As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || April 23, 2014

Obama opens four-nation Asia trip . . . Associated Press
Biden demands Russian action 
. . . Associated Press
Has no effect . . . Washington Times
Obama views mudslide aftermath . . . Examiner
IRS gives bonuses to tax cheats . . . Associated Press
Politics aided Obama’s drift from family . . . New York Times
Rand Paul’s compassionate conservatism . . . National Journal
Is Paul really plausible? . . . The Hill
Black Caucus to challenge Paul on race . . . The Hill
Pelosi: Paul budget takes food from blacks . . . Breitbart
Hillary Clinton’s political launch . . . National Journal

13 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 23, 2014

  1. Anybody else think it weird that we move troops into Poland in response to Ukraine and President goes off to Japan with nary a word to “the little people”. That would be us I think.

    Oh well, his crack foreign policy team is in place and Biden is in Ukraine. Obama in Japan.

    The Russians and Chinese must be in awe of his “plan”.

  2. Pelosi : Paul budget takes food from blacks…Breitbart.
    I was wondering how long it take Pelosi to pull out ye’ old race card.
    She never disappoints me.

      • I would strongly recommend an M.R.I. on this woman (pelosi’s) brain. We’d have to “pass it’ through the scan before we can “know what is in it”. …. if anything

  3. Politics aided Obama’s drift from family:

    Obama played golf on the day of his Aunt Zietuni’s funeral, but he helped with funeral expenses and sent his condolences. Par for the course, so to speak.

    More importantly, when is he going to pony up for all the years of taxpayer welfare funds his Auntie racked up? When was the last time we had a POTUS with illegal alien relatives living in the US on the taxpayer dole? It’s gobsmacking audacity!