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Obama’s Latest Obamacare Lie

The Obamacare deceptions are coming so hard and so fast that it’s hard to keep track. In fact, White House Dossier recently hired an accountant to help keep track of them. And now I have to pay her overtime.

Obama selfie girlsWhy lie to us? You’re the president. Let your aides lie about this stuff. That’s what they’re paid for. You’re supposed to be president of all of us and someone we can trust.

I don’t just attribute the lying to rank dishonestly, although certainly, rank dishonesty is most of what’s going on. But Obama also wants this law to work so much – it’s all he’s got as a legacy – that I think he wants to believe some of the things he says.

Presidents have an amazing ability to deceive themselves. I’ve seen it time and again, with ones I’ve covered and others I didn’t. The stakes are so high, they’ve just gotta believe they’re doing the right thing.

Anyway, here’s the latest nonsense, ladled out at Obama’s press conference Thursday:

In the decade before the Affordable Care Act, employer-based insurance rose almost 8 percent a year.  Last year, it grew at half that rate.  Under this law, real Medicare costs per person have nearly stopped growing . . . .

So those savings add up to more money that families can spend at businesses, more money that businesses can spend hiring new workers.

I went to a conservative think tank to get the real story about this, to understand what was actually happening. I know, call me biased. I should be using more objective sources of information.

The think tank, which goes by the name New York Times, reported the following today:

The pace of health spending growth started falling in the mid-2000s and reached historical lows over the last five years. The recession counts for much or even most of the decline, economists think, as workers lost their jobs and their health coverage, and budget-conscious families chose to reduce their out-of-pocket spending.

Much or most of the decline? Caused by Obama’s lousy economy? OMG. Maybe Obama is saying Obamacare is causing the lousy economy, which is in turn causing the deceleration of health cost increases.

Note, of course, Obama’s careful, lawyerly garbage. Under this law, Medicare spending has declined, he said. If we were in a court of law, he might be able to claim that he was merely stipulating that the decline in the rate of spending and the Obamacare law happened contemporaneously. But in the real world, he’s clearly trying to make you think Obamacare caused the decline.

According to the he NYTs think tank, “changes made by government” account for only a portion of what else may have caused the rate of health spending to decline:

But at the same time, structural changes to how health care gets delivered and paid for — changes made by the government, insurers, doctors and hospitals — also helped hold spending down. Many insurers, for example, began charging much higher co-pays and deductibles, spurring their enrollees to use less care.

Did Obamacare cause insurers to start charging higher co-pays? Well, okay, maybe insurers’ FEAR of Obamacare and declining profit margins spurred some innovative thinking.

But now, according to this right-wing think tank, health care costs have begun surging, something Obama conveniently left out of his propaganda Thursday!

A surge of insurance enrollment related to rising employment and President Obama’s health care law has likely meant a surge of spending on health care, leaving policy experts wondering whether the government and private businesses can control spending as the economy gets stronger and millions more Americans gain coverage.

“Following several years of decline, 2013 was striking for the increased use by patients of all parts of the U.S. health care system,” Murray Aitken, executive director of the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, said in a statement.

Now, health experts said, two big trends are pushing health spending back up again. “Expanded coverage is happening simultaneously with the petering out of the recession’s dampening effect,” said Charles Roehrig, the director of the Center for Sustainable Health Spending at the Altarum Institute. “It’s going to be hard to demonstrate how much is due to expanded coverage, versus just the economy recovering.”

Wha wha wha . . . whoa whoa whoa waiiiit a second here. Obamacare is one of the key factors CAUSING the increase in health spending? CAUSING it? What happened to all this crap about bending the cost curve?

Obama has to know health care costs are headed back up, and that increased demand fostered by Obamacare is part of what’s causing it. Unless he has really incompetent economic advisors. Okay, I know he has really incompetent economic advisors – noticed GDP growth the last five years?- but that’s not what’s going on here.

What’s going on is deception and lying. By the president. Too bad for us.

UPDATE: President Obama called in with this response:

24 Responses to Obama’s Latest Obamacare Lie

  1. Lies, Lies, And More Lies could be the title of the first tell-all book that covers MrObama from his time in Chicago politics to the end of his second term In Washington.
    Out and out lies, or lies of omission, or lies to coverup lies is old news and a constant for both MrO and what he believes is his signature accomplishment, the ACA.
    A political figure lying about his past, or his real agenda isn’t a surprise, and we’re not surprised that MrO was never what he and his minions claimed.
    The big surprise here is that the POTUS believes it’s necessary for him, personally, to promote a law, to cajole taxpayers to do something, and to create a false narrative about the aspects of that law.
    Why him, why now?
    Why him at all, MrK asks.
    What is the pull, the opiate that made Dems want this kind of law so badly that they hijacked our politcal process, openly bribed or promised special favors for votes to get this monstrosity passed?
    We hear single-payer bandied about as a secret agenda, we hear that Dems want to control Americans in every way, but these nefarious-sounding plans are just guesses on the real motive and that is to make the voters dependant on a benevolent Dem controlled federal government to ensure their constant rule and majority.

    So why, again, is the President pretending to be an insurance salesman with promises/lies when the purchase of health insurance is mandated by law. He could just as easily be the promoter of the income tax law, or any law that mandates action, but it’s just this one, this one that he allowed to carry his name..Obama-care.
    It’s HIS law, his legacy, and he wants it to be loved, cherished, just as he wants to be loved and cherished by America.
    If Americans hate the law named after him, if we don’t participate, then he takes it as a personal affront, and that’s why he lies.

  2. Nice Keith. I suspect also that as time goes on and people experience cost increases, decreasing care and personal healthcare challenges and tragedies that Obama’s continuing lies about his legacy legislation will fall under the weight of the reality.

    However, the cooperative liberal propagandists will continue to beat this drum and prop it up despite the human tragedy and the economic ruin. That’s just the way this country rolls right now.

    For me, as a Christian at Easter, it is front and center the Christ died for our sins. It is incumbent upon me to try and lead a Christ like life as much as I can.

    For some reason, since yesterday, I can’t shake the thought that so many men and women, in the military and elsewhere, have fought and died for this country. And it should be incumbent upon the men and women who serve as public servants to honor those sacrifices by governing in a way that honors those lives and protects this country.

    And today we have the worst of the worst in our public offices.

    My trigger was the yet another Keystone Pipeline delay. So obviously political and kowtowing to the Tom Steyer, the leading liberal billionaire on this and Obama’s extreme environmental base. A seemingly small thing in light of the other troubles we have.

  3. Diglossia, the coexistence of two varieties of the same language throughout a speech community. One form is the literary or prestige dialect.
    Example #1: “First of all, if you’ve got health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan – you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.”

    The other is a common dialect spoken by most of the population. Example: He lied.

    Example #2: “Starting today, you and your friends and your family and your coworkers can get covered, too. Just visit, and there you can compare insurance plans, side by side, the same way you’d shop for a plane ticket on Kayak or a TV on Amazon.”

    [See]: Example #1 and add, “he lied and is full of sh*t.”

    • Yes, indeed, @Sadie.

      What was curious, and telling, was that no one in the WhiteHouse or elsewhere offered to sacrifice themselves on alter of liars to save MrObama’s reputation.
      A real believer would have stepped up and shamefully taken the hit for those lies, slunk away, only then later to be rewarded by some private entity with a no-show high-paying job.

      • Ahhh….if only we could pass out swords for the little foot soldiers to fall upon. It’s every man and woman for themselves with “reward” to follow. There is simply no punishment, just the crimes with perks to follow.

  4. I think it was Charles Krauthammer who said something like Obama is such a talented liar you almost have to admire him for it.

    What bothers me are the lofo’s who believe every word that comes out of his mouth. They vote too.

    • One of my relatives “reads” the Arizona Republic, which has gone prog huge time in the last 20 yrs. By read, I mean she does the crossword. I can imagine her saying, “Obama is the most honest president ever–that was the clue in the puzzle this morning.”

  5. Cheer Up! Yesterday’s Drudge had a headline that 61 per cent of the Americans polled believe Mr. Obama is not as truthful as he could be.

  6. I vaguely recall the President of our company going crazy every year when he would get the notification of a 12% increase in health insurance premiums. He changed companies twice in a 3 year period from 2006-2008. This was right around the time that Romneycare was either working its way through the legislature or had already passed, but hadn’t been completely implemented. Companies were raising rates dramatically in Massachusetts to get ahead of the impending spike in the cost curve. The same thing has been happening with Obamacare the last few years.

  7. You obviously don’t know what a lie is. A lie is when the Texan Usurper says we have to kill thousands of Americans to find wmd in Iraq.

      • C’mon really? You’re comparing President Obama’s claim that Obamacare is bringing down healthcare costs with members of the Bush junta justifying the need to let thousands of Americans die in Iraq to find non-existent weapons of mass destruction?