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Sunday Open Thread || April 27, 2014

For those who haven’t participated: Freewheeling discussion in the comment section below. Caution, things can get rough. But usually not seriously nasty. That is, no flaming. And there’s lots to learn.

73 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread || April 27, 2014”

  1. A married, multi-millionaire, Dem donor, 80+yr old White guy is somehow recorded without his knowlege in what is called a “racist rant” by demanding that his 30yr old multi-racial gold-digging mistress not hang out with “Black” men or bring them to the Clipper’s game when he’s there with her. Huh.
    Are the outraged and offended people angry about his use of the word “Black”, or are they offended that he is jealous of the attention she shows to other men, Black or not?
    We haven’t heard the whole sneaky recording yet, so we don’t know the context of his rant towards his young mistress, but we can assume that the Black ballplayers that have become multi-millionaires playing for the LA Clippers will find solace and peace when they look over their current financial statements.

      1. Obama’s response about “ignorant folk” is in itself a put-down. Not racist, but maybe class-ist. He is this elite superior being always looking down on the inferior “folk”. And as Weasel Zips says this morning, he never lets an opportunity to fan up the flames go by.

        The media wanted to tie the owner of the LA Clippers with the Republicans, but alas, he has been a Democratic donor. I wonder if the media is on a big conservatives-are-race-baiters jag now after Bundy. Looking under every bed.

          1. He said the US had come so far but every so often, this sort of thing “percolated” up. Yeah–when someone, say a president, turns on the coffee pot. Otherwise I see this as a mean old guy who can’t hang onto his woman, even with all his money.

          2. Seeing that blood tests proved he is no relation to the Dunhams…not surprising he throws the fake granny under the bus…she was just his communist minder

          3. Haven’t heard that one before. LOL, I can get tinfoily with proof, or lack of. I still think he resembles an uncanny resemblance to Malcolm X. His mom was a “groupie”.

        1. It is amazing how President Obama can’t get the real data on Obamacare, can’t respond to his actions on the night f Benghazi attack, will not release documents on IRS Scandal and I don’t have the time to mention all the other scandals. Yet, every time a Racist Comment is mentioned he can instantly comment.

          The strange is this clown raised money for him and other Dems along with major donations to the NAACP in which he was going to receive a lifetime achievement. I wonder if the Obama, Dems and NAACP will refund his donations on principle ?? ROFL, That will never happen!

          1. Obamacare was another vehicle to steel the election process…


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            Progressive interest groups celebrate that over the coming decades, 68 million Americans will be registered to vote through Obamacare.

            How can organized voter registration serve as one of the greatest threats to America’s voter rolls in history?

            By enforcing Obamacare as currently designed.

            Website crashes are but a dress rehearsal for the security and authenticity breakdowns to come. TTV has launched a new initiate to expose the inherent flaws in the enrollment process that will lead to bogus voter registrations and worse.

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      1. Some comments on Breitbart were interesting. One, Obama has jumped the gun as he did with Trayvon Martin throwing his conclusionswhile an investigation is going on. Guilty until proven innocent. Two, someone asked if it wasn’t illegal to tape someone’s conversation without their knowledge. Where are the beeps?

        1. I may be wrong on this, but it is not illegal to tape one’s comments, but it may be illegal to broadcast them without the person’s consent.
          At any rate,….you can be assured that the comments will be edited, and perhaps taken out of context.

          1. That law is different from state to state. I know for a fact you can tape someone without their knowledge in New York State. I’ll check on California.

        2. I think Jimmah’ Carter’s grandson already proved that taping someone’s comments airing them are fair game. Remember the Romney 47% are going to vote for me thing.

          Goose gander.

          1. Yep, the Romney tape came to mind too. I thought for sure Jimmy’s son would be an Ambassador by now, the Dems got a lot of mileage proving Mitt didn’t like poor people.


          2. ^^^^I’m still in moderation? For hours, the comment already survived a #PTF /rant.

            No biggie, but I’d happily volunteer to help KK clean out the basement during his downtime.

        3. Having been on the receiving end of two lawsuits (state and then federal when that falied) for listening in on a conversation and having come out of it on top, albeit $20,000 poorer, I know a thing or two about wiretapping.

          Laws are different in every state. Sometimes both parties must be aware the conversation is being taped/monitored. Sometimes it only takes the permission of one part. Then there are the laws about what you can do with the information you glean.

          In this case, check out California’s wiretapping laws. Your answer will be there.

    1. Racism is all over the leftist media this morning. The students of Dartmouth forced the cancellation of a big charity fundraiser because the word “fiesta” is supposedly racist. Lord love a duck!

      1. Some idiot Black baller claimed that basketball is a “Black sport”.
        I say we push for diversity on the court; an illegal alien from Mexico, an Asian, a White Repub woman, a bi-racial homosexual atheist, and of course someone like Kobe Bryant.

        They could put some drag queens on the cheerleading squad, along with some radical Islamists, an old man and an old woman, and of course a few younger versions of the former.

        Now those games would be fun to watch. And totally P>C>

        1. I hope someone told the black player that basketball was invented by a white Canadian, Dr. James Naismith, and the majority of players in the first-ever game were from Quebec.

          1. I prefer Progressive or Proggies (they are so proud of that term — progressive–provides cover for the leftist they really are).

            I would go with Proggie Peirogis but heck I’m Slovak and I would never do that to a dumpling filled with potatoes or cheese.

          2. My mother-in-law made the second best pierogis in the world, an all-day labor of love, but the best were those of a Polish girl in one of my Russian classes; cabbage with dried mushrooms, delicately pan-fried after being cooked. You can tell it’s my dinner time.

          3. Sounds wonderful — hmmm. In my family it’s all about the thin dough first. How thin and delicate can it be without breaking.

            Me. I am the ever so appreciative diner.

      2. Get ready, this is going to escalate as we get closer to the election.
        The more they can take up the media time on these ridiculous issues, the more they like it.
        This PC stuff is getting way out of hand.

        1. Racism, Sexism , Religious Bigotry, and Inequality — The Social Demokrat Progressive Party Platform.

          Since the Republican Party will barely raise an eyebrow — too busy scrambling to hang on to their personal perks of power.

        2. Spot on. They think race, gay-lesbian, and whatever baiting will bury Obamacare and its failures. I don’t mention the other issues like Benghazi, IRS, and Fast & Furlous because I don’t think the establishment ‘pubs will even bring them up.

          1. If we are successful in changing the majority in the senate and retaining the majority in the house this November, Obama is going to have a very itchy remaining two years.

          2. AFV JB All the more reason for us to get involved locally as Mandy is always advocating and holding the conservatives to the issues.

            As for the McCains of the party who are so intent on their friendships and collusion with the Clintons, Reids, Pelosis and others to stay in power and reap the perks– I am hoping for Karma.

    2. Acc to Bryant Gumbel on MTP–this owner has a history of crude racial, if not racist, remarks. Still, Sharpton is saying he should not be allowed to own a team–how does that follow necessarily?

  2. So what now? The loony left will boycott basketball games?

    I don’t think so. Sucks that this guy is a Dem donor — at least they will create an exit door for him and not leave him bloody on the floor outside by the dumpster.

  3. The bleating of racism by the left and the poverty pimps of so called black and hispanic leadership has fallen upon deaf ears, mine.
    “Wolf” has been cried too many times. I don’t deny that it exists. One has to look no further than the KKK, New Black Panther Party or the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Any time I hear racism, real or imagined, all it will sound like is dead air.
    As always, thanks for listening, stay safe and take care.
    Gotta’ go,Chicago Blackhawks are in do or die playoff game today and I’ve got a date with them and some Lone Star longnecks . Shalom friends @ WHD

  4. According to The Washington Post, NBC News hired a “psychological consultant” to examine why flailing “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory has been bombing in the ratings.

    They could have asked anyone here to tell them why. LOL

      1. The ‘shrink’ has a double-track career. Shrink plus branding or better stated a ‘fluffer’ – a person, who makes an idiot look less idiotic. It’s not gonna work! LOL

  5. Good grief! Everyone in town (at least on the Left Coast) knows Donald Sterling is ‘prejudiced’. He makes no bones about it when it comes to his enormous real estate holdings. He does not want to rent to Blacks, Hispanics or famlies with children. And believe me, he is not alone. He is simply more vocal.

    His problem is twofold: Basketball – a sport that is dominated by Blacks; and a cheap, trashy, golddigger g/f. Both of his worlds have collided.

    AmericanPowerBlog exposes the hyprocrisy of the Left:

    Sterling a ‘classic Beverly Hills-Hollywood schmoozer and left-wing philanthropist big shot, and the occasional leftist tight wad..

    Many people believe that Sterling is playing a different game from the rest of the NBA owners. “I don’t know how important winning is to Donald,” says [Carl] Scheer, the team’s general manager Scheer. “He seems more concerned mat his books are balanced, that he runs one of the few NBA franchises with no debt, that he can bring his friends to games.” Those friends-a mix of Friars Clubbers and Merv Era celebs-show up en masse at Sterling’s Malibu White Party, the extravagant tented barbecue-and-bubbly beach bash he often throws at his second home, a neo-Tudor oceanfront bungalow. The party is so named because guests are encouraged to dress all in white, as in The Great Gatsby. “Sterling’s agenda is as much social as professional,” says Los Angeles Times sportswriter Mark Heisler. “He loves the status that owning even a bad team confers.”

    1. Isn’t his g/f black? Don’t know who tapped the conversation between the two of them. Neither of them have a “sterling” reputation. No one has been able to verify the recording and Mrs. Sterling is in some litigation with hubby.

      And now for an amusing piece entitled: The Envia Discord 2015
      Greenfield’s articles are usually heavy duty and this one hits all the marks, tongue in cheek.

    2. If someone has mentioned this apologies.

      Sounds out of character but I thought I heard somewhere that he had made some kind of financial contribution to the NAACP. If so it makes it even harder for the leftists and the blacks to go against him.

      He certainly sounds like he is a well known bigot. And that in itself, while ugly, is not a crime. At least not yet. But coming to the thought police squad near you.

          1. No friends to stab. He is an equal opportunity back stabber and under the bus thrower. Except of course for the constantly at his side President ValJar.

      1. Ironically, he is scheduled to receive the NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award for the hundreds of millions he has donated to minority causes/philanthropies. The NAACP is well aware of his bigotry but the color green trumps Black. The hypocrisy is staggering.

        1. “By any means necessary…”

          I am damn tired of hearing the ‘white privilege’ meme. Another deflection. Why does the NAACP still use the acronym?

  6. The 535 return to *work* (insert Maynard G. Krebs voice here) tomorrow after their two-week Spring vacation. Didn’t we all have one? Did they contact you? Send you a postcard from their vacation destinations?

    What’s on the docket?

    1. Flogging Sterling for the week?

    2. Passing out red pens for everyone to draw lines?

    3. Harry Reid continues to bash the evil Koch Bros?

    4. Boehner does more impersonations of conservatives?

    5. McCain shows home movies of hosting Hillary and Friends?

    6. Obama pivots [read: spins] about Human Rights Watch (a George Soros funded entity) this time on American soil?

    1. Sadie you must have someone on the inside. How did you manage to get your hands on their ‘unofficial’ docket? Very impressive.

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