As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || April 22, 2104

WH solicited funds for Obamacare group . . . Fox News
Senator calls for probe . . . Examiner
Obama may further limit deportations
. . . Associated Press
Holder: WH to widen drug clemency . . . Washington Times
The other reason Sebelius waited to resign . . . Daily Caller
Biden pledges support for Ukraine leaders
. . . AFP
Michelle: We’re too busy and tired for church . . . Washington Times
U.S. to provide Ukraine $50M
. . . Washington Post
Obama seeks to revive Asia pivot . . . Associated Press
Bridgegate costing Christie campaign . . . Newsmax

10 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 22, 2104

  1. About those deportations — I think Obama’s immigration plan is that all of those who do not agree with him are rounded up by HHS, IRS, BLM, EPA thus freeing up American land and opportunity for all of those who came here out of love and who according to Joey Biden are viewed as Americans anyway.

    Deporting someone is so “unAmerican”.

      • Actually Julie, I did jest — not as obscenely as I wanted to.

        Laughing, because I screwed up somewhere along the line and somehow HS got into my name slot.

        Maybe I should keep it. In honor of the Obama hubris I should remain HS — Her Self. :)

  2. Michelle, Michelle.
    Every time she opens her yap without a script to guide her, she reveals her true self, her lack of intelligence and her a penchant for lying about everything. Lying must be an Obama thing, like some families have a thing for certain sports.
    Anyway, she thinks she “works” somewhere, she implies she must take the children to and fro to “practice, rehearsal, or birthday parties” on a any Sunday, and that napping is a favorite activity in the WhiteHouse.
    She didn’t mention Barack’s golfing addiction, so that must not be an impediment to attending church services.

    MrsSillybus delays her resignation so to qualify for certain federal employment benefits; and that is an American tradition.
    We do realize that since she was so busy screwing up our health care system she didn’t have time for insider trading, bribes from lobbyists or any of DC’s other get rich schemes, she has to rely on her retirement benefits in her dotage. Good girl, thinking ahead.

    Now that the President wants to limit further deportations of illegal aliens, it’s time for us to “tear down that wall!”. Tear it down, provide bus service from Nogales, et al, and put out the WELCOME sign.

    Alas, GovChristie, we knew ye well.
    He should have known that the Obama Bus, driven by the MSM, would roll over him no matter how hard he hugged the President.

      • She must have heard somewhere that certain Presidents did take afternoon naps on occasion. R.Nixon did nap, I recall.
        As some of our prior leaders were not youngish, started their work day at very early hours, or might have been up late with some foreign matter, a nap would be the right thing to do.
        It’s how she lies that’s offputting and cringeworthy; she lies about things that can’t be true, that don’t matter, but are an attempt to please someone. who,..dunno.

        However, since we know that MrO doesn’t start his workday until late in the morning, and shuts down early in the afternoon, it’s not likely that he naps (unless it’s one of those Choom naps I hear about). Why, she would nap is a guess, and what she considers “work” is a mystery.

    • I wonder if those ‘you knows’ are not clues that a lie is about to be uttered. Anyway, srdem, you point out how ridiculous those claims are. The girls are at an age when they don’t want to spend time with their parents or be seen with them, yet Moose keeps talking as if they are still little girls who have to be driven to ballet recitals, birthday parties and soccer games. And how many times has His Royal Himself made it out early to the golf course of a Sunday?

  3. Over at the Bookworm there is A petition to denounce and condemn billionaire Tom Steyer in sort of a joking, but not really. retaliation against all the KochBrothers silliness.

    Not suggesting signing the petition if you are not so inclined but take a read because it is a concise accounting of Tom Steyer. It is good to know because he is a key backroom leftist player with lots of financial clout.