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State Dept. Spokeswoman Can’t Name Any Hillary Achievements

Let’s forgive State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki. I mean, it was a difficult question.

Nevertheless, her response earned her a good chuckle from CNN’s John King and his guests, as you can see.

But why should she feel bad about it? Hillary can’t come up with any either.

Asked at the Women in the World conference earlier this month what she was “most proud of” as Secretary of State, Clinton boasted of . . . nothing in particular.

After saying something about Secretaries of State being in some kind of relay race – seriously – she declared: “I’m very proud of the stabilization.” Uhhh . . . what? Apparently she spent four years creating the platform for dealing with difficult crises like Ukraine.

“I think we really restored American leadership in the best sense,” she continued. That was as specific she got.

But of course, one of the main raps against President Obama is that he has ENTIRELY FORFEITED U.S. leadership in the world. I mean, there’s a reason the phrase “leading from behind” stuck so stubbornly to this administration.

You can run for president and get elected even if you haven’t done anything, as Barack Obama has proven. Hillary’s problem is that she was in a position to do something. And she didn’t.

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19 Responses to State Dept. Spokeswoman Can’t Name Any Hillary Achievements

  1. Having grown up in the deep down south, I remember a line we country boys used when asked to “say something nice about a girl”. The answer when nothing special came to mind was, “she don’t sweat” (don’t, not doesn’t) which was “a compliment?”. That pretty much wraps up the accolades for Hillary as Secretary of State….though I have no first hand knowledge of her glandular activity.

    • Considered yourself blessed, lacking knowledge of her ‘glandular activity’. We all know, that she doesn’t take 3 am phone calls.

    • I believe the correct phrase we used was “Gee, for a fat girl you don’t sweat much” (emphasis was on “much”).

      Mama always said to find something nice to say so you could compliment someone.

    • My Southern mother used to repeat an tale about an old man that died and several were asked to say something nice about him at a memorial.
      After a long silence, the barber stood up and said, “Well, he was an easy man to shave.”

  2. Say something nice, hmm.
    !. She didn’t start WWIII.
    2. She wasn’t found face-down drunk in a gutter in Dubai.
    3. She has a nice smile.
    4. um
    5. ah, you know

  3. Ugh. I know I’m like a broken record here, BUT when I was on the “dark side” of politics (whiny looney liberal) during GWB’s administration, Obama is so much worse than that. There is nothing in the Obamaramadrama that’s on America’s side ! It’s more like a Country Club. Hillary and Kerry are so 2004, we’re peddaling backwards now. To the Cold War years :(

  4. 1. Reset spelled wrong and stupid beyond words.
    2. Benghazi lied to parents to their face standing in front of their coffin.
    I think Benghazi is a mortal sin.

    Those two things would keep a Republican out of office but not Hillary or
    the equally unqualified Obama.

    • There is no atrocity so dastardly that will dissuade the 43 percent from voting for the likes of a vacuous Hillary. Add to that the other dimwits and she has it.

  5. I think that the fact that she is even considering running for president is an indication of her arrogance and the disdain for the intelligence of the American People.
    Perhaps her campaign slogan should be,…
    “At this point, what difference does it make ?”

  6. Jen Psaki and Marie Harf haven’t a clue as to what they are doing. They are in over their heads….two young whippersnappers from the campaign who were rewarded. They are both an embarrassment.

  7. And Jen Psaki was memorable on the Obama campaign. Or so they say.

    Not so memorable at State.

    What a surprise. Another Obama operative stuck in a position for which she has no qualifications.