As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Fox in the White House

No, not that one. A real one. Have a look.

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    • Denise, my friend, what has happened to your patriotism, your love for the four-legged beleagured American?
      Threatened with unlawful expulsion from it’s homeland, chased as if it were criminal, the fox should be our line-in-the-sand!

      I propos we form a militia to protect the animal from perscecution by the armed fascist regime that occupies our WhiteHouse. We should carry the flag of freedom, cry out for the fox’s natural rights given by our Creator, and allow the fox to run free!

  1. Let’s see here: the pretty lady (another fox BTW, ahem) says the animal has been around for months. The WhiteHouse security agents, and the groundskeepers can’t catch the animal after repeated attempts, hmm.
    The critter “trips alarms”, causing great anxiety in the WhiteHouse, hmm.

    1. It is not a “fox”, but a wily coyote in disguise.
    2. Someone is feeding the animal.
    3. Security is a joke at the WhiteHouse.
    4. The critter is a home-grown domestic terrorist.

  2. This animal is in league with endangered species. As an agent of ADT, Association of Desert Tortoises, which already controls Nevada and is expanding its authority, it is able to thwart all attempts to captures it. No requirement for life will not readily be sacrificed to protect slugs, newts, smelts, aerobically charged fecal matter, which includes politicians, from productive humans.

  3. How the heck did it GET there?

    Yes, there’s a lot of green space in DC near the White House, but DC is nearly as concrete-jungle as it’s possible to get in the US.

    • Red foxes are very adaptable animals, as are racoons, possums, coyotes, and a number of other “wild” animals. As we have encroached on their habitat, they have found ways to fill in the voids, and make the “urban forests” their homes.

      I once ran a wild life removal and rehab business, and I would get calls for all kinds of animals living deep in the city. I had a removal job once where over a half dozen racoons were living in the attic of a house that was just off the downtown area of my city (a city of over 800k population).

      Critters will surprise you as to where they can live and thrive.

  4. I don’t know what the sex is of the fox, but this time of year is the time that most animals in the wild give birth. If the fox is a female, she probably has a litter of kits somewhere on the property. If that is the case, the grounds people need to try and locate the den, and remove the vixen and kits at the same time, otherwise she will return to the WH to take care of her babies.

    The up side of having her on the property is that she will take care of any vermin that find its way to the WH. If only she could take care of the two legged vermin that come and go on a regular basis.

  5. I think it was planted there, to get our minds off of the REAL SLY FOX on the grounds.

    The BLM theories are taken to heart as well. Kick them all out, That is the Fox’s home now. I hope they do not use the same means, as they did in Nevada.

    Speaking of Nevada. I think all the ranchers still there, and the ones that were SQUEEZED out, should get as many pictures, documents that show how long their families had been there and Post them all.

  6. I still remember the gorgeous red fox fur jacket my dear Mother wore when I was a child. Foxy Loxy better run for his/her life before he/she ends up on Michelle’s back!

  7. Great opportunity for Mooch to align herself as the new Jackie Kennedy. Round up the hunt, cross a few fences, drive the fox to ground, rescue it.

    Even I would pay to see Mooch galloping across the white house lawn — on horseback or not. As she pleases.

  8. So they’re saying they need better border security, to keep out the illegal animals? Why not encourage all the fox to cross over and live on the land? It’ll be good for the lawn’s economy.

  9. The fox came from East Potomac GC. There are several down there that are quite tame. They should all be exterminated – wait till some tourist contracts rabies.