for raising their voice and demanding a straight response after completing their questions?????

    • I had suggested a long time ago, that all of them pick up and walk out!
      Most teachers allow children to complete their question and or comment.
      I have lost respect of them ago.
      Can you imagine being a reporter from the old school, and being cut off. They need to stand up. Tell Carney to stop talking in circles and answer the question. If he refuses. The next reporter called upon needs to ask the same question.

  3. Our own Baghdad Bob…..they have taken the art of lying to a previously undesirable level. Sadly, Carney will be known as the man who lied to America because Obama has a big old library to build and Carney is expendable..

  4. Disgusting. This reminds me of some of the tales my kids would tell me when I caught them red handed. Their lies were outrageous and it was unbelievable how they would spin things to get out of trouble. Nice to know what level our administration is on.

  5. This is why the average American has no stomach to even watch any of this drivel for more than 2 minutes. How Jay sleeps at night is beyond me. He will make a great defense attorney when this is all done. Maybe he can represent Gitmo detainees.


  6. Someone, in the ‘press corpse’ (no misspelling), has to get some balls to make this fool stomp his feet and run out crying.
    To my knowledge, Sarah Palin does not have balls, but she could take him down big time, make him cry, make him run away from the nasty reporters that are attacking me !!!!

    He is a puss, protected by a puss, who is protected by a regime that will go after you and your family for any infraction on what they say is an infraction.
    Welcome to Socialism.
    Welcome to Communism.

    The smiling black man with the gift of gab is this Country’s worst enemy, and the ones that are too stupid to realize it at this point, need a better education.

    This Country’s friends are eroding.
    They no longer trust US due to the waffling edicts of this regime.
    I say that it has been done on purpose, to reduce our image on the world stage.
    Obama has said in the past that America should not be exceptional.
    Didn’t he ?

  7. Are they joking? Everyone was in sync! Obama stood at the UN and told the world it was the video; Hillary and Obama both denounced the video in a weird video to Pakistanis; Jay Jay announced on Sep.14 that it was the ‘video’.
    Great fodder for late nite and SNL !

  8. Sniveling, condescending, lying little weasel.

    In the end, Carney will be thrown under the bus.

    Anyone who agrees to lie to the American public to this extent has lost any smidgeon of decency.

  9. Keith,
    This is a crazy question, but why does this “WH Press Corps” allow this dope Jay Carney (aka: “Dear Leader Obama Propaganda Sec.”) get away with his daily ‘non-answers & stuck-up attitude’…?
    ~Is it because this sycophant “WH Press Corps” agrees with Jay Carney and dosent want to upset Dear Leader Obama…?

    ~~Keith, I understand you can never tell us the TRUTH about the “WH Press Corps” (because you work there) But I can not tell you how PISSED I am because NO ONE in this “WH Press Corps” has the GUTS-BALLS to ask REAL QUESTIONS!!!
    We readers of WhiteHouseDossier can ask hundereds of better questions, and DEMAND ANSWERS from Jay Carney than anyone in this current sycophant “WH Press Corps”.

    • BTW…. A POX on the “WH Press Corps”.

      (no offense Keith, I am just so SICK & PISSED OFF because I know how to ask better questions & DEMAND answers about the Obama regime than anyone in the “media” nowadays…)

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I have an idea!!!
      Their should be one regular American who has their name picked at random to ask a question.
      The condition that person does/will deserve the right to an answer.

    • I am with you guys!! Why does everyone put up with this crap. They won’t get called on again?!!
      Keith ,do you goes ever talk amoungst yourselves and say what a D**k,Carney is?

    • In answer to some of the questions –

      blondie: Carney is not well liked by the White House press corps, and people do talk about it.

      Langley Spook: There are some good reporters among the White House press corps, and as you’ve seen, a few who can ask tough questions. But overall, both in the reporting and the questioning, this is unfortunately the most passive group I’ve seen in nearly 16 years as a White House reporter. Actually, it’s been that way through most of the Obama administration. Even the Clinton people got a much, much tougher grilling and more aggressive coverage.

      The reason does have to do with the political sympathy reporters have for Obama, but also the change in the press over the last decade. More emphasis on just getting stories up on the web, less on accountability and investigative reporting. And competition has become so fierce with people going out of business that I think reporters are afraid to anger the White House for fear their competitors will get scoops.

      • Why are they passive Keith ?
        IMO they should be more aggressive, given the condition of the Country.
        Political sympathy for Obama ?
        After 5 and a half years of the desecration of the economy, the military, and the morals of this country ?
        Political sympathy for Obama,…classic.

      • Good morning Mr. Koffler. I think the point you made about getting a story up on the web is the crux of the matter. Our media uppers are so afraid of being scooped by someone else that they don’t allow time for a true investigation and story to be developed. I also think they are acutely aware of the short attention span that has developed in a large portion of our society that allows them to bet away with headlines and splash with not substance. Even their errors are quickly forgotten and washed away by the high tides caused by global warming.

  10. This email really makes Hillary look like she was out of the loop. All White House. But the real question that would bring the House of Barry to it’s knees is why was there a consulate and secret CIA annex in a terrorist strewn location. Of course we know why, (Libyan arms for Syrian opponents, ie Al Qaeda).

    • I have come to the conclusion that the Republican’s in the HOP should hire Judicial Watch to conduct their investigations. The fact is they have gotten more done than the various committees. The WH is just antagonizing the House Republicans at every step. They can’t even put Lois Lerner in jail.

  11. not only all that, Keith, but the email was released in the first place as part of the FOIA request for Benghazi-related emails. so of course it was germane to Benghazi.

    just imagine if this was happening under Bush. (ok I know, I’m tired of hearing that myself!) but srsly: are the low-info voters really so stupid that they don’t understand how bad Benghazi is–far worse than Watergate?

    where are our Woodward and Bernstein?

  12. Sadly, the days are long gone when a White House correspondent would stand up on his feet on national TV, and put the screws to a President.

    Sam Donaldson comes to mind. He had absolutely no fear of Nixon or Reagan. He could truly be an embarrassing pain in the ass sometimes, but he did his job. He did exactly what we can’t do: hold these bastards to account.

    Hold the powerful accountable, not giving a sh*t if you don’t make the White House Christmas card list.

  13. Three guesses as to who is behind this incredible web of lies: Valjar, Valjar, Valjar. Why hasn’t she been subpoened? Hillary didn’t appear on the 5 Sunday shows b/c she was kept out of the loop. My .02 cents.

    • Valjar is why The Manchurian Candidate movie always comes to my mind. Obama’s being “handled” somehow, maybe not by a computer chip, I think the Obama’s can be bought…..I know tinfoily, but Beck pointed out years ago, Obama’s connection to The Tides Foundation can make him the richest man in the world someday. We already know his country isn’t his first priority :(

      • One name that stands out at the Tide Foundation is Wayne Rathke, found of ACORN. Obama’s unsavory background should scare the living daylights out of everyone! As POTUS, I get the feeling Obama is just playing for time before he puls out all the stops after November. Fasten your seatbelts!

        Beckwith (The Obama File) has a complete Tides Foundation line up here:

  14. The fact that we have thousands of americans abroad. The question they should ask: Why don’t you get to the bottom of this? Even if someone is found to be in the wrong. The main issue is not someone’s career being on the line because they screwed up. The issue is to prevent this from happening again: No one going to the rescue!

  15. Shameful. These morons have no pride in the fact that they are in positions to serve their country. They only seek to lie, to obfuscate and to cover-up their sub standard performance and the fact that this is the absolutely worst, most inept, most frivolous, administration in living memory.