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Obama Plays Soccer with a Robot

From Obama’s stop at the Miraikan Science Expo and Youth Event at the Miraikan Museum in Tokyo.

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  1. He should bow down to the families of the Amerian doctors that were killed in Apghan hospital. Than tell them his dandy idea of troop withdrawel is still a good idea. sarc

  2. It seems that whatever lofty international trade or protection goals MrO planned to accomplish on this trip were just wishful thinking on his part.
    The Asians, all of them, are not interested in his re-hashed “pivot”, so they have decided to show him some interesting sights, wine and dine him lavishly, and hope it’s the last time they see him in their respective countries.
    His trip to Asia will be as wasteful and unproductive as MrsO’s vacation to China.
    He doesn’t matter to the world outside the DC bubble and Dem headquarters.

    1. His “trip” to the WH since 2008 has been just as wasteful and unproductive. The world needs an adult in the West Wing and instead we have a petulant, self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic child.

    2. I remember that the Asian countries including Australia formed into a mutually financially beneficial group from which the United States was excluded a while back when Obama made his last unsuccessful attempt to “pivot” to Asia. Also, although it is not publicized as much as our China debt, I think we’ve borrowed from Japan quite a bit too.

    3. It’s definitely lightweight.

      Odd. The VP goes into the hot spot — Ukraine etc. Himself, pivots, pirouettes, and punts through the Far East.

      Funny! Drudge headline something to the effect US President bows to Japanese Robot.

      1. Not sure that Asia is not a hot spot also. China and Japan are in a dispute about a few islands, and Obama made a faux pas in Japan when he said the US was obligated to defend Japan but that he hoped China would ‘peacefully’ rise to power. Japan must find that very reassuring. Then there are the two Koreas.

  3. He was trying to figure a way to get Eric Holder to sue the Japanese for making a white only robot. On a positive side,the robot did seem friendlier than Mooch!

  4. From sushi to robotic soccer, this president repeatedly shows how incompetent and disengaged from the real job he should be doing. He is drunk on flying around the world, lecturing anyone who’ll listen to his twisted ideas, constantly texting his peeps such as jay z, beyonce & who knows else. A classic, wimpy man who is cold hearted and calculated. Trades out a family funeral for his lust of golf, profanity & cigarettes. Hides behind a thin veil to conceal his racism.
    We wont know who this creature truly is until years after he vacates our WH. His residual poison will leave a lasting effect for as long as WE the people will allow it to.
    Pray for our Exceptional Country.

      1. I remember when Obama went to China alone soon after he was elected for the first time, and the Chinese seemed to treat him like a tourist. Touring the Great Wall by himself. And then the Chinese allowed a student to ask him what he had ever done to deserve the Nobel Prize.

        Don’t you imagine that the Asian countries he will be visiting this time view him as the incompetent he is from whom they will get nothing but instead will have to spend a lot of money giving him the grand tour while wining and dining him?

  5. As soon as Japan’s robot can be programmed to read a TOTUS and prance up and down the steps of AF1, Obama can bow out gracefully. Except for the color of their ‘skin’, I see little difference between the two of them. Japan appears to have the better programmers.

    1. I’d pay to see the look on Mooches face when she see’s that picture of Barry and Caroline.
      “…- a man with nothing more than a promise on his lips…”
      Not only doe’s MrHamada realize this, so do our allies and most importantly, our adversaries.
      Good link DVB.

      1. He always seems to kiss on the lips. Power play? You can’t just turn away from him. Much worse than GWB giving Merkel a neck massage.

    2. I liked that comment by one guy that he is a ‘eunuch guy’, too into himself to get involved with other people. But I don’t necessarily agree: he definitely is too into himself, but then, other people are just objects to be used by him. Then there is his arrested development. George Will today wrote that he was stuck in adolescence, but it could even be earlier when the infant thinks he is the center of the whole world and it all revolves around him. Basta! enough psychobabbel from me for today.

    3. Who woulda thunk it…a member of Japan’s Parliament, lol ! The writer claims Obama is fed up with Mooch’s extravagant travels – I doubt it. Obama racked up $7T in debt without blinking an eye.
      Most of what he says was already planted in the Nat’l Enquirer, but it is juicy stuff.
      Inquiring minds would like to know if the ‘secret affairs’ that are being covered up by the SS are with the opposite sex, or….?


    His secret Faith for Islam and Israels’s not full support are arguments often put forward.
    It is sure, that from all of the religions he knows the Islam the best. The Islam is present in his family (his father, stepfather and their relative are musulmans) very strong, he was educated in Indonesian Islamic school for several years
    There are many proofs of his knowledge of Islam, most of them occur on his official visit and speeches in Islamic countries.
    There is a special feeling or reference in these speeches, – some kind of „I am one of you”- feeling, that gains the trust of Islamic audience… He often uses special phrases, that are well heard is Islamic ideology, and the audience like it. (They not just simply understand it, they can feel the real meaning of the speech)

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