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Obama’s Phony Immigration Outreach

Now let me ask you something. Let’s say I’m trying to get you to do something. And I say to you, this will haunt you until it gets solved. And then I say, you need to have a little courage and will power. And then I add, I hope you’ll do the right thing.

Are you going to cooperate with me, or just think I’m some kind of asshole?

Because these are exactly the kinds of things President Obama said during an interview broadcast this morning on CBS, during which he was ostensibly trying to convince Republicans to work with him.

Obama’s immigration reform effort is either insincere of incompetent. Given that Obama’s dealmaking acumen is about as keen as my understanding of astrophysics, it could be the latter.

But since Democrats are desperate for every vote they can get and are worried about their core constituencies getting to the polls, it’s more likely he’s angling to bash Republicans over the head with the issue through Election Day.

This is going to be an issue that haunts them until it gets solved. And we’ve got, I think the possibility of a consensus in this country to solve it.

What we need is some political courage and some political will, and that’s always what’s been, on many of these issues, in short supply in Washington.

I’m hoping that once we get through some of the Republican primary season, and maybe if we are still far enough away from November, that people see the chance to do the right thing.

Because everyone knows that Chapter One of How to Win Friends & Influence People is titled, “How to lecture someone into agreeing with you.”

15 Responses to Obama’s Phony Immigration Outreach

  1. Oh, the immigration cudgel! So predictable.
    Did anyone on CBS mention that immigration reform is at the bottom of every poll on voter’s priorities? Jobs being #1?

    The $64,000 question is whether or not Boehner is aware that the majority of this country is against amnesty. The darn fool started weeping uncontrollably as he presented a $30M check to the Taco Bell Foundation a couple of weeks ago. He probably goes into convulsions every time he thinks of the love in the hearts of the illegals who break into our country every year.

    I don’t know what’s worse: a spineless POTUS who spends all of his time whining in front of the TV cameras; or a Speaker who keeps crying in his beer every time he opens his mouth. God help us all!

  2. Not buying what he’s selling. He really doesn’t want anything that even resembles immigration “reform” or amnesty or tinkering with the border.
    As long as he can keep this discussion going where he thinks he’s on the side of angels, nothing will be resolved as it gives him a hammer over the Repub’s heads.
    @Girly’s right; the public, the voters don’t want amnesty, don’t want to reform immigration. So, who does want it? Why, big business, wealthy citizens, and organizations like the unions who need cheap, barely literate bodies who will work for peanuts until the unions can persuade them to join their ranks.

    The pressure on the Repubs comes from their wealthy donors, the big corporations, and the lobbyists who represent them. Citizen John and Mary aren’t interested in having Spanish neighbors, or having their children in school with the children who only speak Spanish.
    John and Mary care about their jobs, or the jobs they used to have, not the perils of being an illegal alien in America.

    • ‘On the side of angels”. Yes, he does, and so does Bloomberg.
      And Republicans beware, because the Johns and Marys of this country vastly outnumber your big donors.

  3. After watching Obama a few minutes ago , i called both my state senators and my congressman and told them exactly how i feel about Obamacare and illegal immigrants . I urge everyone to make your voice heard .