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Kerry’s Mideast Peace Initiative Goes Down the Drain

Oh well, nix that trip to Oslo.

Israel announced today that it was canceling peace talks with the Palestinians because Palestinian President Abbas decided to form a unity government with the terrorist group Hamas.

Come on guys, lets do this!
Come on guys, lets do this!

The nine-month period set for talks was about to end anyway, but Secretary of State Kerry had hoped for an extension.

The Israeli decision appears to fatally implode a process that seemed mainly designed to elevate Kerry to the pantheon of great Secretaries of State – solving the Israel-Palestine peace puzzle where all before had failed – and maybe pocket a Nobel Prize from the Norwegians.

The Israelis certainly didn’t want this distraction and didn’t need to be taking risks with their security at a time when they are already mortally imperiled by Iran and its rocket-wielding allies in southern Lebanon.

And the Palestinians just demonstrated their contempt for the process. Anyway, what they really want is not the West Bank, but Haifa.

21 Responses to Kerry’s Mideast Peace Initiative Goes Down the Drain

  1. Abbas also signed all of those applications for membership in international organizations and conventions.

    Abbas is abysmal, Haniyeh is a hyena and Obama and his State Department let the animals run the zoo. Poor Kerry, things were so much easier during the cold war.

  2. Too bad Oslo does not have a Prize for ‘worst performance by a US Secretary of State’. Then again, Lurch and Shrillary would have to share it.
    Dare we ask how much Kerry’s doomed globe-trotting has cost taxpayers?

    • Well Said…
      Lurch & Shrillary = 6+ Years of “US Sec. of State” FAILURES!

      Good thing NO ONE in the “WH Press Corps” or the “MSM” ever mentions that.

    • The peace process was this:

      Kerry: “Israel, and Abbas. You two are now best friends. You are like the Burger and the Heinz Ketchup, which is kosher. Now, go and be peaceful.”
      Abbas: “Is the burger hallel? Besides we will be happy to be best friends as long as they aren’t in the same neighborhood.”
      Israel: “Do you have any ducksauce instead? And instead of a burger can we get Chinese? Unfortunately for you, We can’t move. We were born here. We love it here”
      Abbas: “And you’ll die here, and soon. Convenient. And we aren’t in the mood for Chinese, unless they are rockets. How about a falafel? I feeling very falafelly.”
      Israel: “We don’t think you are ready for peace. And we have been burnt, literally, many times before with a uncommitted partner. You know, We’re ok with a falafel.”
      Kerry: “Great. You both want falafel. We’ve resolved everything. Let’s get this down on paper, send it to Brussels for notarization, and transfer all awards into my name.”
      Abbas: “Hold on. I don’t want falafel if Israel wants Falafel. What about beef jerky?”

  3. Those darn Jews in Israel; all they care about is the future of their county, and the safety of their people, so now MrKerry doesn’t have anything good to put on his dossier when he petitions for the Nobel Peace awards. Drats.
    Serious, now.
    Of course the Israelis aren’t interested in faux peace talks with people who repeatedly announce their goal of destroying Israel
    and killing all of it’s people.
    Instead of pleading with the Palestine radicals for peace, MrKerry should let them know that the full weight and might of the US and it’s military will fall upon them if they don’t shut up and behave themselves. No more threats, no more errant missles lobbed into Israel, no more anything, starting now. Or else.

    • Amenth SRDEM ! And lets not forget about all that borrowed $$$
      we’ve been handing them.. It needs to stop too! And Now!!!!
      Is there anyone in this admin who can truly understand the reality
      and dynamics of the middle east? of course not! All the while, barry is leading from behind on his sushi / robot soccer tour in asia.
      We should be calling these creeps (abbas & haniyeh) to camp david and spend the weekend putting our fingers in their face while demanding they get with the program. Imagine the blood & treasure saved if REAL MEN with integrity & wisdom (not politicians) had done this years ago!

      • …Served in ‘Nam (barley), and then threw his “medals-awards” at the White House, and then made/starred in an anti-war documentary: “Winter Soliders”…

        (I had to watch clips of “Winter Soliders” because a Prof. of mine at UD was a buddy of Kerry’s when they made that movie/testified before Congress)

      • As a Navy vet, I’ve always resented Kerry and the way he trashed the military during Vietnam.

        After his clown antics back then, I almost threw up when he had the gall to come to the podium at the DNC, snap off a salute and crow “Reporting for duty!”

        God damn manipulative SOB!

  4. Poor Lurch….how many times will this person come up a loser in life?
    And to think that he had all of the advantages, even marrying into the Heinz fortunes.
    So Sad.
    But no tears shed here!

  5. oh I wouldn’t be so sure about Kerry not getting a Nobel, Keith. after all, Barack Obama got one just for not being George W. Bush. so it could happen. after all, in a world where Cuba, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia sit on a “Human Rights Council” and judge Israel, anything can happen!

  6. Well, Carter, Obama and Gore got nobel peace prizes for doing nothing. Think kerry will get one for trying? He should at least get one for fiction. He is an ignorant dork, just like hillary klinton.