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36 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || April 20, 2014

    • Ooops, here’s the link to the Drudge page, lol, the difference one letter makes ;)

      He had that headline up most of yesterday too and glad he used that sticker photo ! Out of context with the event she attended, it just makes her look silly. This story about her has gone international, not a good optic all around :D

    • How low can she sink, blatantly politicizing high school students? Another attempt to milk her own ‘deprived’ (sarc) youth which I hope will fall through. Lest they forget: Brown vs. The Board of Education was decided under Eisenhower’s presidency.

    • My daughter graduated from high school last year. If each class has 400 students, that is a maximum of 3 tickets per child in an 8000 seat auditorium, if you count the students themselves, maybe less when you include teachers, reporters, etc. For that reason alone, they should not combine those graduations into one. Some kids at my daughters graduation had up to 20 people attend.

  1. Some KansasCity parents and highschool students are really upset that MrsObama has been asked to speak at their graduation ceremony and that she choses this occasion to speak about the desegregation of schools by a SupremeCourt decree.
    It’s OK, we still have free speech, sort of, in our country.
    They don’t have to approve because she wants to hijack a highschool graduation into a complaint of how awfully racist America once was.

    The irony of this whole commotion in Kansas City, and elsewhere in America for that matter, is that the topic MrsO chose that celebrates the end of segregated public schools is that Blacks have self-segregated their local schools themselves.
    They have segregated their neighborhoods, their colleges, their certain celebrations, their TV cable channels, and their political affiliations, Almost everything in their lives is about their race, their colored skin, and trying to keep everyone who looks like them from joining other races in every arena.
    Should a Black person become a Repub, or state conservative views, the Black thought-mafia sets on them with force and demands that they return to the segregated group-think.

    Historians will spend years trying to come up with a reason that explains how America became more racist, more divided after they elected a Black president, and had a Black family living in the WhiteHouse. They’ll try to figure out why the Obamas and their minions use a racial divide as a political club to silence dissenters.

    • I’m not sure what her aides were thinking when they set her up for this event. I’m sure she was invited, as she probably is to thousands of other school graduations every year. But why settle on an event that pushes her political agenda ? Just weird that she didn’t consider graduations are about the students and their proud parents, not her.

      How about a technical school graduation ceremony, which celebrates a different kind of education that brings bright futures also?

        • Yep, that riff is getting tiring and not real inspirational. All we need to do is look at American History, for instance, Booker T. Washington who left a real plantation worked hard, persevered and became great. That’s the inspiration we need for ALL Americans, not just MO’s “people”.

        • Julie, I am still irritated by that, in your wellfound words, lowbrow garden variety, Ralf, who popped up yesterday with his rude and stupid comments. I hope he won´t bother us again. Happy Easter to you !

  2. Excellent point, @srdem65, about Blacks ‘self-segregating’ themselves in their local schools and elsewhere. Segregation was something MOOchelle would like to have accomplished at Princeton, lol. All she did was complain about being ‘black’ in an all-white environment in her Princeton thesis.

    I would only add that it was MO’s husband who killed the DC school voucher program which afforded Blacks a better education at schools like Sidwell.
    It was all about the teachers’ unions but one of the (warped) arguments Obama tried to sell was that if children or families with get-up-and-go actually get up and go, things will be even worse for those left behind.
    There are a lot of problems with this argument, but the main one is that the people who make it usually aren’t willing to condemn their own children to attend terrible high schools in order to improve things for the other kids there. So why should we demand that of families who have high aspirations but can’t afford to move?

    It would behoove MOOchelle Obama to consult with her daughters on these issues.. They must be mortified that their mother is out there pounding away and fueling the flames of racial issues day in and day out.
    I also doubt that they have guilt feelings about leaving their disadvantaged brothers and sisters behind; and I wonder if they are embarrassed that their father cancelled the voucher program at Sidwell. They’re probably totally confused.


  3. From Todd Starnes (Fox News?), from today’s First Family Easter Services….he posted this on his Facebook page:

    President Obama made his annual visit to a Christian church today. The First Family attended the Nineteenth Street Baptist Church in DC.
    The pastor lavished adoration on the president and delivered a sermon urging the congregation to support the LGBT community.
    Midway through the service, someone stood up, raised his arm in the hair and yelled: “God bless President Obama.”
    According to the WH press report, the sanctuary thundered with applause. In response – President Obama smiled.
    Even on Easter — it’s always about Obama…

    • Dang, I thought Easter was about the Resurrection and our eternal life through Jesus Christ. Silly me – or perhaps it is silly 19th Street Baptist Church.

      P.S. Glad I proofread – Swype on my phone had eternal lice, not eternal life…

      • Anyone who has had to deal with three elementary school children come home with head lice will nod their heads…it does seem like an eternity to get rid of the little devils.

        @Mari, you are right, of course. The Easter celebration should not have included any political or personal references.

        • Don’t understand how a church would/could/tolerate, or should I say legally even allow a ‘come to Chicago Jesus’ moment’. The mere fact that he “smiled” was inappropriate and obama should have seized the moment to tell the parishioner that he/she had come to praise G-d. Then again, who am I fooling. When the latest petition to the WH about exiling Justin Beiber back to Canada (silly thing that it was) the WH used the petition to push immigration reform in the response.

      • The Clintons attended our church Foundry United Methodist. I remember one Easter we watched the SS carrying in gym bags sagging with heavy things (guns?) etc. Creepy. In the middle of thje service, someone in the balcony screamed something (gay rights, I think) and I levitated off the pew. Scared me to death and that was the end of that service for me.

    • So that’s what the bulldozers were for, to bury cattle that had been killed. How terrible, how sad that something like this could happen in America.
      We’re in a lot of trouble now.

    • How appalling. I’m not a vegetarian, but I was involved in 4-H once and our ethic was that while the animals are here, we give them a good life and then dispatch them as quickly and painlessly as possible.

    • I just read a story elsewhere that the BLM captured a lot of wild horses in WY and sold them to the highest bidder, a Canadian slaughter house. It’s time we Westerners kicked the federal government out and reclaim our land for the states.

    • This is absolutely outrageous. In another report elsewhere it said cattle were shot down by helicopters. Is that why the feds made the area a no fly zone, so that they could swoop in and shoot down cattle?

      I’m really having a hard time understanding what this was all about. Supposedly, Bundy owed the BLM money so they had a court order, although the court order did not authorize killing of the animals nor destruction of property. The BLM hired contractors for nearly one million$ and paid an auction house $300,000, which when combined with all the manpower, fuel, lodging, etc., spent well above and beyond what Bundy owed. So do we have a trial run by Obama thugs to gauge the type of response by the peasants? Or is this how they plan to collect debts from now on?