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Keystone Cop Out

Uhh, there seems to be some confusion about President Obama’s 45th delay of the Keystone pipeline decision. Some people, like the terminally annoying DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, seem to think – I’m sorry, “seem to think” is giving too much credit. They claim – that politics is not motivating Obama’s approach to the issue.

The decision is “complex,” DWS says. Any president who takes years to make a decision because the matter is “complex” should be impeached for incompetence.

But fortunately, it’s just good old politics, which is disgusting in a case like this where jobs and foreign policy leverage over oil producing countries like Russia are involved, but at least comprehensible on some level. Even if it’s the lowest level.

But even on Morning Joe today, there was mystification about how Democrats struggling to maintain the Senate and not get crushed in the House benefit from the delay.

Their point is that delaying an approval harms Dems in red states because it gives Republicans some raw meat to gnaw on.

But that, of course, presupposes that Obama is going to approve this thing. What makes anyone think that? Obama is a Left-wing president who has been safely reelected. Do you really think he wants the Keystone pipeline, or wants the enviros to hate him after he leaves office?

If he’s not going to approve it, then delaying the Big Nixing until after the election helps red state Dems.

Also, you have to understand how this White House thinks. Politics for them is about two things: revving up the base and collecting money from Prius-driving multimillionaires. If the president actually is going to approve Keystone, he has to wait until after Election Day, or the base would be disillusioned and the fat green cats would shut their wallets.

This White House never misses a chance to accuse Republicans of politicizing the sunrise. But it’s the White House, much more than Capitol Hill, that has its political antennae cranked up every day.

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  1. “Terminally annoying”–spot on. My question to DWS is why were Obama and the Democrats so hasty to pass a healthcare bill? Surely, if any subject deserved years of study before implementation and after that cautious procedure, it was Obamacare.

  2. There has to be more to this pipeline issue than an environmental concern, what it is isn’t clear.
    The pipeline is probably the safest way to move fossil fuels than having semi tankers roll down busy freeways, safer than oil freighters fighting DavyJones at sea, or having stealth railroad tankers moving through small towns all over America.
    The only end to human use of fossil fuels will be when we empty the earth’s tank, not one second earlier. We have to ship it from there to here or over the seas, or into the refinery/gas station, whatever.
    The Keystone pipeline is a red herring for something, something else.
    ? dunno.

  3. I wonder if Obama’s close ties to Warren Buffett have anything to do with his Keystone monkey business.
    In 2009, Buffett bought out the largest transporter of crude in the Bakken , Burlington Northern railroad. for $26B.
    Since that time, he has made a killing. Year before last, 750,000 barrels of crude were produced per day in North Dakota’s Bakken fields. 52% was transported by rail compared to 38% through pipelines. Don’t have the latest figures but Buffett predicted he would be shipping 700.000 barrels per day by 2013-14. Burlington Northern is the biggest rail-car shipper in the Bakken.

    Right now, rail car shipments are out-shipping pipelines. if Keystone gets the green light to ship from Alberta to Neb., they have projected 838,000 barrels per day.

    My guess is Obama has an ‘investment’ in Burlington Northern and won’t do anything before he leaves office. His portfolio is probably in a blind trust and he can’t wheel and deal until he is out of office. Burlington could take a dive if he okays Keystone. Just speculating. And besides, he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his buddy, Buffett.

    (Removing tin foil hat)

  4. Prediction: He will make a final decision against the pipeline within 30 days of this election, so as to let the storm die down before the 2016 election.

  5. This administration wants nothing to do with anything that will bring cheaper gas/energy prices for the middleclass/ working poor. The economy will remain stagnant as long as fuel/energy prices are high. Old Barry is in too deep with environmental crowd & needs their $ to keep rolling in to do anything that will benefit the common ppl. Walk if want to save $. Who care if you live in rural America & have no public transportation to get you to your job, if you have one.