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Quote of the Day || April 18, 2014

“And people are going to love Obamacare even more once they find out the Death Panels require a two thirds majority”

– Joe Biden

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

6 Responses to Quote of the Day || April 18, 2014

  1. There are still people who refuse to believe there is a “Death Panel” which is what.ACA’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) is all about. Much of the ACA was patterned after the UK’s NHS system. That system includes what is called the “Care Pathway”, which the Brits call the “Death Pathway”. In the case of the Care Pathway, a group of hospital staff, informed by government guidelines, decide whether or not your sick parent, child, spouse is worth the investment in time and medicine to bring that patient to a healthy state, if that is possible. The “panel” makes the decision and THEN informs the family of the decision. The family has NO say. It sounds like this: “Well, Mrs. Jones, we’ve decided your husband will be taken of his meds and allowed to die.” That’s what’s coming here.

  2. Pretty soon, death to old people and sick people, just like in Nazi Germany. Okay America, I guess this is what you want because nobody stands up against this murderous regime, history repeats itself with the gestapo in Washington.