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Why Did Obama Hire a Top Criminal Attorney for WH Counsel?

If I suddenly told you I was hiring Johnny Cochran to be my attorney, you’d think – well, first of all, you’d think it was peculiar, since Johnny Cochran is dead. Maybe I’m looking to save some money. But, assuming I mean the metaphorical Johnny Cochran, you’d be pretty sure I’m in some kind of really serious trouble.

Or if your wife mentioned she had hired a lawyer, and you found out the attorney specializes in . . . divorce. You’d probably start checking some apartment listings.

Which brings us to the strange case of President Obama’s decision to hire Neil Eggleston to be his new White House Counsel.

Neil EgglestonEggleston is the kind of guy you go to when someone tells you, “time to lawyer up.” He’s a veteran at cleaning up ethics messes for politicians, most notably Bill Clinton, whom he aided during the Whitewater probes and the Monica Lewinsky affair, double entendre intended.

But that’s not nearly all. He represented Rahm Emanuel during the scandal surrounding former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, as well as Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) and George W. Bush political director Sara Taylor when scandals touched them, Clinton Cabinet members Federico Pena and Alexis Herman during corruption probes, and various business people involved in “complex criminal investigations” according to the New York Times.

Which begs and pleads the question, is Obama looking for more protection for the White House from the various GOP congressional probes, or is he aware of the possibility that something much, much worse could break?

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  1. What evil could possibly be lurking in the shadows of the WhiteHouse?
    It can’t be the IRS affair, because MrO assured us there isn’t a “smidgen” of corruption there, it’s not Benghazi, because MrsC told us some Arab dude was behind it all, it’s not the missing billions from Obamacare because no one knows where the money went,or is it that there are damning e-mails out in the Cloud that ties the WhiteHouse gatekeeper to all of these?
    IMO, this powerhouse of law isn’t there to protect the Obamas, he’s there to protect the person or people who did his bidding. MrO didn’t talk to MrsLerner, didn’t tell MrHolder what to do, didn’t suggest that the Pentagon clear out all of the old guard, no, he didn’t do anything like that.
    His hands are clean. Someone else did all the dirtywork. and that Someone is so close to him that he trusts they will fall on their sword if need be.

    1. IMHO, I would say it could be all the executive orders he has been writing, or perhaps one or two of them in particular. Something written down is much more precarious than something spoken. Can always say that something spoken wasn’t understood in context, a wrong word was used in error, or that the teleprompter lied. A written missive, though, is usually a complete thought, and is hard to escape from. I don’t think he has to fear anything said by others, because it is easy to have accidents happen, and most people have family that can be threatened.

      1. Janice, there’s so much to choose from…

        Time to review…Who is the Liar Deceiver Puppet in our White House?

        TARP …given to FOREIGN Banks

        BENGHAZI… arming the enemy …trading sides on the War on Terror and missing in action as the CinC giving no Cross Border Authority to rescue Americans and still has not said where he was that fateful night

        WESTERN LAND GRABS….is about the theft of AMERICA’s RESOURCES and Mineral Rights…LAND and WATER

        DIVIDE THE PEOPLE…. Destroy E Pluribus Unum, and weaken America with a country divided

        BIRTH CERTIFICATE…Fuddy who submitted the BC dies conveniently …SUBUD

        SNOWDEN, MANNING, ASSANGE….a gutting of America’s INTEL and destruction of NSA secrets, taking the INTEL edge away that America once enjoyed

        PRINTING DOLLARS…to print he dollar into a valueless currency and hide the inflation

        ARAB SPRING….Set the Middle East afire, hike the price of Petrol and Squeeze Americans…destroy Egygpt with the Middle East’s largest Military Force

        KEYSTONE PIPELINE …and the GULF CLOSEDOWN (sabotaged) with rigs sent to Brazil, no oil pulled from our vast reserves…to weaken America while the PERTO-DOLLAR is killed

        Obama is doing more than socializing America he is REDISTRIBUTING AMERICA…and the recipients are all COMMUNISTs

        You are watching the FLEXIBILITY you heard Obama speak of…the only honest thing ever heard out of Obama’s mouth….caught on an open mike when he though no one could hear….He refers to “particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him (Putin) to give me space.” Makes one a bit uncomfortable thinking the traitor is dismantling or giving codes and info on our missile defense system to Putin….


    2. With a list of criminals charge have Nobuma, maybe 200 300 or 400 Charges, are no Lawyer who can save him, only protection have are a White House, but impeach and he will be direct charge and arrest, like any citizen, why not stop sign and telephone? what more can loose, now won doing a maxim possible damage before impeach him, and wait another charge he are illegal alien. remember Al Capone a smart, was paid a lot to Lawyer, but in a end was fuck. A scandal when show evidences are illegal alien will open another page in USA, how illegals can break here to easy, go to school and became Lawyer, and where are we security?, Nobuma be will in a history of USA a first black man President and a first illegal alien became president, plus prosecute and send in Jail, Dems Party will start tremble to a deep root and will not survive.

  2. As long as we have a MSM who refuse to discuss any and all:
    THE LIST, we will continue to lose our Country as it should be.

    Keith, you are so very busy. We all appreciate your time and articles, however have you ever considered writing a novel about this MESS?
    The title: Two to choose from The LIST or THE Mess.

      1. Maybe just do a story on Shore Bank, now the Urban Bank….enormous growth to Islamabad and beyond…headed by Dwight Bush, Valerie’s cousin Cook (Rufus Cook, attorney to Nation Of Islam, his exwife) now wife of Vernon Jordan…her son in law
        Dwight Bush….look into his wife Toni Cook, now installed at NewsCorp…and see Robert Johnson’s vast new holdings..sure do know how to redistribute

  3. I know this is a stretch for the Obama administration, but I’m going with political favor. Eggleston is probably a gazillionaire, doesn’t NEED the money, but will look good on his resume…./sarc

  4. Hmmm, maybe Granny Robinson has run up some bad gambling debts and tried to pay them off with I.O.U’s from U.S. Treasury? Or Reggie is threatening to ‘out’ the POTUS? Or MOOCHelle is in trouble for practicing medicine without a license?

    All kidding aside….I truly hope this is about the ObamaCare ‘BIG LIE’!!! What he did was criminal ! It was all about getting himself re-elected but it turned this county upside down – Repubs and Dems alike. We don’t want your socialized medicine, Barry! You can keep it!

  5. Boy, Great Minds Think Alike……….With the exception of hiring a still dead Johnny Cochran I wondered the same thing about hiring Eggleston. They wouldn’t bring such a big gun to a knife fight.

    I wondered if the discovery that Democratic Congressman Cummings, Lois Lerner, DOJ and the FEC were conspiring to cross investigate and stop Conservative groups in the various elections. It makes me wonder if now there will be a direct link to the WH and the President.

    1. I believe you struck GOLD! A 2-year “international criminal investigation” is about to hit the public, concerning Obama. This IS NOT about his birth-certificate, but it’s an investigation that opened-up while the birth-certificate issue was being investigated. Now, Sheriff Arpaio has officials calling HIM, from all over the world, and providing the Sheriff with information, and hard-copy data.

      The birth-certificate has already been declared “fraudulent,” by Reed Hayes who is a document specialist, and who has “authenticated” documents for the federal government, and for Obama’s own attorneys, Perkins Coi. Mr. Reed has signed and certified a 40-page affidavit declaring Obama’s short-form AND long-form birth-certificates as “fraudulent,” and stating that both were “created” from several different documents, in pdf format.

      Due to the heavy presence of individuals called “obots,” on most news websites, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has traced several of their IP addresses—to both the White House and the DODs “DARPA Program” (psychological warfare program, and robotics for the military). These “obots,” who are PAID with taxpayer funds, continually degrade Republicans and Conservatives on the comment boards, and try to get other posters to “not believe” the Republicans and Conservatives—especially if anyone says ANYTHING about Obama. However, it has not been working to Obama’s advantage.

      It will surely be interesting to hear what Sheriff Arpaio has, that will be made public soon. He has stated it will come out between now and the next 4 months. Perhaps he will release it in two separate segments.

      1. ALL of Obama’s records are under seal. This is pure speculation but my husband was wondering if the Obama/Holder decision to pardon hundreds, maybe thousands, of convicted drug criminals doesn’t hint at a drug charge in his past. Well, there are other suggestions above: he’s rotten through and through.

  6. Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama aka other aliases, don’t need any lawyer, he is protected by the people who selected him for implement the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA, the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS.

    1. He has no aliases. He has one nickname he used as a youth… Barry.

      New World Order. Oooooo I suppose that should sound scary to everyone.

      If Obama was as all-powerful as you all claim, he’d have accomplished all these dastardly things by now. But somehow in your weird little world he’s all-powerful while at the same time being totally inept. Mind-boggling you are.

      1. That’s right, Barry. Barry Soetoro. Obama and his puppet masters are on their way to accomplishing these things that you say they are incapable of. Barry is nothing more than a puppet. George Soros is the puppetmaster.

        You are either clueless or an OBOT.

  7. Hmmmm. Many power players are getting caught in Michael Egan’s web. In Europe, another similar web is weaving. I don’t want to clog up the thread, but nothing, NOTHING is more evil, of a bigger problem, than this.



    Queen Elizabeth and Cameron issued warrants for a paedophile ring?

    Seems the Pope is a fly as well.

    Catholic Pope Francis charged, trial set, for trafficking orphans

      1. You can keep repeating that till the cows come home, Frankie, and it will be just as wrong the last time you say it as the first.

  8. “International Criminal Investigation”. Laughable. If you two ORYR DIXT believe Lyin’ Carl and Zullo you are in for a huge disappointment.

    Nothing they say or that you repeated is true.

    Mostly you idiots are… Well, gullible idiots. Not even useful idiots.

    No, I’m not with DARPA. Soros won’t give me that cushy assignment.

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  10. •Citizens Committee on Benghazi claims the US government allowed arms to flow to al-Qaeda-linked militants who opposed Muammar Gaddafi
    •Their rise to power, the group says, led to the Benghazi attack in 2012
    •The group claims the strongman Gaddafi offered to abdicate his presidency, but the US refused to broker his peaceful exit
    •The commission, part of the center-right Accuracy In Media group, concluded that the Benghazi attack was a failed kidnapping plot
    •US Ambassador Chris Stevens was to be captured and traded for ‘blind sheikh’ Omar Abdel-Rahman, who hatched the 1993 WTC bombing plot

    This may be the reason, blockbuster if true. Pray…

  11. There are questions and conspiracy theories about every part of Obama’s life, from his birth, his “mother”, Kenya, did Ann really move to Washington State, his records, his college days, his trip to Pakistan, his sexual perversions, his time in Rev. Wright’s Church, his “marriage”, his Community Organizing, and his less than stellar political career.
    And let’s not forget the $2 + Million that he’s spent hiding it all.
    You could list 100 items BEFORE he was elected to investigate that are hidden.
    No one with so much to hide can possibly withstand a 2 year professional investigation without turning up the truth.
    The problem is that so much of it is interconnected.
    To believe some of it, you must believe all of it (or most of it).
    I believe that is why the investigation is still ongoing.
    It is all true.
    I also believe that the only outcome here is a Constitutional Crisis and country-wide riots in the cities.
    If, as we’re told, there are major media outlets interested, this is going to be the biggest story of our history.
    He isn’t going to need a lawyer, he will need a friendly country to give him a place to hide.

  12. No doubt “that something much, much worse could break,” and probably pretty soon. Or else Obama is “lawyering up” for when he leaves office. He could find himself in deep do-do by then.

  13. Perhaps it’s the Arpaio investigation, which was launched after an initial criminal investigation by the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse into Obama long-form birth certificate and Selective Service form found them both to be fraudulent. Arpaio has traced certain Obama propagandists to employment at DARPA, at taxpayer expense, and much more is coming shortly:

  14. Obama is in deeeeeeep doo doo for all the corrupt illegal crap he’s been doing behind everyones back & it’s catching up to him. You don’t lawer up unless there is a serious need.

  15. Perhaps this has to do with the rumored upcoming arrest of Obama for 25 counts of Treason, pursuant to a warrant signed by Chief Justice Roberts recently.

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  17. 5 lawsuits (court cases) are being litigated against Obama’s in-eligibility to be president (as we speak) the sad part about all this is that the taxpayer is footing the bill to defend Obama against his FRAUD & crimes against America- a lot of solid evidence has been produced against this biggest FRAUD in history- Holder has been using behind the scenes political pressure against judges and politicians who even suggest Obama could be guilty-mostly because party loyalty is more important than honesty and integrity- I have come to he conclusion that out of 440 congressmen & 100 senators there are NOT 10 honest men with integrity- otherwise Obama could not have pulled this massive FRAUD on America

  18. He probably hired this lawyer for his upcoming divorce from Michele, his so called wife. Is he really married to her, has anyone vetted this or his so called children, probably adopted. I wish someone from the military would lock him up for treason, as they took the same oath when entering service and the pres is aiding and abetting our enemies.

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  22. they ws a springmeeting that was o happen may 16 nothing but 600 people came no media coverage , protesting OBama anti constitution regime and noneof this was reveal on any of his compaigns it is treason is it not, impeachment warden, including all the senate , it has to be followed the constitution says it must be , followed that way the speaker of the house knows this he refuses to address this , it is wardened and should be address byaoutside authorities a tribunal , you knowabout the killingof canda Indians for their uraniu lands and child satanic sacrifice and the politican of theus are involved , go to Rev , Kevin Annet , trials against humanity , England cnada and us killing people for uranium and saling off their chidren for 40-100000 dollars each for satanic ritual rape murder nd etting their fresh no kidding , checkitout ,


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  25. It’s because Trey Gowdy’s about to drop the hammer on him for Benghazi. Sounds like he’s amassed quite the stack of evidence against B.O. But as Anthony said below, there is so much more to chose from. B.O’s hands are filthy with corruption and cover-ups.

  26. Obummer’s no dummy. He doesn’t want to end up dead broke like Hill and Bill when he leaves the White House. The taxpayers can pay for his crimes.

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