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Obama: U.S. has “Work to Do” on Human Rights

Does he mean like imprisoning someone for making an anti-Muslim videotape? Then yes, maybe he’s right.

President Obama’s love of moral relativism was back on display Sunday in Malaysia, where he excused that country’s human rights violations by suggesting the United States had some of its own.

From his press conference with Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia.

I think the Prime Minister is the first to acknowledge that Malaysia has still got some work to do — just like the United States, by the way, has some work to do on these issues.

Human Rights Watch probably has a list of things they think we should be doing as a government.  And I am going to be constantly committed to making sure that these issues get raised in a constructive way.

We have problems in this country. In a free society, there are winners and losers, and sometimes things aren’t fair.

BUT WE DO NOT HAVE A HUMAN RIGHTS PROBLEM. We do not have organized, systemic oppression of people in America. To suggest this is an insult not only to us, but to those who face really such oppression.

But here’s the greatest shocker of all: That I am forced, in this space, to defend the human rights record of the United States against THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

God help us.

H/T Newsmax.

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  1. I do not appreciate paying for him to travel to other Countries bad mouthing his citizens here in the US.
    He can sit there and knock himself all he would like

  2. Nothing that Barack Obama has done has been constructive for this country.

    I continue to be outraged every time he criticizes this country, especially when he is abroad. Obama has led a charmed life in America. He would do well to consider how his Kenyan relatives live and how well this country has treated his recently deceased aunt and his grifter uncle in Boston.

      1. You have no idea how it piisses the veterans off that contribute to this site.
        His appearances at veteran memorial sites makes me grit my teeth.

  3. Bravo, Keith! This Sterling/LA Clippers thing seems almost staged. I’ve never more wished that the truth would come to the fore.

    1. People ought to start questioning the esteem in which Ivy League education is held. Well, at least the Supreme Court has upheld the University of Michigan’s ban on affirmative action. I’m not sure this applies all over the United States, and Harvard claims to be a private institution even though it receives all kinds of public money.

      1. The dopey “folks,” “stuff, “gonna” etc is a pathetic attempt to be one with the masses. At least he isn’t doing the ain’t and he don’t dance. Yet anyhow.

  4. Obama was nothing short of petty and childish in his response to Ed Henry with reference to Fox News. Excuse me, but David Brooks, who questioned his manhood, did not do it on Fox Sunday Show.
    His grade school language and attitudes are embarrassing on the world stage.
    Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, and Ronald Reagan must be turning over.

      1. We drove through that very area the night before after having supper in Little Rock following a 60th high school reunion near Hot Springs. It was a beautiful, calm evening along I-40.
        Last night and even in the afternoon the weather here, north central, Twin Lakes area of the Ozarks, was spooky and we had warnings to go with the high winds, hail, heavy thunderstorms and rain….we were relieved when it finally calmed down.
        Thanks for caring!

        1. We’re all glad you’re safe.
          It appears that the storms are moving east.
          Ohio forecasts call for thunderstorms all day long tomorrow.

  5. He was pandering to the professional victims here in the US; the downtrodden Black community, the poorly paid working women, and the misunderstood illegal Hispanic aliens. Without an enemy the Dems have nothing to run on, nothing to keep their base in the fold, nothing.

    On a personal level, he may truely believe that opposition to him or his agenda is a racist backed plot to undermine his “legacy” and importance. If he believes that America would embrace his socialist views if not for the White/Jewish/Christian/conservative/ racists, then he can rest easy because otherwise he would have to face reality.

    Of all the countries in this wacky world, America does not have a core of inhabitants with centuries of background to form a certain thought or life style. We have peoples of every tribe, religion, color, and beliefs who try to come up with a working order or consensus to live peacefully among each other. So far, it’s working.
    It’s not a perfect peace, it’s not ideal, but it’s better here than anywhere in the world.
    Just ask any wannabe immigrant where they want to spend the rest of their lives and the answer won’t be Malaysia or Russia or Iraq or Haiti.
    MrObama shames himself, not us.

      1. Thanks SRDEM … its just shocking how our own pres. is immune to truth you have stated. His upbringing & adult life is void of the realities of our exceptional America. And yet so many are blinded by the this emperor’s clothing.

  6. Keith,
    In fairness to Obama, you do reference God in your columns from time to time so therefor YOU sir are part of the American problem that needs some “work”.
    Do you not realize there are at least a few dozen atheists zealots out there who have their human rights violated every time you hit G O D on the keyboard?
    Do you not realize the human rights the right wing Tea Party violates each and every day? (If not, please visit Media Matters or the New York Times for the most up to date examples.)
    Do you not understand the evil behind requiring ID to vote?
    Do you not get that in a “free” society, everyone should be free to get “free” stuff from everyone else?
    Yessirree, you sir definitely need some re-education in the human rights department.

    1. I just read a story about the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, declaring that Great Britain is now a post-Christian country. He runs with the times and is the one who said that the UK should recognize sharia law. It’s fitting that his new title is Lord Williams of Oystermouth. I wonder if the Queen chose that on purpose. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist as you brought up God and atheists rights in your comment.)

        1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again Srdem for that comment.
          My father, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and priest have always appreciated myself as a female. They NEVER put me one step below themselves.

      1. I agree with Julie.
        The people that post here are very intelligent, and we can see through the /sarc.
        Made ya think huh ?

        #PTF !!!

        1. Anyone who DOES have the right in this Free America to give their opinion on anyone in office now or in the past is not a fool. A person who nods OK to anything and everything any person thinks has a problem.

  7. Well over a year ago, Allen West published a list of ’40 Alarming Quotes’ by bho on Islam compiled since he took office. Every American needs to share these with as many citizens as possible. However, AG Holder and Barry are ‘untouchables’! Plus, a large segment of people have now chosen NOT to ‘speak-out’ for fear of our Gov’t, and others, especially youth and college students, are indoctrinated or ‘zoning out’! Check out”

    1. There’s an interesting story on Breitbart about a man being arrested in Winchester, England for quoting out loud a passage from Winston Churchill’s The River War in which he attacks “Mohammedism” with a good jab at how women are treated.

      Anyway, thanks for the link. I love Allen West.

      1. There’s a post over at Weasel Zippers on the same topic. Could any of us ever have conceived of a day when a British subject could be arrested for quoting Sir Winston? What a sorry state the world has come to, when the greatest empire the world has ever known is committing cultural suicide before our very eyes.

    2. Nice catch jbeth! I’ve heard/read a few of BHO’s quotes on Islam, but Col. West putting them together is amazing.
      I have a much clearer picture of Barry now.
      Now, as for his comments on America, he’s a pompous wind bag.

  8. Keith I have to disagree with you on this. I think that Obama is right that there are numerous human rights violations going on in this country, and we should, as mindful people be aware of them.

    1. The unbridled spying on American people by its own government – definitely a human right violation. Only tyrannical governments do such a thing.
    2. The growth of a “civilian army” to the point where you can’t tell the difference between the military and the police. Setting us on a course towards a police state. Another violation of human rights.
    3. The continued seizure of private property by the federal government for what purpose is unknown. The rights of the individual to be secure in their property being violated regularly.
    4. The murder of US citizens abroad without trial via drone strikes.
    5. The allowing of voter fraud to continue in elections while attempting to force the sovereign states to kow tow to federal laws.
    6. The allowing of unchecked foreign nationals to enter this country without being checked or registered, there by allowing criminal activity and violence against US citizens to occur.
    7. The refusal to defend against lawsuits the Constitutionally passed laws of the land because they don’t meet the criteria the government likes.
    8. The allowing, and by silence encouraging, the massive uptick in racial violence being perpetrated by one ethnic/racial group against others.
    9. The continued attacks against religious groups that are only trying to stay true to their faiths.
    10. The establishment of an educational program that severely dumbs down the youth, and makes it so this country will not be able to compete in the global economy.
    11. The attempted establishment of the cult of Obama, and the worship of same.

    All of these things are what tyrants attempt to do within their country. Yes, there are plenty of human rights violations going on in America. It’s just that it is the GOVERNMENT that is doing them.

    1. 12. The targeting of conservative and Tea Party by the IRS.
      Now, we can call the list “The Dirty Dozen.”

      Bravo! Excellent list.

  9. Your last paragraph says it all, Keith !
    Just waiting for Obama and Holder to switch from Amnesty being a ‘civil’ right to Amnesty being a ‘human right’. Our immigration laws are violating human rights!
    Same thing for ‘wealth redistibution’. It’s a human right!

    The next WH briefing should be veddy interesting! Obama is going to be ‘constantly committed’ to making sure all of our violations are brought up in a constructive way.
    Good luck, Jay!

      1. You must have patience grasshopper !
        The website that you are using is in it’s infancy.
        In the meantime, can I slip some cookies through the slit in the door of the moderation vault ?
        Which would you like, chocolate chip, or peanut butter ?

  10. Keith, you write: “We do not have organized, systemic oppression of people in America.” Wrongo, buddy. Conservatives in this country are being oppressed in an organized, systemic manner. See Lerner, Lois. You have the IRS colluding in that case with DOJ, the FEC and senior Democrat leaders in both the House and Senate. Maybe conservatives should start some kind of human rights for conservatives organization.

  11. “But here’s the greatest shocker of all: That I am forced, in this space, to defend the human rights record of the United States against THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.”

    Succinct, sad and not the first or last time.

    We elected an unproven man in hopes he would assuage our national guilt over slavery. We got a Marxist, community organizer who happened to be married to same.

  12. Maybe he meant we have a lot of work to do regarding diminishing human rights. Just because someone is working on something doesn’t mean he or she is making it better.


    From all of the religious Confession, the Islamic had positive feedback.
    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, called Obamacare seems to be supported by the musulmans. Not for nothing…
    Decreasing the population of Christian people with abortion and contraceptive can cause serious changes in the percentage religious divisions in a few decades.
    Obama’s program does not Christian at all, and seems that the only supporters are the musulmans.
    He needed time to show his real face. He kept his religion secret, but with his steps he left no doubt about it: he does not believe in Christian teachings, nevertheless: he wants to dilute the Christian bloodline.

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