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The Obama Morning News || April 18, 2014

Obama to Dems: Defend my law . . . Politico
What’s next for Obamacare? . . . The Hill
Record disapproval for Obama on economy
. . . Newsmax
Issa demands answers on census change . . . Examiner
CBO: Obama budget raises taxes $1.4T . . . Bloomberg
Poll: Half think Obama sicced IRS on right . . . Fox News
Carson: Americans being “played” by dividers . . . Newsmax
Carney: Jon Stewart Obama’s toughest interview . . . Newmax
Book: How Obama, Holder, agreed on DOMA . . . Politico
Carney offers dig at Snowden Pulitzers . . . Politico
Beau Biden to run for Delaware governor . . . Newsmax
Hillary swoons at illegal immigrant . . . Washington Times
Poll: Hillary’s numbers slide . . . Politico
Clintons to become grandparents . . . Politico
Sebelius nixes Senate run idea . . . The Hill

19 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 18, 2014

  1. I can’t decide who rates the title of King and Queen of Tacky more, the Obamas or the Clintons. Timing a grandchild as a political maneuver is pretty low though. Instead of making a low key and private announcement, they had to do at a big political appearance, Hillary going after the grandma vote.

    OT, but the Daily Caller also has a headline I like, something to the effect of voting against the Bushes being “an act of love”.

    • While happy about the Clintons (because I love babies and being a grandma!), I’m more worred about the health of Chelsea’s marriage.

      Soon after her Princess wedding, didn’t hubby leave his 1%er job and take off to be a ski bum in the west to find himself ? Something weird like that.

      I never see them photographed together, when I do, he seems so stoic. (I’m learning body language from the Obamas…lol ).

      Also it was a little weird that Chelsea made her public announcement on a stage with Mom. At a very public Clinton event. No wonder the media’s speculating it’s political. ;)

  2. MrsSillybus decides not to run for political office….good move.
    Run for the hills would be a more appropriate decision.

    Oh yes, all the Dems should embrace the Obamacare law, they should carry banners announcing their support of this thing. They should also put illegal aliens on the stage with them, and have them wear t-shirts with “I (heart) Obamacare”
    “It’s Free”
    printed on the front.
    It’s a winner, you betcha’.

  3. Not listed here, but apparently this is how it works.

    “Sharpton Links Anyone Who Doubts Obamacare Enrollment Numbers To 9/11 “Truthers” And “Birthers”…

    Carrying the message directly. Just the other day Obama himself, out of the blue, resurrected the issue of his birth certificate and linked it to Republicans and then of course the recent farce with Obamacare enrollment numbers.

    I suspect this worked for the IRS as well.

    And how can we forget that if we support Cliven Bundy we are “domestic terrorists” because that mobster pugilist Harry Reid who crawled to riches through gobsmacking corruption said so.

    I denounce myself.

    • I read a comment on another blog from a woman who gave birth to three babies in Hawaii at the hospital where Obama allegedly was born – all during the same decade.
      All three of her birth certificates had water marks whereas she claimed Obama’s ‘official’ b/c contains no water mark.

      • Remember that last “official” birth certificate the Obamaroons issued? The real, real, no kidding this-is-the-right-one birth certificate? “Issued? by the hospital? They got the name of the hospital wrong. You can’t make this up

  4. Hillary swoons: “Wow, you’re incredibly brave to come forward….”

    Watching this bloated (almost grotesque looking) 65 year old grandmother-to-be with enough ‘baggage’ to sink a ship pandering to a ‘white’ illegal alien who says she doesn’t have the documentation to get a job, to vote, to ‘buy’ an apartment, or go to her dream college because she can’t get financial aid…. is beyond appalling

    Granny Hillary should be telling ALL illegal aliens that we are a nation of laws and they need to go to the back of the line and apply for citizenship. Moreover, she should make it clear that they will receive no benefits reserved for U.S citizens until they have attained permanent legal status on their own behalf. NO AMNESTY. Instead, she is praising them for their courage!

    *** Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t question the timing of the ‘blessed event’ for the ‘Granny from H*ll’? We will be inundated with ‘feel-good’ photos: Hillary shopping for baby clothes; Hillary in the delivery room; Hillary in the rocking chair; Hillary feeding baby; Hillary singing lullabies…..OMG!