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Keith Has a Nightmare

I had a dream the other night.

Democrats were winning Senate seats. Ohio, Indiana – everywhere.

Yes, when you’re in my line of business, these are the kind of dreams you have.

The Democrats picked up like five or six seats. And it wasn’t even Election Day! This was some kind of pre-Election Day. I thought, How are Republicans going to win the Senate in November when they’re now another half dozen seats in the hole?

And then – Mississippi. The Republicans had even lost Mississippi. How could – no, wait, it turned out the Mississippi loss was just a local election. But the Democrat who won was mouthing off about how Democrats would eventually seize the state.

I bring this up because you are seeing now a slew of articles predicting a bug Republican splash on Election Day. People must remember, there were widespread predictions of a big Romney splash on Election Day a couple of years ago. I believed them. Even Mitt Romney believed them.

Part of what’s going on now may be intentional. It serves Democrats to put out the message that Republicans are priming to crush them, because that motivates their base, it motivates their donors, and it breeds complacency among Republicans.

As Karl Rove noted earlier today, if Republicans and don’t put forward an aggressive agenda, they’re going to suffer. Romney’s strategy was essentially to beat up on Obama. We know where that got him.

If Republicans become too afraid to push real ideas – ones that might piss some people but that will motivate their base and provide everyone a rationale for voting for them – they’ll lose races they might have won. And with Democrats bashing them as misogynist, racist, anti-immigrant , poor-people-hating country club thugs, I can see plenty of them, including the GOP leadership, opting for safer, sterile ground.

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  1. Republicans are even running “establishment” candidates against tea party favorites who are challenging GOP incumbents in state primaries to steal votes from the populist tea party person. The unpopular incumbent wins by default. (See: Nancy Mace, South Carolina)

    THEN, the Dems will fund a 3rd party long shot “libertarian” candidate just to steal enough votes for the Dem to win.

    So many ways for thugs on both sides to win.

    • I see ‘libertarians’ as fence sitters.
      You are correct Denise, they muddy the water with the ‘libertarian’.
      Progressives vs. conservatives is a more concise selection for the voters.

    • BINGO. They’ve funded 3rd party long shot ‘libertarians’ already. The VA governorship was a good example. If the libertarian had not been in the race, Cuccinelli would have won. Keith is right: ‘Tis a real nightmare.

      • The nightmare will commence if we fail to take back the majority in the senate and fail to put a speaker of the house in power that listens to the American People.
        Obama is not going to be impeached, however, he can be defeated.

    • I agree with AFV and JB. I see them as fence sitters — unwilling to commit and kind of self righteous. Special snowflakes is how I see them. I am trying really hard to understand them. I watch The Independents some times — but the WE ARE THE INDEPENDENTS — just reinforces that special snowflake theme in me. And I try and follow a lot of the commentary at

      I do think they are being used by the Democrats, but I also do think most of them lean left. Kinda like — leave me alone, but give me “some” stuff.

      I just wish they saw this country as I think they see themselves.

      And the Republicans are chasing them because the RINOS have soiled the party bed.

  2. “Romney’s strategy was essentially to beat up on Obama. We know where that got him.”

    but that’s not why Romney lost, Keith. he lost because 2 million+ people who voted for McCain in 2008 did not vote for Romney in 2012 because he wasn’t conservative enough. every so-called conservative who refused to vote for Romney should understand that it’s THEIR FAULT Obama was reelected, and if they keep up this silly “I’m never voting for a RINO again” thing it will be their fault if the Senate doesn’t go Republican in November.

    • Boy did you hit the nail on the head. I knew people who absolutely detested Obama, but since Romney was a Morman or not conservative enough or something else, just didn’t vote which was a vote for Obama! Hope they all learned their lesson! You are right it was THEIR fault, staying home and not voting!

      • sometimes, when someone has written “I refuse to vote for a RINO in 2016” I write back “what’s your snailmail address? I’d like to send you a ‘HILLARY 2016’ bumper sticker.”

        • And if the “Rinos” are going to do whatever Obama wants them to do, what difference does it make?? We need a CHANGE in government, not a “let’s go along to get along” mentality. We’ve already been there, done that…it isn’t working.

  3. Karl Rove is just another charlatan in my book.
    I don’t trust him.
    Yeah, he gets a lot of air time on Fox, but so does Juan Williams.

    We need to seek out Constitutional conservatives, not the Boehners and the McConnels that infest this legislative branch of the government.
    Huge war chests resulting from years of campaigning should not dilute our ability to pick the best candidate to get our Country back on track.

    Obama cannot succeed in his efforts to destroy the foundations of our Country if he doesn’t have the support of the congress.
    I have lost track of the czars that he has working for him, none of which ever passed a congressional approval.

    • So, so many charlatans in todays so-called “Republican party”…
      -I am so pissed at todays useless “Republicans”
      (especially the DC ones… -Im looking at you Rove and all of you ‘Tea Party/Conservative’ haters…)

  4. “We don’t suck as much as they do” isn’t a winning argument.

    “We want you to be free to live the best life you can, without some know-it-all, pencil-pushing, SmartCar-driving, arugula-munching, taxpayer-funded busybody telling you that you don’t know how to live your own life”–slightly better, I would think.

  5. The last 5.5 years have been a LIVING nightmare, Keith. If only it was a bad dream! Thanks to you and WHD, politics is more palatable. My only question is: Is there life after ObamaCare and Amnesty? Will elections really matter afterwards?

  6. All we have to do is catch the big news today as it unfolds just how vicious and powerful the thought police are towards anyone who strays from a certain mindthink.
    When a rich, powerful man talks privately to his mistress in a way that’s not approved by the mindthink enforcers, then that man will be punished with financial losses, and shunning. this punishment will continue for a long time before anyone remembers that this is still the USA and he has the right to his opinion on everything.

    The same mindthink enforcers will attack any Repub who dares speak of a “smaller government” or fiscal responsiblity by claiming the truth is that this Repub wants to have dirty air, cut Granny’s Social Security, leave children to starve in the night, or just anythink they can think of to smear their conservative ideas.
    How does a conservative Repub win the hearts and votes of people who think the Dems are the only group that cares about clean air, or if Granny has an income, or even if they themselves will starve if they don’t get the “free” foodstamps from the government?
    If a Dem goes to a college town and promises “free college”, how many students will wonder who’s paying, and how many will jump with glee at the idea?
    The only hope the Repubs have is to find that Obamacare button, and the empty wallets of the voters and work with that to win votes.

    • If you’re talking about the owner of the Clippers…

      Denis Rodman was reportedly being given a guided tour of a North Korean prison camp, and was unavailable for comment.

    • I loved what you wrote — how is it that a man is talking to his girlfriend in the privacy of his own home and she rats on him for what he says and his freedom of speech is taken away and everyone is celebrating the way it was done in such a low-life manner by the girlfriend? Okay, in his position as owner he shouldn’t say or feel the way he does, but I am only referring to freedoms being lost if someone can sell his private words and thats okay and everyone celebrates that? Thats the stupid low IQ folks again. its awfully suspicious the timing of the way this old rich guys words got out to the media. Obama loves this stuff, I can just see him chuckling to himself about this whole incident– the jerk owner should have known better than to trust that girlfriend of his. Obama ran with this, loving it, couldn’t wait to comment on it, his fingerprints are all over it. Maybethe old rich guy has a little dementia to let himself be taped like that? he’s 80 years old. I hope he sues everyone for slander and his own civil rights.

  7. Republicans are working aggressively on an agenda, but it is one that would hand Obama and the Democrats a gigantic 2nd term domestic policy achievement mere months before the election. The GOP wants to motivate the base with this, but they aren’t referring to the grassroots. Their base constituency is the donor class.

  8. I agree the Republicans must push their agenda. If it’s not made as clear and simple as possible, people will take the easy way out and vote for the Democrats. Plus, they must start flooding the media with their ideas, their possible candidates, etc., now, not later just before election time. Then, it’s too late. We need to hear from more than Rand Paul, for example, one person won’t sway public opinion.