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Five Ways Obamacare Raises Middle Class Taxes

One of the less-noted lies by President Obama is his statement, made unequivocally and repeatedly during the 2008 campaign, that those making less than $250,000 would not see a a tax increase.

Have a look at what, regrettably, turned out to be serial BS.

Americans for Tax Reform recently detailed five ways in which Obamacare alone raises middle class taxes. ATR is conservative organization, but they are only pointing out actual provisions of the law.

1. Obamacare Flexible Spending Account Tax:  The 30 – 35 million Americans who use a pre-tax Flexible Spending Account (FSA) at work to pay for their family’s basic medical needs face a new Obamacare cap of $2,500. This will squeeze $13 billion of tax money from Americans over the next ten years. (Before Obamacare, the accounts were unlimited under federal law, though employers were allowed to set a cap.) . . .

2. Obamacare High Medical Bills Tax: Before Obamacare, Americans facing high medical expenses were allowed a deduction to the extent that those expenses exceeded 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income (AGI). Obamacare now imposes a threshold of 10 percent of AGI . . . .

3. Obamacare Medicine Cabinet Tax:  Because of Obamacare, since 2011 millions of Americans have not been able to purchase non-prescription, over-the-counter medicines using pre-tax Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings Accounts dollars. Examples include cold, cough, and flu medicine, menstrual cramp relief medication, allergy medicines, and dozens of other common medicine cabinet health items . . .

4. Obamacare Individual Mandate Non-Compliance Tax:  Anyone not buying “qualifying” health insurance – as defined by President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services — must pay an income surtax to the IRS. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that six million American families will be liable for the tax, and as pointed out by the Associated Press:  “Most would be in the middle class.”

5. Obamacare 10 Percent Excise Tax on Indoor Tanning: There is no exception granted for those making less than $250,000 meaning it is yet another tax that violates Obama’s “firm pledge” not to raise “any form” of tax on Americans making less than this amount . . .

Are you a small business owner? What’s your problem? You didn’t build that. But you WILL pay taxes on it.

ATR’s website has more details here.

44 Responses to Five Ways Obamacare Raises Middle Class Taxes

  1. And so Obama’s destruction of the middle class continues.
    This will be his only ” accomplishment ” as president (small p intended )

    • Keith: Thanks for posting the revelation that this tax year we have less of a medical deduction thanks to Obama’s great promise to the middle class. I thought I was the only person who was aware of this, because I am one of the few who prepares his own tax return. It’s too complicated for most people. It is a lie that Obama supports the middle class.

  2. Yeah. He lies, he lied, he will continue to lie, his friends will lie for him, the MSM will erase his lies, his wife lies, and we know it.
    Of course, the Repubs lie, did lie, will continue to lie, and we know that, too.
    The working class will pay, have paid, and will continue to pay until there is nothing left.
    Then there will be a revolution,and we will start over with new liars.

    • I don’t think it’s too off-topic to bring up the amnesty issue here because in your state they are holding something called Davos in the Desert at which Jeb Bush referred again to ‘acts of love’ and your junior Senator Flake has concurred with him. Meanwhile, in Illinois Denny Hastert, the former Speaker, is rallying Republican Suckers (sorry, that IS their nickname) to support amnesty. Meanwhile, John Boehner speaks from both sides of his mouth. Yes, the middle class is being killed off. Yes, the Republicans lie too. Yes, amnesty will be the final nail in the coffin.

    • Sredem65; I tried thinking of where your comments in the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs could be rebuttal. I just thought to pessimistic. But after much thought, I find myself in total agreement with you.
      Respectfully, CK

    • The fundamental transformation of America is in play.
      The only ones that can stop it is US.
      The question remains,…are we up to the task ?
      The millionaires in the government laugh at US.
      Their edicts continually restrict US.
      We are forced under law to conform or be put in jail.
      America has been transformed by an administration that is determined to take Her to Her knees both domestically and internationally.

      It is a sorry situation they have put this Country in, but it was their end result to do so.
      They are close to grasping the brass ring, and they know it.
      It is up to US to snatch it away from their grasp again.

  3. Dictator Obama wants to tax us into slavery. Yet based on his and his Entitlement Queen of a wife only paid a 20% tax rate on their “declared” 2013 income (skim not included). The rest of us pay a much higher tax rate so can someone send me Dictator Obama’s accountant’s name, I’d like to hire him.

  4. I’m sure there are many middle class Obama supporters, does this not affect them too? Then again, his poll favorables have dropped well below the 47% receiving entitlements, even they’re waking up.

    • Beware Denise, we hosted an Easter gathering at our house and there were some folks that were adamant about putting Hillary in the White House because she is a woman.
      The same people knew nothing of her history.
      We still have a task to educate people to not vote on skin color or gender just because,……
      Time to take our Country back from the thieves that have and are taking Her from US.
      BTW, I just visited your site and it loaded quickly.
      My rant below is justified.

      • Oh AFVet, my own mother, age 86 voted for Hillary in the primaries because she is a woman. I try all I can to show her web page news & her response. ‘Oh I don’t think so, the news didn’t say that’.

  5. OT. rant on.
    This to Keith Koffler, specifically.
    Why is this website so slow ?
    Is it because you have packed it full of links and awards and ads ?
    I am not using a broadband connection, however, this site is sometimes so slow that you have to drive a stake to see if it is moving !

    Keith,…your content is excellent however getting to it can be extremely frustrating.

    To Keith’s readers and contributors; are you experiencing the same problems ?

    It is NOT my connection as other sites load quickly.

    Sorry for the rant Keith, but can you fix it ?
    rant off.

  6. Concerned American Taxpayer Calls Affordable Care Helpline….

    Operator: Good Afternoon and you’re welcome, my name is Karen this call is being monitored for your security how may I help you?

    Taxpayer: Thank You? I was wondering if any of the current health plans cover Anal Glaucoma? Cause I dont see my ass signing up for this crap.


    • Kyle, maybe it’s just me but I laughed. Try this one, it maybe old but my cousin just txtd me.
      ” A Nigerian prince e-mailed me and said if I send him my bank account number, he would give me a million dollars for free ”
      ” A Kenyan prince said if I gave him my SSAN, bank account, number email address, personal health information, birth date & phone number, he would give me health insurance, for free “

    • I saw this as well. I think the Left will say that inequality is part of this. Even though they are most of the cause of this problem, they act like this is something they need to fix with more of their “solutions”

  7. Ah, yes, the indoor tanning tax.

    Which should–let’s call this spade a spade, shall we?–be called the “white people tax.”

    Why it hasn’t been challenged in court is beyond me.

  8. No wonder he exemted the Congress and others, IF they had to live with thatncrap they MIGHT revolt…although I doubt as that takes balls!


    President Obama does not go to church, neither his family. Although he says he is a true Christian and he prays in every morning and every evening.
    He never stated that to which Confession he belongs, however he attended in numerous confession’s church.
    His father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was a Musulman, born in Kenya, Africa, so along the rules of the Islam Obama Jr. is a Musulman too.
    Obama says he has a Christian faith, but the religions doesn’t play serious role in his life.
    He always mentioned this state during the election campaign.
    Formally he is a member of the United Church of Christ Confession, but he never attends to worship and doesn’t participate in the church life