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State Dept. Spokeswoman Takes Clinton Redo

Now this is pretty funny.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki Wednesday actually came up with some accomplishments from the Hillary Clinton era after Tuesday failing to name any in response to a question she should have anticipated.

Her failure to respond adequately obviously created some problems for her upstairs, as they say, since she led the briefing with a Hillary report card.

Still, you’ll note, there’s not much there. Most of the items concern processes, not serious triumphs related to policies Clinton put in place,

The original question concerned something called the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, or QDDR, an Obama-era innovation begun in 2009 that sets goals for the next four years. The second QDDR is now underway.

From the transcript of yesterday’s briefing

MS. PSAKI: It’s too bad Matt’s not here yet because he asked the question, but I announced yesterday that the Secretary had actually announced the – that we were launching our 2014 QDDR, and I wanted to just highlight, as an example of how effective this process was during the first term, what some of the examples of how we’re implementing it are.

And if this works well, which it has, the recommendations and the process results in a – changes or updates that make things more efficient, more focused, and better, and that’s what we saw from the first round. So bear with me while I just highlight a few of these.

After the 2010 QDDR, economic statecraft, which as you know is a big part of what Secretary Clinton did when she was traveling overseas, became a – there – a stronger emphasis was placed on trade promotion, investment, and leveling the economic playing field. That’s something the Secretary has continued to support. As he often says, economic policy – foreign – economic policy is foreign policy, and that’s one of the roles that we can play here at the State Department and our diplomats play around the world.

We also – as a result of the 2010 QDDR, we also now have a fuller integration of women and girls into our policy framework – planning and budgeting, program monitoring and evaluation, and management and training. That continues to be a big priority for the State Department, promoting women and girls around the world.

The QDDR also – the 2010 QDDR also reorganized and created bureaus to address the needs of the 21st century – of 21st century diplomacy that we’re seeing in effect today.

Okay, you get the idea. It goes on in a similar vein.

Yesterday, CNN had a good laugh over Psaki’s failure to come up with anything. Today, John King’s guests seem to be bending over backward to make nice and indicate that, of course, Hillary has her accomplishments and the focus on the possible lack thereof is obsessive.

I’m sure CNN had gotten a boatload of fury from both the Obama and the Clinton people.

20 thoughts on “State Dept. Spokeswoman Takes Clinton Redo”

  1. That’s right MsPsaki, if you can’t dazzle em’ with Hillary’s brilliance, dazzle em’ with her b.s..
    I see a great future for you in the Hillary Administration.

    1. Don’t forget that she told the countries that didn’t embrace same sex marriage that the US would no longer give them money.

  2. LOL! Psaki concludes with the ” 21st century diplomacy’ psycho-babble as part of the new 21st century foreign policy.
    In the immortal words of Barack Obama as Putin was massing troops in the Ukraine:
    “Putin is acting like it’s the 19th century, when it’s really the 21st.”

    More relevant are the words of Edmund Burke: “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it”.

  3. What a bushel full of gobbledegook political nothings. Did the writers at SNL put that together for her to speak in public?

    Allow me to interpret:
    The 2009 QDDR wasn’t as effective as we hoped so we moved on to the 2010 QDDR and that was a bust, too.
    Now, the 2014 QDDR is showing results as we have hired more women and girls(?) to do the mind-numbing paperwork and accounting chores so that the real diplomats can work on the 2015 QDDR. for the 21st century by our calendar.
    We must admit that we do “play” roles here at the State Dept, as do our clueless diplomats around the world play pretend to know where their embassy is on the world map.
    MrsClinton was a major actor and responsible for good stuff that happened, but has no knowlege of anything else.

    1. Good interpretation of gobbledegook!
      As far as I am concerned Hilla could have been the first woman to walk on the moon, and I would not have blinked an eye,
      because of what happened in BENGHAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. “That continues to be a big priority for the State Department, promoting women and girls around the world.” I had question marks about that as well. Sounds worse than the “binder full of women” comment. Makes me think the state dept. was involved in underage trafficking or something. ewww.

    3. Give it a few letters and a year and it makes it sound like it has some gravitas.

      May I suggest some superb bubbly for fine dining …it’s called *TTM – 2014.

      *Third Thursday of the Month. LOL

  4. Economic statecraft? Shut the door! What is that? Did they mean economic witchcraft?

    By the way Jen is not aging gracefully in that photo. Yeah, yeah I know war on women, etc. The fact is it is not a flattering shot.

  5. ~Jen Psaki… I still find her cute, but oh so STUPID as a sycophant for the Obama regime.

    (this is why Im glad I “failed” that State Dept. FSO test a few years ago)

    1. Oh, you are a lucky man! I’ve tried to engage DoS on any number of issues intel wise. I find them to have a condescending, arrogant, holier-than-thou attitude.

      Having said that, I’ve actually had some pretty good experience with the operations folks. Professional and get the job done.

  6. Mooch and Shrills must have the same “dresser”. Just saw Shrills on TV — a red checked Mao type jacket flared and hitting her at the hips, long sleeve, buttoned, zipped or closed all the way up to the neck.

    Not a good look.

  7. “The original question concerned something called the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, or QDDR, an Obama-era innovation begun in 2009 that sets goals for the next four years. ”

    Ahhh! Kind of like a “pyatiletka,” a five year plan! How…how…Marxist!

  8. that’s hilarious–they sent her back out today with some Hillary accomplishments to talk about?

    as Julie wrote above (below?) Hillary’s legacy is Benghazi.

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