As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || April 24, 2014

Obama refuses “red line” on China . . . Washington Times
Obama: Russia sanctions “teed up” . . . Politico
U.S. lifts Egypt attack chopper ban . . . Free Beacon
Barack Obama, adolescent president
. . . George Will
Most back Obamacare birth control coverage. . . Examiner
Holder hails Sotomayor dissent . . . Newsmax
Perry: “I have sympathy” for illegals . . . Newsmax
Jeb: I’m thinking about running . . . Politico
Cruz plays it safe in primaries . . . The Hill

5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 24, 2014

  1. The Examiner’s piece on birth control being favored by “most” is so misleading. Of course those who must or want to use birth control think it should be part of their health insurance, and as the article points out, those who don’t want or need birth control think it shouldn’t be a mandatory item in everyone’s healh insurance policy.
    That, IMO, is why the one word opinion “duh” was invented.

    Wowee, MrO has thought up some sanctions against Russia’s aggresive actions toward the Ukraine; oooohh, Putin must be shaking in his stormtrooper boots.
    All of this posturing amounts to nothing more than a threat not to speak to Putin until he comes to his senses, a ridiculous response to a major threat to Euro countries. If it’s US against Russia, who would the European nations follow; a wishy-washy US policy led by a girly-man or their most powerful neighbor who stands strong and could hurt them in many different ways? No question, no doubt that Russia is the dominant player and winner here.


    His secret Faith for Islam and Israels’s not full support are arguments often put forward.
    It is sure, that from all of the religions he knows the Islam the best. The Islam is present in his family (his father, stepfather and their relative are musulmans) very strong, he was educated in Indonesian Islamic school for several years
    There are many proofs of his knowledge of Islam, most of them occur on his official visit and speeches in Islamic countries.
    There is a special feeling or reference in these speeches, – some kind of „I am one of you”- feeling, that gains the trust of Islamic audience… He often uses special phrases, that are well heard is Islamic ideology, and the audience like it. (They not just simply understand it, they can feel the real meaning of the speech)