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Video || Epic Diss! Obama Won’t Endorse Biden as Biden Looks On

This is absurd. The man says, right in front of Biden, that he can’t support him.

Take a look at this. It’s completely ungracious. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Joe Biden who sneered and laughed his way through his debate with Paul Ryan, who suggested Republicans are so racist they want to re-enslave African Americans, deserves nobody’s graciousness.

But from President Obama’s perspective, Vice President Biden is the man who has been with him every day, been in on almost every meeting and decision, and been loyal and docile toward him as a chocolate labrador. Sure, he makes mistakes, but that’s not his fault. He was born a nincompoop.

To actually say, with Biden standing there, that “we’ve got an extraordinary secretary of state” who might also run suggests previously unknown degrees of coldness of blood.

From an interview by CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett:

I’ve got somebody who I think will go down as one of the finest vice presidents in history, and he has been . . .  a great partner in everything that I do. I suspect that there may be other potential candidates for 2016 who have been great friends and allies. I know that we’ve got an extraordinary secretary of state who did great service for us and worked with me and Joe to help make the country safer.

Whoever the Democratic standard bearer is, is going to be continuing to focus on jobs, making sure that our kids are getting a great education, making sure that we’re rebuilding prosperity from the middle class out in this country – and I am very much interested in making sure that some of the stuff we’ve gotten started continues.

21 Responses to Video || Epic Diss! Obama Won’t Endorse Biden as Biden Looks On

    • Oops! What the heck key did I just hit?? I’ll give it another shot.

      WHOA just one darn minute Keith. CHOCOLATE Labrador? There just might be a racial component here!!! What’s it called? Microabusiveness?

  1. Obama needs to keep his mouth shut about 2016, he’s not going to be a kingmaker. And “we’ve got a great sos..” ? How about “and we had a great sos too..” ? I read a Hillary diss also :D

    • I received your reply to me on wordpress.
      Cranky ???
      No, Denise, maybe a bit testy at times.
      Recovered democrats are one of the strongest forces we have.
      Have faith, we are on the road to recovery.

    • My favorite one of the “folks” is the guy in the green shirt chewing bubblegum, blowing bubbles and rolling his eyes the entire time!!

    • When it was announced that he would be in Leetsdale PA (my hometown) my daughter texted all her friends, facebooked(?) the news and was shocked at the response; the friends replied…why’s he coming here, doesn’t he have work to do in DC ….who the h*ll wants to see him… couldn’t pay me to go see him…and those were the, um, nice replies.
      We’re talking Dems, 40 somethings, most of whom probably voted for MrO at least once.
      They don’t like him anymore in PA.

      • Wow. As I mentioned I have family in the area also. I have not discussed the visit with them. I would be shocked as well if they had the same thoughts as your family. Shocked but pleased.

  2. “I’ve got somebody who I think will go down as one of the finest vice presidents in history, and he has been . . . a great partner in everything that I do.”

    That’s pretty much a career ender for Plugs !

  3. What else could he say at this time…hey, ol’ Joe will be a great President and then surely incur the considerable wrath of the Clinton machine?
    MrO has two years left to wreck what’s left of our economy, our military, and our national pride, so he needs all the powerful friends he can get. No one thinks of MrBiden as powerful, or even having friends that can help or hurt MrObama.
    MrObama owes the Clintons, owes them big time and nothing will make him do or say anything that will upset them.

  4. At least now Biden hears from this ‘user’ that he was nothing but a tool!
    Besides – he made a deal with bubba in 2012 that he would support his callous, cold and incompetent sos if he would stump for him.
    Well-bubba kept his end of the bargain!