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The Obama Morning News || April 28, 2014

11 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || April 28, 2014”

  1. I’m so glad Obama had the time to visit a mosque. While he was there I’m sure he condemned the killing of all the Malaysian Christians by the muslims, right? No? Really? Why not?

  2. O WHINES (not blast) about foreign policy critics. This man has to be reminded here in America there is Free Speech. Pres. have always had critics.
    As far as Ukraine. All we did was send Helmets and other items, that would not help anyone protect themselves from intruders.
    He is flying all over. Meeting with whom ever, put did not step foot any where near Ukraine.
    All the Generals, Admirals were let go. He could use those men with experience for advise. Not to wage war, but other tactics.

  3. The new sanctions to be outlined later on Monday in detail. Will add more people to a list announced last month of figures where assets are frozen and who are denied visas to travel to the US.
    KEEPING in RESERVE additional steps we could use if the situation ESCULATES.
    He always seems to be steps behind…… in his foreign policy plans, or comments, actions, etc.

  4. In less than 48 hours, 5 Black people were shot and killed, and some 40 other Blacks were wounded by gunfire in Chicago. Someone is trying to kill all the Blacks living in the segregated, ghetto area of Chicago.

    Obviously, the White Mayor of Chicago is a racist who endorses this massacre with his silence and should be removed from office. Not long ago, this White, racist Mayor of Chicago closed many public schools located in the segregated, ghetto areas populated by mostly Black people.
    He claimed that the schools weren’t performing or educating Black children, and/or that closing the schools was part of a money-saving scheme meant to free up more tax-payer’s money to fund the mostly White municipal worker’s pensions.
    Mayor Rahm Emanuel should be removed from office.

    1. In another instance of racism against Black people, the owner of a LosAngeles professional basketball team was secretly recorded as he told his mistress to avoid associating with “Blacks”.
      Since the team this racist, old White man owns employs mostly young, Black men his comments were considered to be at the least anti-Black racism and at the worst a pathetic cry from an old White guy whose mistress prefers to be among young Black guys.

      The young, Black men paid to be professional ballplayers have shown their outrage at this racist slight by wearing their warm-up jerseys inside out as they entered the court arena.
      Not wanting to jeapordize their multi-million dollar contracts paid by the racist old White man, this lame protest is seen as a sell-out by greedy professional athletes who can be bought with money to ignore anything.

  5. The nationally read and dubiously respected Washington Post newspaper claims that SarahPalin’s influence among conservative voters has diminished over the years since she was shoved into the national limelight.
    By showcasing the former Alaskan Gov and VP candidate’s recent actions, the author belies his own assertions that she doesn’t matter anymore in national or even regional elections.

    Taken in context, the same assertions of loss of stature or political influence could be said about MrObama, as his political candle burns down to a stub. The major differences between the these two people is apparent, but the end result seems to put them both in the same place.

  6. If the stories about Sterling are true and have been known about for a long time, it seems to me that the NAACP has been pretty mercenary.


    The secta Subud is a special mixture of Java mysticism, magic and the Dharma (originated from India), which is controlled from above, by a theocratic, authoritarian system: The teaching can be interpreted only by the main leader. The Dharma is about the circulation of our world, where the destruction is a natural part of the system, so that is why Shiva can be one of the most important, central God in their religion.
    The Secta is based on ordered relationship hierarchy.
    The secta is led by a very little group of leaders, who hold the most of the economical power of the Subud.
    For an example, they new HQ of the Subud was planned to be built in Jakarta. It would have a special „boat” shape with a huge chimney.

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