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This Time, Americans Aren’t Fooled

Yeah, dude, we did it. Pulled it out. High five! Neanderthals lose again. Big win for liberals.

That was the tone at the White House earlier this month as President Obama announced that Obamacare had made it’s signup goal, topped it even. We proved ’em wrong. This can work.

Obama high fiveBut Americans are finished being lied to about Obamacare. They get that the federal government having to devote massive resources to fix – partially – a massive problem says only bad things about government. They know that someone who missed class all year, didn’t hand in the assignments, and then crammed all night and barely passed the final is still a screw up.

That’s the message from the latest Washington Post-ABC poll, which finds that 57 percent of Americans disapprove of the way President Obama is implementing Obamacare, with only 37 percent approving, a stunning vote of no-confidence.

Moreover, support for Obamacare, which was higher in this poll than others, dropped from 49 percent in March to only 44 percent today, with 48 percent opposing in both polls. Forty four percent think the nation’s health care system is getting worse, compared to 24 percent who think it’s getting better, and 47 percent think Obamacare is raising their health care costs, compared to eight percent who think it’s decreasing them. That’s right, eight. Eight percent. Others said costs are about the same.

Remember, this thing is actually called the Affordable Care Act. And more-affordable care is what we were promised.

Obama has his lowest approval rating ever in the poll, at 41 percent. Fifty four percent disapprove of his handling of the economy, 66 percent say the country is on the wrong track.

Obamacare is a catastrophe. Americans know it. The question is whether they are going to do anything about it.

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    1. But you know what–I agree with Lewis Black (on this anyhow)–we have ADD as a population–we never listen, grab a meme fragment, that becomes a fact, and we rage on. Sure fewer people have coverage than before (net those who lost their plans and those who signed and paid). And i’ts more expensive. But it is now a “success.” Next subject?

  1. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

  2. If the Republicans can’t keep the House AND take back the Senate in November. I give up. It’s all we can do at this point, vote the enablers out, change the leadership and take away Obama’s magic Executive Order wand and hope for the best after that.

    It just might stop the bleeding.

    1. They’re sounding desperate. Today I got an email from Nancy Pelosi, beginning with “President Obama has emailed you. Vice
      President Biden has emailed you. And now I’ve emailed you. We
      wouldn’t all be asking if it wasn’t so important.” and going on to say how they HAVE to combat the barrage of attacks from the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove.

      BTW: Anybody know what happened to “Patient Protection” that used to precede “Affordable Care Act”?

        1. Not just the san fran nanny, other “Clampetts” reaching out for money are Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Dick Durbin, Jennifer Granholm, and Barbra Steisand. (And then there are those “last chance” emails telling me to add my name to the list of people who helped make Obamacare possible. “ADD YOUR NAME” is a really popular tool for the left to build their base — or maybe that should be pedestal.)

          I wonder what kind of spam filter would handle this barrage of pan handlers…

          1. I still subscribe to the Dem and Rep emails of “Doom”, I call them. If I don’t send them money, evil will win. Used to work on me until I realized they gave my money to people I wasn’t supporting. I should unsubscribe to them, but always like to hear what they’re pushing.

            I’m still on Daily Kos’ list, always asking for money so they don’t have to lay off any more staff to help fight the Evilllll Koch brothers.

            Don’t sign any petitions for anybody either, just email harvests to get more craptastic email !

    2. And that would be the best resolution — and think about that. And even that is sad — the Republicans are a shaky lot. Fingers crossed for conservatives.

      Long long road back. If it happens.

      1. Does anyone know if Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) is facing a primary challenge? She’s the Republican fair-haired girl who gave the response to one of Obummer’s SOTUs and now is predicting passage of amnesty in August and waving the white flag on Obamacare. Fingers crossed indeed!

        1. So has Boehner, and Boehner is facing a primary.
          I live close enough to Cincinnati to get their radio stations and Boehner has got his adds out there.
          I have not determined yet who, dem or rep is running against him.

          1. He has at least one Republican challenger who was fired from his job as a adjunct professor at some college because he ran an ad about Boehner and “electile (sic) dysfunction”. He has a funny name, something like Winteregg.

          2. Interesting.
            I don’t live in Boehner’s district so I cannot vote against him.
            Just the knowledge that he is running again is enough for this site.

          3. But as long as the Republicans get the House, I could easily live with a Democrat beating Boehner. Just. To. Get. Rid. Of. Him.

    3. I agree Denise.
      My main worry is the potential voter fraud rearing it’s ugly head again.
      If we lose this one,…it’s wall meet head.

      1. Voter fraud! My biggest worry too, AFVet. The regime has been perfecting it for the last 5.5 years. Their big prize would be Texas – and they’re really working it.

  3. The last paragraph and the implied question is what is so frustrating to many of us. We are the “they” and “they” can’t do a thing about Obamacare, our/”they”‘s opinions don’t matter to anyone of any party in Washington now.
    If both of the Repub US Senators from Arizona will vote for amnesty for illegal aliens when the majority of their constituents oppose such a move, then how can we expect any representative to consider their sworn duty?
    None of the 600 or so elected officials in DC were sent there to cater to one special interest, or even to vote THEIR ideas, but to represent the will of the majority of the voters who elected them.

    We, the people, the little guys, can’t beat the entrenched politicos who spend all their time sticking themselves in special interest’s cement and are rewarded with enormous campaign donations. We try, we want to believe that a candidate isn’t lying, but ………..

    1. Re: Last paragraph.
      Oh yes we can.
      Education is the key, however all the education in the world cannot compete with enough ignorant voters that when added to fraudulent elections will defeat US.

      We have got to keep trying, because once you stop trying, you lose.
      #PTF,……..reply to srdem.

      1. I never give up something I believe, never.

        As for the ignorant voters, the low-info, the uninterested, we might as well go for the ballots that have the candidates photos on them so at least they’ll know what the people they’re voting for look like as they do in countries with a huge illiterate population.
        Maybe go for the ink-dyed finger as proof of casting a vote, too.

        We don’t know everything our betters are doing in the proverbial smoky cloakrooms, or what’s going on in obscure offices or cubbyholes in DC that will upset our values, our traditions, and our normal lives, but as long as we have the internet and people willing to search out the truth, we’ll have a chance.

  4. The GOP has surrendered. Last week GOP Conference Chair, RINO Cathy McMorris Rodgers, waved the white flag and said that Obamacare is unlikely to be repealed and therefore, “We need to look at reforming the exchanges.”
    Meanwhile, a stunning FOX News poll: The all-important Independent voting bloc overwhelmingly favors anti-Obamacare candidates by a 25% margin!

    Even if it is miraculously repealed while he is in office, Obama will veto it. He kicked the employer mandate down the road to 2016 in order to avoid the fury that will undoubtedly ensue when tens of millions lose their coveted policies.
    Unless Obamacare implodes upon itself, it will limp along for years. Either that, or it will morph into single payer. I don’t see how anyone can put the genie back in the bottle. Especially if Shrillary is next in line! We are (fill in the blank)!

      1. Aren’t you from Oregon? I think Monica Wehby is going to beat Merkely, but the Republicans sure have a poor bunch running against Kitzhaber. I will be just sick if he wins again after the Cover Oregon fiasco.

    1. WA is a liberal state, but she is from the eastern side, and like the eastern side of OR, the eastern side of WA is conservative. Hope they toss her out.

    2. If we elect enough congress critters that disagree with Obamacare, and vote it down, and Obama vetoes the vote, they can override his veto.

  5. We seem to overlook quizzical response from this same poll-
    the Democratic party is trusted more than the Republican party to address and correct these critical issues?

    1. I take the polls with a grain of salt.
      They are wired toward people that have no clue as to what is going on.
      The poll samples are rarely published, and even then you can’t believe them.
      I feel that Obama’s poll numbers should be 20 points lower than they are.

  6. so-called “Americans” are so IGNORANT they “voted” for ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ TWICE…

    At this rate I think if you want to “vote” fI think one needs to pass some type of basic ‘current-events/US Civics’ test…(yeah I know that “14th” & “15th” admendment of the Consitution…
    ~I have been working on this plan/law/manifesto for some time… and I think I have some good ideas; “US Democracy” still stands, yet only those who have any ‘clue’ are allowed to “vote”… the ignorant masses are allowed to live their lives :-)

    1. Right on Spook !
      Wire the machines to turn on IF YOU PASS A BASIC CIVICS TEST.
      But lets be real here, that would be racist.
      Hell, they don’t want voter ID.

      1. Mandatory Voter PHOTO ID. What the Dems are claiming is that those voters are too stupid to get one, and that’s more racist than claiming it’s racist to demand one. If that made sense…. ;)

  7. “Obamacare is a catastrophe. Americans know it. The question is whether they are going to do anything about it.”

    Isn’t that what our Congress Critters are supposed to do? Do what is right for America?
    Problem is, once elected they forget that they work for the people, they start thinking that they work for themselves and the people who are going to line their pockets or keep them in power.
    We can email, make telephone calls, write letters, demonstrate, but bottom line is, if the corporations and the big money people want the darn thing to go through, that IS what is going to happen.
    You said it best Keith, in a column you wrote a while back, “the insurance companies thought they were going to get golden nuggets, and Obama handed them chicken nuggets instead” (paraphrasing). The reason the insurance companies have been on board with ObamaCrap is b/c they are going to make money – succeed or fail, they will still make money.

  8. Good news! I just got back from CVS, picked up my daughter’s script and they said it cost ZERO. This new ACA is working like a charm, I love it! Last year this cost me $21.

    WAIT: my new plan with meds is costing me $500 more PER MONTH…. What kind of screwy scam is this?

    One day, soon after 01-01-2017, the truth will laid in front of us.


  9. OT: Benghazi
    Fox news is reporting that Ben Rhodes, an Obama advisor and deputy NSA advisor, is involved in the lie Susan Rice told that the Benghazi attack was caused by that video.

    Ben Rhodes is the brother to CBS News President David Rhodes. Perhaps this connection explains why CBS didn’t want Sharyl Attkisson to report on Benghazi.

    1. Good catch AZ.

      Of course, if Obama’s middle name was Milhous and not Hussein, we wouldn’t be having this discussion at all. Newspapers don’t qualify for the bottom of bird cages anymore. The alphabet networks don’t report anymore and fewer than ever give a damn. If it weren’t for the hard work of the like of Keith and others, we’d have a total blackout of news.

  10. When this thing takes full affect we will find out why the Postal Service,NASA and NOAA bought all those rounds of hollow point ammunition! The hell of it, many of those going after him will be the very people he has been giving shit to. Now, they are going to find out THIS shit ain’t free! They are not going to be happy,when they don’t get what they have been promised. Middle class Americans have been used to that for years! But these people, these people have had it given to them for 50 years, and when you want someone to pay for something you inferred would be free…sit back and watch the fun!!

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