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Saturday Open Thread || April 26, 2014




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    1. Good show. I’m waning in my support of Rand Paul, but anything over Shrills for sure.

      Must be disappointing for McCain who is feting his friend Shrills in Sedona today.

      1. Why are you waning? I’m a little concerned about him regarding amnesty. Seems he talks out of both sides of his mouth once in a while a la Boehner. Still, preferable to Shrillary or any other Dem I can think of.

        1. I like him on privacy, uncertain on foreign policy, uncomfortable with tendencies, and I am increasingly iffy on the whole libertarian trend.

          I am a conservative. Not a RINO. But the more I look at the Libertarians and/or Independent

          1. . But the more I look at the Libertarians and/or Independents the more I think Dems with a different sheen. Also, it indicates a lack of commitment to me.

            Probably just me. I am looking for someone with clear commitment to the country,the constitution, the rule of law, states rights, and individual rights.

          2. I am a conservative.
            I am not a fence sitter.
            I believe that this Country needs to wrench itself from the clutches of Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, and all of the rest of the whiny sniveling bastards that are stealing our Country from US.

            As Mark Levin is prone to say,…..
            That’s right I said it !

          3. I left you Star 2 comments on Obama’s presentation of the flag to the Koreans on yesterdays thread.
            You had questions regarding said presentation.
            Hopefully it will help.

          4. I don’t go back to see what people left me–I don’t recall being anything but puzzled. You can insult me all you want–I don’t care. I don’t think this country is the property of conservatives–and anyone else who tries ideas is somehow out to ruin it. We are never going back to the few rights allocated to the feds and all the rest remaining with the states. Elections mean one side has a try at their approach–not that they somehow illegitimately tried their wacky ideas out on us. We should go by what works to the benefit of the majority–and this govt giveaway thing does not seem to be doing that.

        2. It’s taken me the better part of the day to sort it out (McCain hosting Hillary). I think I have a grip on it now – they’re both Political Transvestites, who prefer “poll” dancing, as long as they’re the headliners.

          1. I’ve been out all day and just read about his Sedona Forum and special honored guest. The irony is the focus is supposed to have been about the crisis in the Middle East to which she heavily contributed. His comments on her sounded like an endorsement for 2016. Steam coming out of my ears!

            That’s right: he’ll say and do anything to get the spotlight trained on himself.

  1. Putin bows to the Psaki Ukraine hashtag. Promises all Russians out of Crimea and Ukraine by the conclusion of the celebrations for the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII. /s

  2. @srdem (carried over from last thread) Obama presents American flag to SKorea after ferry tragedy.

    It’s absolutely bizarre! More disturbing: “Obama noted that the gesture was akin to when an American service member has died, and the government presents “a flag in their honor to their loved ones.”

    HUH? What does the S. Korean ferry tragedy have to do with America’s policy of presenting the American flag to families of those Americans who have been killed in the line of duty?
    The magnolia tree uprooted from the WH grounds was an appropriate and symbolic gesture. Is he trying to score votes from Korean-Americans come November? Color me skeptical.

    For the record, the flag was not even flown at half-staff after the Ft. Hood terrorist attack until a Texas patriot, Anita Ross, badgered the WH to lower it…hours after it had been raised. I can find no record of THAT flag being presented to the Ft. Hood families.

    1. Just another indication of this man’s disdain for our military and it’s traditions.
      That is disgusting.
      At what point do We the People throw his sorry ass out of office ?

    2. Did he leave a flag for the mudslide victims?

      So he’s equating the horrible ferry disaster (caused by a very incompetent crew) to our fallen warriors ? **Facepalm**

  3. Did I understand that bird at the helm correctly? I need help with the math. In Indonesia his speech about how he had been there at the age of 6 some 50 years ago. Isn’t he only 53? Also, is this yet another falsehood that his biological mother from Kansas or where ever she was from was an anthropologist? Fairytales keep on coming—–there is a stronger word for living in fantasyland.

  4. llinois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn says that his campaign did not actually read a controversial article comparing black Republicans to Jewish Nazi collaborators before tweeting it several times to the public.

    Quinn has been under heavy fire from the Jewish and black communities since the Washington Free Beacon first reported that his campaign had tweeted—and then quietly deleted—several messages urging backers to read a Chicago Sun Times article that compared conservative black voters to Jews who collaborated with the Nazis.

          1. That would take 2/3rds of the state legislatures to invoke the process.
            I think that we are closer to that than you might think.

            #PTF !!!!

        1. I hope you are right Denise. I was offline and out of news range all day. Return to big flatline picture on Drudge with headline about Obamacare Here to Stay; Immigration by August. Of course, the “Ratlican”s saying this were McMorris Rodgers who gave that pathetic Republican response to SOTU address and Marion Diaz-Balart who even uses Boehner’s recent arrogant comments to bolster his optimism.

          So, hold on tight for that 1,000 day ride possibly to nowhere.

    1. Just a brain diddle here, I always wonder why our “Activist Atheist Whiner Movement” doesn’t target CAIR’s “Allah” ? Or are they too busy tearing down crosses, removing the word “God” from everything and complain about Nativities at Christmas to make our lives hell ?

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