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Obama Schedule || Thursday, April 18, 2014

11:05 am || Welcomes the Wounded Warrior Project’s Soldier Ride to the White House; South Lawn
11:40 pm || Meets with representatives from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners
1:35 pm || Meets with insurance executives

All times U.S. Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 3:15 pm

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  1. Notes from the meeting with insurance execs:
    Hey, w’sup? Things going OK for you folks?
    W’sup??? Are you nuts? We’re dying out here with your constant jerking around with the mandates and cutoff dates. Where’s the money you promised us if things went bad?
    Now, now, trust me, everything will go as planned just as soon as we can figure out what all those regulations mean. Your money is safe with us, and we’ll be sending out checks in the next, um, mail.
    Trust you! Are you kidding? You have your guy cut us a check now and we’ll just sit here until he brings it to us. None of this “checks in the mail” foolishness, what do you think we are, idiots?
    Thank you for coming here today. MsJarrett’s security detail will see you to the door.
    Or, as I imagine it will go tomorrow.

    • BTW: are the guys from Wounded Warrior ‘pre-screened’ (re: Obama supporters) by the Obama regime? Ive met some good, honest, patriotic & pissed-off Vets, I would LUV to see a Vet put Obama in his place with some strong truthful words.

      • I remember Bush going on bike rides WITH the wounded warriors. Is this the first time Obama’s ever acknowledged they exist? I know Michelle is stirring up another pet project involving the families of the wounded, which will give her more free travels around the country to talk about it … then head to a vacay or fundraiser.

      • I’ve wondered to what extent the federal government has been involved with the Wounded Warriors program. It’s one instance in which I think the government and tax dollars should be involved in against the oh-so-many in which it should not be. But the overall impression I have is that this has been mainly a private effort and that Obama is now stepping in to take credit from those who have made it work.

    • Perhaps the new HHS chick will be at the gates. She was involved in the first blockade. Maybe this will be her pre nomination test.

    • I would think that “cf.” would be a better Latin abbreviation to use there than “re:”, but that’s just me.

      What I’d like to see is whether or not Obama will be able to walk out there unassisted. Heaven knows he hasn’t been able to do much the past few weeks, other than play golf and stomp his feet as crisis after crisis shows him up as the empty suit he always was.

    • Thks gracepmc. I missed hitting my usual blogs yesterday and if I hadn’t checked WHD this AM I could have missed this.
      I know it be on the “news”, local or national.

    • What a disgusting thought that the lawyer “enjoys” his job of defending a murderer. How can any normal person enjoy defending someone he knows has killed thousands of people? Savagely and brutally killed… I’d ask how can such a person sleep at night, but he probably sleeps very well in an expensive, comfortable bed. My prayers for the victims and their families.